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HEY GUYS! I know total fail on the schedule this week, but better late than never! Today I’m showing you the OPI winter nail polish collection (Love OPI XOXO Collection) for 2017/2018! Some of these colors I love and others, not so much. Let me know your favorite polishes in the comments and if you want to see any nail art with them – and make sure you subscribe to see new vids every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday 🙂

Shop the collection at HB Beauty Bar (don’t forget to use the code KELLI for 15% off!): https://www.hbbeautybar.com/collections/opi/opi-love-opi-xoxo

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LotharYael says:

I hated My Wish List is You. I could still see through it after three coats and I just didn’t like the color at all. I don’t know if I got a bad bottle or something since you said it was a 1 coater. Anyone else have that problem with this polish?

tat.tiana3719 * says:

I love this collection and bought it all practically. I Like the way you talk and your make up and choker. You look so special! Thanks a lot.

Haleigh Lilly says:

I just bought the entire collection because of this video!!! lol! I’ve been eyeing it for awhile and Ulta is having a buy 2 get one free on OPI so I just took the plunge! Have you seen China Glaze’s new winter collection? It’s really pretty too but Ulta doesn’t have it.

Stacy h says:

I absolutely love your swatch n reviews! And I was wondering if you could do a nail polish 101 video talking about the different types of nail polish? You’ve mentioned in other videos polishes that have a “jelly” or a “cream” consistency and I was wondering what the difference between them are. I’m also a nail polish newbie so your 101 videos are super helpful and the swatch n reviews are great for showing all the different collections and the different finishes out there! And your eyeshadow look is gorgeous! I love purple eyeshadows!

Anna Rybicka says:

long arms and too short sleeves – that’s my problem too 🙂

Joan Snow says:


SportsFan_9630 says:

Perfect how you paint your nails. This collection was just o.k. In fact, I’m not impressed with any Winter collection, including Zoya. They keep putting the same colors out every single time and it’s getting old and quite annoying. Anyway, I need something new, and apart from the Indies (which tend to be very expensive) I’m not getting much. I totally feel you on this, though. I do like a few of things, including the “Tie it up with a beau” and “chems-tree” and “coal mates”.

MomNMe Beauty says:

So many of these I think fit right into your love of galaxy themes. As for me, as long as it is shimmery, sparkly, or glittery, than I am all about it!

Jenny Lousie grant says:

Beautiful polishes

ssue says:

Thanks for the swatches I love it so I can know what colors I want and what color is I don’t want

Robin Wolfe says:

I love the color’s

ssue says:

Kelly grandmother color I’m ashamed of you girl my 70’s girl what happened to you? lmao actually grandmother color guess would be in the 70s my mom always used to wear a lot of Blues when I was a teenager in the 70s lol you know I’m just teasing you I hope you know that

Danielle Ellis says:

My arms aren’t super long, but I roll my sleeves up, like, 99% of the time because having them pushed down bugs me. I also can’t really do too many layers… Maybe it’s cause I live in a fairly hot climate?

Anyway, I actually love most of this collection! Especially anything that has shimmer! (Legit most of my collection is made up of shimmers, and I really should build up the creams lol)

CustomFit ForaKing says:

Very pretty colors in this collection. You can never go wrong with OPI!

Ren Roz says:

Hey kelli – can you list all the colors with links? Also I looked through my OPI stash and saw a few NPs that looked like the ones in the 2017 winter collection – purple with gold copper shimmer “Dutch you just love OPI?”, dark plum – “Houston we have a purple,” and for the metallic grey – “Lucerne – tainly look marvelous.” I am lovin’ the Top the package with a Beau (with the golden flakes) is my favorite because it’s so different!! Thanks so much for your videos. Will you posting a winter nail art video soon?? hugs 🙂

Jen says:

I have “Gift of Gold Never Gets Old.” Love the colour! It is such a delicate, soft Gold compared to the usual Gold Polishes. I don’t know why any company lets a Nail Polish take more than 2 coats to apply (referring to the first 2 polishes you swatched). It is very bothersome to wait so long to put on so many coats of Polish.

Sara Oliver says:

I love your swatches. I always check here before buying the new O.P.I polishes.

VKS Dub says:

I really liked all the colors except the pink one (but im not really a pink-y person) but i can also see it as a winter color. And i disagree, as I saw it on the screen the last yellow one, i thought looked good with your finger skin tone! And one last question. I know you put the polishes that you are about to swatch in the backround on your caddy. But what do you do with all your other nail polishes, i mean you must have hundreds of nail polishes!!!

glenpab84 says:

Omg thanks so much Kelli for this video!! Loving most, the first is nice but I would say I only don’t like the pink lol

Ann Chau says:

How long does it usually take for you to receive your HB Beauty orders? I just made my first order from there and it’s taking such a long time to ship!

Amanda Verbeke says:

I have to agree with you about all the colors you like and dislike…some of those were pretty off putting but, when they get it right, they nail it….heh…get it? Nailed it? Okay….I’ll sit down now. Haha!

Desiree Garcia says:

Love this collection, however there are also some colors I was not a fan of… 🙂

Chris S says:

Kelly would you ever swatch on different fingers and do a side by side at the end of the videos so that we can see how they jive together (and maybe even give tips on combinations if you like) prices are great too for the bottle or collection and where you could get it at that price point!!! Thank you for your videos!!!

Cala Naylor says:

Bought my 3 favorites over the weekend and top it with a beau is on my nails already ❤❤

Little Miss says:

Would you do a RIDE OR DIE…of nail polishes of course…:-)…Your ULTIMATE favorite ones…top 5..top 10? thnx!!

Elisabet Law says:

Love your voice!!

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