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Hey guys, today I’m sharing a new (to me) nail polish brand called Mosi Mei – watch as I swatch and review 10 of their colors!

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How to keep your manicure from chipping/peeling off:
How to clean up your manicure:
How to file your nails square:
How to make your nails grow stronger:
How to make your nail polish dry faster:
How to make your own dotting tools:
How to fix a broken nail:
How to fix an old bottle of nail polish:
ULTIMATE ombre nail art guide:

Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette first impressions:
Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette first impressions:

Nail art using EYESHADOW:
Easy glitter ombre nail art:
Holo bling diamond nail art:


Dotting Tools:
Striping Tape:

MY CLEANUP BRUSH (only $1!!):



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Johanna Lam says:

Love them!! Can u do a review on spray nail polish remover??

TestingFun321 says:

You should do another summer ombré nail art

Michelle Kinslow says:

definitely do some sheer black polish nail art! Also can you do something fun with the color glamorous ?

KenzieHurlock says:

I just got a nail polish shelf off amazon. it’s a wall mount one and holds most of my polishes. I love it so much plus it’s purple

Tennelleia Padarath says:

hey Kelli :):)…yh so u cud do a nail art on the black polish an u can do any review…brand of polishes u like its fine also thx appreciate again for doing my request for yr videos

Jayne Boot says:

I can’t find where to buy? I need that glitter and grey polishes.

Brenda Aponte says:

I don’t know if you’ve said it or not because I don’t have audio, but the Glamorous on top of the black looks like a galaxy.

XxUniLlamaXx says:

Do you prefer dark colors or light colors Kelli?

Martyna B. says:

i think you’re putting too much nail polish on your nails

Karli Z says:

Yes please…black jelly nail art pleaze…:)

sharrlizz says:

I’ve heard a bit about this brand but this is the first review video I’ve seen. The polishes look insane! I can hear my wallet groaning already! Lol oh yes, please do a nail art video with the black! Sheer black nail art is my fav but I find it really difficult to do.

Elizabeth G. says:

Well, this #MomFan is headed straight to check out the new brand! My husband might be a tad exasperated though! And my #MomBrain can’t wrap around “sheer black” nail art. Can’t wait to see the tutorial.

rkstr2003 says:

I just recently found a collection called finger paints. Can you swatch and review?

SGonzalez says:

You are so ridiculously charismatic!

Andrea Olachia says:

I saw that this was up and my first thought was ” I need to watch it, it’s gonna be so soothing

lily Barr says:

I like your review,great colors.
Can you do a design on the black and white ones please and thanks.

Jess_military_police_sis_slime the J family says:

omg I love love love ur videos. I’m a new subscriber and i love ur channel ur AMAZING!

Heather Shoenberger says:

I’m a newer-ish viewer and i have a horrible nail polish obsession & I was wondering where you got your nail polish holder thing? I saw it & mine are spread over 3 baskets and that might be just what I need to organize it better

KenzieHurlock says:

please do sheer black nail art!

Alexa Goforth says:

Do you use a peel off base coat for swatches?

Michele Felix says:


jessica stratton says:

Hey! I need some easy 4th of July nail art! Would you happen to have any recommendations, or ideas? lol Also I realize this question totally has nothing to do with this video.

Daniela Sarmiento says:

I love your swatches! I loooved Glamorous!!! I hope you make the sheer black nail art.

Britt Hogan says:

Beautiful job with the swatching… thank you! My fave, and off to purchase, is the peachy color (why, IDK, just looks so great on your nail). Oh yeah, and def getting that pink glitter!


I’d like to see a nail art design using a sheer black polish. 😀

Emerald Coppersprite says:

Hey Kelli. Great video. I would love to see a video on how to make a peel off basecoat last? I use UNT and it barely lasts a few hours despite using rubbing alcohol to clean the nail plate and capping the manicure. Since it is a blessing when it comes to wearing glitters, would love to see if there is any way I can keep it for a longer time 🙂

Paula Rose says:

I keep getting lines in the finish. even when I try and do it slow, it dries with brush lines. maybe I use the wrong polish that dries too fast but I get upset it never looks smooth.

Glitter Lifestyle says:

Would love to see another bright colour nail tutorial as I have a special occasion on Sunday. But nonetheless, these colours are so beautiful and so are you!

Marina Lambiris says:

l have just bought hoof lacquer top coat.Whats your opinion?

lovelygeminibren says:

Nice polishes but $15 a bottle is pushing it for me, I’m a cheap girl lol

Katherine Scott says:

girl your gonna break me….lol I want them all!!!!

dolphinsflirty says:

What lipstick are you wearing? I love the colour!

Robin Wolfe says:

Your so funny Kelli love ya

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