NEW Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Polish Swatch and Review || KELLI MARISSA


Hey galaxy gang! Today I have swatches of the NEW Sally Hansen Mega Strength Nail Color polishes along with their strengthening base and top coat! I think these are perfect to wear in the winter when your nails are feeling week and brittle.

They have tons of colors available:

Make sure you tune in for more nail polish swatches and reviews (drugstore and high end nail polishes!), beginner nail art design tutorials, eye makeup tutorials, and more! I usually post on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays 🙂

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How to keep your manicure from chipping/peeling off:
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I try a Simply Nailogical nail art tutorial:
Black to holo gradient nail art:
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Striping Tape: *

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Rionach Hobbs says:

I so love your hair colour, I’m getting my hair done this week and I’m very tempted to get the colour you have, it’s just super beautiful ❣ spending love as always xxx

Camila Zamora says:

but why does Sally Hansen make different bottles FOR EVERY SINGLE LINE, i love their polish but the bottles stress me out to no end

KenzieHurlock says:

You’re makeup looks so happy and cheary. It really brightens up your face. I love it!

ComStar Sims says:

Omg! Love that red ❤❤❤

Chelsea Archer says:

Omg have to get these!

Ella Hubbard says:

I love wild card! Super pretty!

Maddie Briggs says:

Can you do a Konmari nail polish video where you clean out your collection?

Yolanda Munoz says:

I saw them in my Wal-Mart they have so many pretty colors.

Jaden Nino says:

I bought wild card and it’s an amazing glitter, definitely recommend all their glitters. However the formula was hard to work with when it came to the creme Heroine, it was super bubbly. I used thin coats and never shake my bottle. It could be I wasnt working fast enough and using to many strokes. The swatches from you and Gabby Morris look so great! So I think I need to be more patient and keep trying. Loved the video Kelly 🙂

Laraine Humiston says:

Love this have a lot of these and the formula

Lauren Tucker says:

Could you swatch more of the colors if you decide to pick them up?

Danny Islas says:

Woohoo! Finally some polishes I can easily get over here! She-ro looks SO PRETTY! I’ve been really into light/dusty pinks lately (which is weird ‘cos I don’t really like pink). I’m sure we’ll get this collection soon. <3<3<3

Pamela Umbarger says:

I saw these at Walgreens a couple of weeks ago. Bought two. But unfortunately, I was highly disappointed at the wear. I used my usual top and base coat (not sh) and almost all if the polish had chipped off the day after I applied. I loved the colors too so it was especially saddening.

L. P Redflower says:

When taking the Wild Card off was it harder to take off because of the glitter? They all are so pretty, thanks for doing this vid! Linda

Stacey Noffke says:

I need Rise Up!

Lu DH says:

lov it all

calichef1962 says:

Rise Up was my favorite and She-Ro was second. I think they could be worn in the same manicure and look really nice together. As a side note, rose and pink polishes with gold shimmer/glitter have been my favorite since I was a little girl, like kindergarten little girl.

Sophia Lejtman says:

I love your makeup with this outfit!

Laura Bolen says:

Per usual I love the same colors you do. They are gorgeous! I know my daughter would love the rose ones a lot.

Shawne Wilfong says:

Been buying Sally Hansen since my Teen years, (55 next month lol) they have been around a long time! They have always had great products! I like using them for water marbling. Thanks for showing them! And I have to complement you on the makeup today- beautiful!

Vickie Hale says:

Not a fan, don’t waste your money !!

Mandy Ratliff says:

I love your eyeshadow. The colors you used really bring out your eyes.

Kelly Morse says:

I really love your nail polish reviews. I especially like the colors from Starrily and have ordered a few colors. One of them is from your collaboration collection. I picked diamond rain because it is such a gorgeous blue color. I can’t wait for them to arrive. Hopefully by this Saturday.

B. C. Schmerker says:

+kellimarissa *Coty North America, Inc., must have cleared Sally Hansen® Mega Strength™* as an upgrade from Diamond Strength™, a product line I recognize. As of February 2019 I’ve seen no replacement for Hard As Nails® Hard As Wraps®, an acrylates-copolymer-reinforced color line discontinued 2012.

Sam Lee says:

Love these colors!

lauraky36 says:

Love them all. Would you give us an update to let us know how well it wears and if it actually strengthens your nails??

Sthep Liar says:

Loving your hair color!

Ginny R says:

Hi, great review. Love ur hair . Class act was my fav

Kath Youell says:

Does this line have any jellies? I’ve been using Essie’s Treat Love Color line, but maybe it’s worth switching!

Tricia G says:

Red is not my favorite color, but this one is a perfect red. I’m gonna have to pick that up and a few other ones. These are all pretty.
I was always a fan of Mega Shine top coat by SH so I’ll have to try this one.
I’m a sucker fhr drugstore nail polish because it satisfies my nail polish hoarding tendencies without spending a ton!

Suz Brh says:

Very nice collection! Going to investigate all the colors. Great review

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