Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing a new brand of nail polish from Meg Cosmetics (and doing some swatches of course!) Let me know if you guys want a review of their spray nail polish :O Don’t forget to use the code KELLI25 at checkout for 25% off your entire order:

Polishes I used:

Blush Rouge
Christmas Tree
Crystal Iris


My new video series, NAIL POLISH 101:
How to keep your manicure from chipping/peeling off:
How to clean up your manicure:
How to file your nails square:
How to make your nails grow stronger:

Make your own dotting tools:
Brown smoky eye makeup tutorial:
How to fix a broken nail:
My fave winter nail care products:
Liquid latex showdown – which one is best??:
Trying dip powder nail polish:


Dotting Tools:
Striping Tape:

MY CLEANUP BRUSH (only $1!!):



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FTC: Thanks so much to Meg Cosmetics for partnering with me on this video! As always, I only work with brands that I truly enjoy.


Becky Schmidt says:

Yes! I so totally want to see a review on the spray nail color!! I do like the little twin set idea. I have a couple from another company, but these Meg polishes look like they applied really really well!

Aimee Dunn says:

hey I just tried Essie couture. it’s a gel nail polish! it’s has a big hype right now suppose to last 14 days. u should try them out!!! beautiful. and dry pretty quick! 🙂

Erika S says:

You are NAIL GOALS!!! Been binge waching your videos the last 24 hours!! How do not have millions of subscribers? You have so much talent and creativity! You also are interactive with your subbies and extremely relatable. I also share a passion for all things nails…but I wish I had your creativity! Great job on the videos too. They are entertaining, and very aesthetically pleasing. I normally don’t comment on people’s channels, but I really am super impressed with your channel!! Ok, wow.. I’m fangirling now!

ilanit7 says:

they look good! please, no spray saw a few videos about them and they suck. I would like more reviewing

Fallacy DeCuir says:

Please review the spray nail polish! 😀

Brian Leister says:

Your shadow is amaze!!!!!

Megan Holgate says:

Hey Kelli!! Love your videos, would you be able to do a plaid nail tutorial??

Daniela Sarmiento says:

I love that green! My favorite duo was the blush rouge, though.
Galaxy warriors, unite! #GalaxyGang

vegirabbit V says:

Yes do the spray nail polish review! 🙂

Charmaine Czora says:

Please do the spray on nail polish 🙂

Danika Armstrong says:

how did it last?

sweethoneyicedtea says:

your videos make me want to collect nail polishes! I don’t usually buy nail polishes ’cause I don’t like repeating colors on my nails XD so I usually go to a nail salon to have my nails done.

OhmyGodric says:

the combos are beautiful

Phoebe Anastasia says:

wow I wasn’t expecting them to be so good damn

Christy Gets Crafty says:

Love all three combos, but especially that glitter polish at the end. That would be so pretty for a wedding or formal event, not that you couldn’t wear it anytime. Just had to mention that your eyeshadow look today is stunning! Love that green. It really suits your skin tone and makes you’re eyes pop. I’m a recent subscriber, glad I found you! I’ve already found so many of your tips helpful, so thank you for the great content! As a fellow YouTuber, I know what a struggle that can be sometimes to keep it fresh and informative.

Kay Lilia says:

Awesome haul and swatches my fave is iris crystal

Andrea Salas says:

yeh do it

Rebeca W. says:

I like all of the polishes in this video! Your eye look is stunning as well

judi wolinsky says:

Slightly off topic, but can you tell me where you got your nail polish holder/display unit we can see in the background?

Saireen Anjum says:

These colours are all so beautiful

Trines Nails says:

They are so pretty!

MomNMe Beauty says:

Did anyone else’s jaw DROP when she swatched the glitter nail polish? Yeah, I am SOOOOO getting that set!

Andrea Michelle says:

i love all of these colors!!! the purple makes me want spring time though

Lisa Willett says:

I’d love to see spray polish. I am seeing it everywhere and idk how to use. That’d be great to see!!!!

Kelli Marissa says:

Which twin nail polish set was YOUR fave???

Valeska Muñoz says:

wow love the colors….. And your make up looks so good… the green is your color 🙂

Sheu Off says:

Try the spray nails polish!!! I liked all the colours to be honest:P Good video anyways

Anna Timm says:

Please review their spray polish and at the same time, try and review the nails inc spray polish that was sold at Sephora to compare! I bought the one from Sephora when it was released, but I have only used it once and I got major orange peel texture. I love the concept but it has bad reviews on the Sephora site and I would love to know if there are other brands out there that make a better polish!

Gina Rose says:

Really nice colors, and I think they would be great to own!!! Also I have an unrelated question, I was wanting to try the chrome powder , but I don’t use gel at all, and someone said you can use chrome on reg polish but with a water based top coat. Can you suggest one plz and ty

mirjam berkelouw says:

this looks more like An Ad thema a review

Kayla Haynes says:

Kelli love that color at 3:17
Love this video❤️

Tammie Wilson says:

Please try the spray polish..would love to hear what you think…loved all the Meg colors

donna pursel says:

love it

threestrong03 says:


Jennifer Montgrain says:

Hi Kelli! I love watching your videos! I just ordered the Rouge/Blush duo from Meg. I am looking forward to seeing them in person. Thank you for showing swatches it makes it easier to pick a nail polish.

Diana Pulido says:

Wow really nice nail polish. l like the idea of the two bottles together. Not only it makes it easier to do two different colors together, but it encourages you to try new colors. I would not buy the green color by itself but I really liked the red and I probably would get it just for the red. After seeing them together I really liked them; I would definitely use them together. I’m intrigued by the spray nail polish specially after seeing the quality of their nail polishes.

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