Nail Polish Swatch and Review: Mosi Mei Fall Shades || KELLI MARISSA

Hey guys, today I’m sharing more swatches of some fall nail polish shades from Mosi Mei! This isn’t a collection but I decided to curate my own fall collection using my favorite shades – purple, green, fuchsia, orange and a beige and brown of course! They are also having a HUGE sale – you can use the code “kelli” for 40% off your order from now until Sept 30, 2018!!

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Here are the shades I’ve swatched:

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Organizing 1000 nail polishes in rainbow order:
Mixing my nail polishes together?!:
Holo galaxy nail art!
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In LOVE with that brown shade!!!

Yvonna Dodson says:

omg these are beautiful colors

Kelli Marissa says:

Here’s the giveaway on my Instagram to win Mosi Mei polishes 🙂

Beth Magalski says:

Great choices. I’m not familiar with this polish brand and really enjoyed them, thanx for the share.

bev gardner says:

I’m hoping to see a Nail 101 video that addresses nail splitting (mine splits perpendicular to the nail bed), ouchie!

Lynn Munday says:

Love the blue, just got to get used to the yellow with it. I think it’s okay with your skin colouring. But, hey, we don’t have to live with the colours, you do. Wear what colours make you happy. Love to know which colours/varnish company lasts at least 3/4 days. Love your videos. X

Kate Wank says:

Wow! Flawless is absolutely….well….yeah 😉

lori dodge says:

Wow you picked mostly all the ones that I love

Destiny Tappin says:

These are awesome picks! It definitely screams fall. My favorite is Sophisticated. Awesome video Kelli!

Its Jessica says:

The nail polish I’m wearing right now matched your blue hair…. I freaked out

Yoselyn Ramirez says:

With your hair you look like a blue and gold macaw! They’re super beautiful!

Chris S says:

love the swatches and my skin is so pale and blue/ pink I love the cooler tones!! But like you said the warms would be good for nail art

ACWells13 says:

Just worked out what the hair reminds me of- it’s pretty spot on Macaw colours 😀 the teal is particularly gorgeous!

ValiantTaco says:

Profound looks like it would be good for some nail art!

calichef1962 says:

I really liked these colors! I may have to purchase a few, especially the “Flawless” because I’ve been looking for a good chamoise color to use as a background for a Native American-themed squash blossom jewelry nail art I’ve had in my head for a LONG time. It would be easier for me to use a gel polish, but I can’t find one in the right sort of buckskin color. But it’s alright! I have Hydrocol, which changes any nail polish into a gel when mixed 50-50. I also LOVE both greens, and yes, it’s for Christmas designs, of course! Last year all I could find was a frosty minty, almost sage green, which made an OK Christmas tree, but I wanted something greener.

Lu DH says:

lov it lov it your hair wow

lily Barr says:

Beautiful colors.

Sharon Hughes says:

These are gorgeous creamy colors…..thanks for swatching!

Michelle Nidharia says:

I loved Sophisticated, Punctual & Profound. Looking forward to some nail art videos from you.

angela pavao says:

I love that purple but all the colors were gorgeous!

The Nailpolishbottle says:

Gorgeous polishes! And I am loving the cool toned make up looks!

blu creeper50 says:

Omg! Your hair……I love it sooo much! I really liked the shade ‘Neat’. I love orange shades with gold shimmers in them. So pretty.

jens_ ten says:

Neat was my favorite. Thanks for this awesome giveaway. I am loving hair.

ComStar Sims says:

I liked the orange and green shimmer. I really don’t have a lot of green and orange nail polishes in my collection

Rejhane Luma says:

You should do a video painted your nail’s to light pink to bright pink Kelli

liz lopez says:

Super excited, just ordered several Mosi Mei with your great discount. Love your YouTube channel. Much love from a fellow nail polish sister!

Kris Montoya says:

You can never go wrong with Mosi Mei and with 40% off I’m going to stock up.

Tricia G says:

Ah!! Each one I thought was gonna be my favorite til I saw the next one. I can’t even decide! Those are perfect greens. And I even love the brown which is so not my thing.

Chely Duarte says:

This brand is new to me but I fell for sophisticated!!!!

KimShea22 says:

Are you going to review that fashion themed China Glaze collection? And could you do a video on the difference between jelly and crelly (sp?) and regular creme polish? I really don’t get the difference.

Brenda Lyons says:

Yay!! I entered!!!! Love the hair!!!

KenzieHurlock says:

Sophisticated is way pretty! You talking about pumpkin nail art inspired me. So doing that next week! Or this weekend! Orange pumpkins over a nice cream colored polish

Kelly Oswalt says:

Have you ever tried KL Polish? Just curious.

Alucard Peach says:

I asked before but you didn’t answer – I had noticed a while back that you don’t paint the very sides of your nails, and I wondered if that’s only when you do swatches or if you never get the sides all the way to the skin?
I really like these colors! I actually wouldn’t have ever thought to do a magenta in the fall, but I am definitely into it! I also don’t think I’ve ever had a brown polish… I need one! I hope you’re doing well!

Sarah Jo Bouldin says:

Sophisticated is my fav! Purple is my favorite color and I don’t have a good solid purple, may get this one!!

RonneeSue Scott says:

OMG I must have the purple and the brown. Your hair is stunning! My mini vacay was so nice. You should do a tutorial that matches your hair. It would be gorgeous. Have a great night. I hope you’re enjoying yourself. Love you.

Briane Earles says:

Me: *Watching tv with my boyfriend* Can we wrap this thing up?
BF: Why?
Me: Kelli came out with a new video.
BF: Yes
BF: Five minutes later, over my shoulder as I’m watching the video “Watching her just calms my soul”
I think my boyfriend may be your next fan, and he doesn’t even wear nail polish.

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