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HEY GUYS! Today I’ve got ANOTHER fun swatch and review for you – this time, we’re checking out the new Cirque Maison nail polish collection for Fall 2017! These polishes are so gorgeous and unique, I think you’ll really like them 🙂 Make sure you subscribe to see all my swatch videosssss!!

Buy the polishes here:

Let me know which is your fave!!


How to keep your manicure from chipping/peeling off:
How to clean up your manicure:
How to file your nails square:
How to make your nails grow stronger:
How to make your nail polish dry faster:
How to make your own dotting tools:
How to fix a broken nail:
How to fix an old bottle of nail polish:
ULTIMATE ombre nail art guide:
How to fix smudged polish:
How to clean your nail art brushes:

Easy drugstore makeup:
Peel off polish nail art?!
Neon nail polishes!
Easy rainbow stripe nail art:

Dotting Tools:
Striping Tape:

MY CLEANUP BRUSH (only $1!!):



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FTC: Thanks to Cirque for sponsoring this video! As always, I only work with companies that I 100% stand behind and love 🙂


Helene Laforge says:

So bummed that Cirque won’t ship to Canada! 🙁 i’m so in love with their colors!!

Dineen Serpa says:

Ugh. With only a couple of exceptions, these are SOOO up my alley. Even the thermals, which I originally thought were gimicky, are lovely.

Jo Murphy says:

Blown away by the thermals!!

lovexsqualor says:

Omg I never find myself wanting entire nail Polish collections. I NEED this.

Neelofer Seward says:

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone with natural gold flex in it. Mined mostly in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Nelly Marquez says:

My fave is magic turquoise

Sapphire says:

The Lapis Lazuli is absolutely gorgeous, would love to add it to my collection. ^_^ Thanks for sharing these swatch videos Kelli!

VKS Dub says:

Hi Kelli! VALIDATED!!! Love you, love your channel (especially swatch videos) and shocker, love these nail polishes! I didnt see your neon swatch video so I am glad I caught this one. Never heard of this brand, but this collection is amazing. Wish you had a code for this cause I def want to try some of these out but dont know which are my favs. So if you had to pick top 3 which would they be?

Anna LV says:

Hi!! I love your nail swatch videos! I want so many of these now, especially stoneware and lapis lazuli (it’s crazy and looks JUST like the real stone!).
I was wondering, when you do these swatch videos, would you please consider leaving your completed nail on camera for just a second or two after you put the last coat on? It helps to see the final product 🙂 THANK YOU!

Haten Google says:

Kelli just FYI maison (pronounced may-zoh – the n is silent) is French for house/home. I LOVE this collection especially Velvetine & Lapis & the gorgeous thermals! I love that they have glitter in them. I don’t have a video game system either but play Candy Crush on my phone occasionally. That’s great that your BF doesn’t have them either, it can be such a time-sucker! Thanks again for swatching I love Cirque (French for circus 🙂 polishes and can’t wait to try those thermals, the foil one is very cool (or warm) lol!

Will There Be Cake? says:

Can you only buy them online or are they in some stores? X

Jo Murphy says:

I think ‘If I were av ampire, I would totally wear this colour’ isthe best recommendation I’ve ever heard 🙂 And, quick tip – if you’re not sure how to pronounce a word, if you google it, most definitions give you an audio example too. Good for solving arguments and learning new stuff 🙂

Phoebe Anastasia says:

omg lapis lazuli is a natural stone and the glittery flaky stuff is like the different colors that show up on the blue stone and wow it’s so good i have a lapis lazuli ring from the vampire diaries and i’m shook i gotta get this polish

Nickole Hinkle says:

I have never seen you try gel polish. Can you try out some cats eye gel polish please and other gel polish?

Kat Kerr says:

Heya! Love these colors. Btw it’s pronounced “may ZON” it means “house” in French. 🙂 So it just makes the names and inspos for the colours even better!!

Samantha Cairo says:

Do you play League of Legends????

Stephanie Ballew says:

Those thermals though!!!!

Jen LeFevre says:

i would love to see their holiday collection too if you could! 🙂

Isa Sanchez says:

Is something wrong with your channel Kelli? I’ve seen this video three times ‘cause always get busy doing stuff so I’ve restarted it three times and I’ve hit the like buttom every time. Somehow YouTube erases my likes? What’s going on?

Tessa Smith says:

My fav was the vampy red color, but I don’t remember the name. 🙂

Amanda Verbeke says:

The last two are my absolute faves. Love all of them though. Very unique!!

D Mac says:

I am going to get Succulent and then that bronze thermal one. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing

Laura Sauriol says:

Loving these! Especially the thermals!

Nelly Marquez says:

Love that dark makeup!

Amy Bumstead says:

Is there a current coupon code?

Sasha Arias says:

Can you do a review of the new opi holiday collection?

Neelofer Seward says:

All of them

Tanya Van Stone says:

I am 33 polishes into Cirque! They are literally my favourite.

Heather Brown says:

Succulent Garden and Velvetine are my favorite colors you tried on! They are amazing.

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