OPI Iceland Fall/Winter 2017 Nail Polish Swatch + Review || KELLI MARISSA

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HEY GUYS! I finally have my swatch and review of the OPI Fall/Winter nail polishes, the ICELAND collection! These polishes were gifted to me from Ulta and they have some funky labels, but the polishes are still gorgeous 🙂

You can get them from Ulta here: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6e1x/
Or if you want to get the regular labels, HB Beauty Bar has them as well (and you can use the code KELLI for 15% off!): https://www.hbbeautybar.com/collections/opi-iceland-collection

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LIQUID LATEX: http://amzn.to/2eMsESq
MATTE TOP COAT: http://go.magik.ly/r/kellimarissa/16340/
Dotting Tools: http://go.magik.ly/r/kellimarissa/16341/
Striping Tape: http://go.magik.ly/r/kellimarissa/16342/

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FAVE NAIL POLISH RETAILER: http://bit.ly/hbbeauty


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Use the hashtag #kellimarissa to show me your recreations!

FTC: Some products were provided free of charge for my honest review. This post may contain affiliate links.


Lauren-Elizabeth Dyer says:

Reykjavik is pronounced rey-k-ya-vic 🙂 almost like wreck-ya-vic but with an ey sound between the e and the c in wreck. If that makes sense! X

Sherry Kinslow says:

Kelli you are a riot! I like the Aurora Berry shade and the Old Geysers! Thanks for a great review

Alexis Eshem says:

You butchered the names but, I love all the colors!

Joan Snow says:

I love music too, always makes me HAPPY! Love the videos!

VKS Dub says:

The last color looks like the color of my car except it looked pinky purple when you used the flashlight and mine is just a purple-purple glittery look. But I love the 2 other blue colors!!!

Carol Klans-Cerda says:

Thank you for the swatches. Sally Beauty has a sale for only the OPI iceland collection. The other brands all had buy 2 and get 1 free. Anyway, I kind of found the sale price by accident because the did not come up on the “Sale” page. I only found the sale because I wanted the Northern Lights polish. Any way I bought 4 full size regular nail polish from the Iceland collection for a little under 9.99 each.

Elizabeth G. says:

Less is Norse!!! <3 <3 <3 Always in search of a good navy color! What's your go to Navy?

Ifra iftikhar says:

Snap fam

Michelle Nidharia says:

Hi Kelli, awesome swatches.

Nunez B says:

I like all these colors but love the last one! I love your swatch videos, you make it look so wonderful!

joannamccloud says:

So I just found your video today and I had to check it out I love it I have a nosy question because I’m so nosy about nail polish what’s on that rack back there behind you do you have a video on that I’m going to finish watching this video and I’m going to start going through your stuff because I’m a nail polish lover and nail stamping lover have a great day

Laura Green says:

When I was in college and had to give a presentation, on my drive in to school I would listen to my own pump-up playlist. Worked every time!

bluesmith says:

Reykjavek is a city in Iceland and is pronounced WRECK-ee-uh-vick phonetically, just fyi

Jenn W says:

Just found out OPI is changing their labels. So it’s really weird that they would do this — but I guess they changed right in the middle of making the fall collection? Who knows why they wouldn’t make the entire collection one way or the other, it’s very confusing, but maybe it’s a different factories thing.

Ty L says:

I am quite surprised that as nail polish professional you-tubers, some of them do not know that OPI is putting new labels for regular lines SHAME

Lili Danzarina says:

Hi cute!!!! What beautiful colors you showed us today. It’s hard to pick one favorite. I loved it. Tropical Hugs from Colombia !!!!!

Michelle Loprieno says:

What is the song in the background? Feel like it gets used a lot.

Kelly F. says:

Sally’s Beauty Supply had both labels on their OPI stock too. I think they are just making a change.

Kat L. says:

Love the last one but I also like the other metallic one also! Hope you’re having an awesome day!!! And music is AWESOME… I don’t go anywhere without it.

Maura Maige says:

Hey Kelli, i heard OPI was changing their bottle look, I’m 100% not sure if that’s what’s happening but kinda makes sense since a lot of bottled are getting shipped like this

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