OPI Tokyo Spring/Summer 2019 Collection | Live Application Review

Today we’re looking at live application of the new OPI Tokyo Collection for Spring/Summer 2019.

The collection is available now for presale at

Polishes Swatched:
Another Ramen-tic Evening
All Your Dreams in Vending Machines
Arigato from Tokyo
Chopstix and Stones
How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?
Hurry-juku Get This Color!
I’m On a Sushi Roll
Kanpai OPI!
Rice Rice Baby
Samurai Breaks a Nail
Suzi-san Climbs Fuji-san
Tempura-ture is Rising!

Piano Covers by Phoebe Moon:
I’m Still Here- Rebecca Sugar
If I Ain’t Got You- Alicia Keys
If I Could Fly- One Direction
If I Could Tell You- Yanni

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Pattrice Gray says:

I had to get that pink, the purple, the blue and one of the greenish colors! I can’t stop looking at the purple and the pink on my nails!

Robbie G says:

All your dreams and vending machines and chopstux and stones I have to have!

Darla Harper says:

Wait just a Minute…. Thank you VERRY MUCH for the website tip.. Now i can get all the colors i want at a great price. Btw love your channel

Ernestina Felix says:

I like pinks especialy the dusty ones but love purple

Mason Finley says:

That green and the more periwinkle shades are all mine….MINE I TELL U

i amissangel mua says:

I luv that opi is a better quality

SJ Gates says:

I loved this collection. Do I need it..no. But it is lovely.

Apryl McIntosh says:

A better variety of colors inspired by Japan is Essie’s fall 2016 collection. It’s cooler, but only has one pink and one berry, with a blue, orange, purple, and grey. Also Tempura-ture is Rising is a good match for Pantone color for 2019. ❤️

Spoony Poon says:

“All your dreams and vending machines” is exactly same as Pure Ice “Jamaica me crazy” I got 6 years ago

Gigi Gewgaw says:

Phoebe, you are always so far ahead of everyone else on reviewing these newer collections and it’s so helpful. I was wondering if the two turquoise/teal polishes are anything like “Mermaid’s Tears”.

Brenda Carlson says:

Muted. I loved them all, especially the last one!

PinkTigger33 says:

Love Chopstix and Stones and Kanpai OPI and Tempera-ture is Rising. None of them are original, but they are all very pretty and are calling to me.

Isabel Diaz says:

Beautiful collection!! Thanks for sharing

Robbie G says:

Love this collection. Tganks.

i amissangel mua says:

Tar Purple would look gpod with the ombre effect

Akasha Graves says:

lol@rice rice baby

cosumeti says:

the names are god awful jesus christ

Helaine Hoerning says:

Did anyone notice that there is no red?

Shanti Klemm says:

I feel like OPI tends to release repetitive colors with very slight variations which is why I so appreciate how you swatch similar colors. There are a couple here I would purchase. Can’t wait to see what China Glaze releases for spring/summer.

connie c says:

Chopstix and Stones is the prettiest I think. Opi finally put in some bling bling in that one!

Taleen Brady says:

Will you also be swatching the exclusives? I basically have a version of all of the colors from the main collection but I like to get 1 color from each country-based collection so I hope that one of the exclusives will work out!

Erin Bartel says:

How does All Your Dreams in Vending Machines compare to Pompeii Purple?

B. C. Schmerker says:

+phoebeamoon *As it turns out, some shades of this O·P·I®/Coty® Spring 2019 collection* are right up the alley of at least one of our fellow YouTubers: Jillian “Pixielocks” Vessey, Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai 2018 Kawaii Leader and founder of the Confetti Club. “All Your Dreams in Vending Machines” (P/NN not released as of 12 January 2019) should momentarily blind the camera during her “Hello, Confetti Club — it’s Pixie! &c.”

susanreedy29 says:

Love this collection! I see all those beautiful creams as bases for the indie toppers from Colores de Carol and Moonshine Mani. Have you seen that Suzi is coming out with a book in March called “I’m Not Really a Waitress”? Already preordered it from Amazon!

Unapologetically Laura says:

This is a beautiful collection . Just not unique for my humongous stash. This formulas look amazing though!

Matthew Pitre says:

I wish someone would do a pastel duochrome that is affordable and obtainable for spring that would be a dream come true

Christina H says:

I know for some people this may look basic but I think this collection is amazing and cannot wait to get my hands on these! Gimme gimme! Thank you for reviewing these so early Phoebe. You are the best! ❤️

Renee Hastie says:

Can past collections be purchased? I’m wanting to get the Washington DC collection

Amber Rhoades says:

I already own over 100 polishes but I’m a sucker for a good Green, Teal/Aqua, Blue, cool-toned purple as well as any polish that’s duochrome or Iridescent in any way. I own multiples of those types of shades & will continue to keep buying them BUT I only own 1 red, 2 berry’s, 4 brown/nudes, 1 Orange, 1 orangey Yellow, 1 pinky nude, 2-3 bright pinks, 1 white & 1 black (I use the white & black the most) so out of 100+ polishes you can clearly tell the types of shades I go for. I literally have those colors for certain occasions. . Red, berry & pinks for Valentines. . Red also for Christmas. . . Orange & yellow in the chance I want to do summer nail art like sunflowers. . Browns/nudes for nail art my fav is use them to make a dripping ice cream cone. . . . I won’t continue but ya get the point that I only have a few colors for the sole purpose of nail art &/or holiday themed nails.

Michelle Byrd says:

Thanks for swatching this collection, Phoebe! Do you or anyone else know how “All Your Dreams In Vending Machines” compares to Zoya’s “Taryn“? I’ve been eyeing that one for a while. TIA

Matthew Pitre says:

A collection of them for spring I mean instead of just boring plain creams I adore pastels but alone they can be boring like do a holographic pastel with a shifty shimmer like ilnp did only something affordable and obtainable ur seems like all the non boring polishes either cost like 20 dollars or more plus out the ads shipping I love ilnp wish it was easier 5 get in Canada but shipping to here us always awful such a shame as I buy alot if polish

i amissangel mua says:

I like how you’re showing how to neatly apply

Natti Ivon says:

I really like this collection, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Your swatches are amazing as always.

Mermaid Rhonda says:

I MUST have Chopstix and Stones! There are several in this one I plan to pick up. A really nice collection!

Jennifer Fontana says:

Thanks sooo much for the swatches! I need to revamp my nail collection & need some pinks/greens! Do you also shop at Beyond Polish?

Margaret I says:

This collection is beautiful!! It might be one of my favorite collections in a while, there’s something that sets each shade apart from any similar colors. Amazing video! 🙂

msmarsi009 says:

You can tell the formulas are great. Very smooth

Mel Craven says:

They probably threw that last one in after Pantone announced Living Coral as Color of the Year!

Matthew Pitre says:

Sorry auto correct

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