Orly Breathable Nail Polish Review – Halal Certified?

My review on Orly Breathable Nail Polish which is halal certified.
Orly is listed as a halal nail polish, let’s see if it’s water permeable.

Update: Orly has now collaborated with Muslim Girl magazine to create halal paint, specifically targeting muslims with their names “haram bae,” ig-noor, and others.


A says:

Thanks sis! People should always fact-check

Aisha LaDon says:

Ahhhhh, I see your process. Hmmmm.

Eiman Ali says:

I agree with a lot of what you said! I am also skeptical. I just did a review on my channel too.

TwinkieToes says:

I never thought it was wudhu friendly. When they started the campaign with Muslim girl, they only claimed that the ingredients were halal certified. Everyone assumed since it says breathable that they meant it was wudhu friendly.

kausar Jabbar says:

Do it again in exactly the same way as the lady did it in her video ?

Phyxa Alex says:

Great review!! Was looking for something like this before I shelled out the money to buy it.Won’t be now.Thanks a lot

Akgul says:

Smart testing!!

random15x says:

Ive recently seen a new brand called maya cosmetics who also have a range of ‘halal’ nail polish.. wondering if youll do a test/review on that

heba essam says:

I have seen a new brand called love your nails cosmetics who also have a range of halal nail polish
Wondering if you will do the test?

Lubna Malik says:

Asalaamualaikum! Can you please test Maya nail polish? They claim to be scholar certified from Darul Qasim Institute.

All Things MiMi says:

That is crazy that it doesn’t actually fulfill its purpose. It makes me feel like it was a gimmick to get Muslimahs to buy it. I never bought it because it seemed too good to be true, they’re expensive, and I didn’t want to risk the validity of my prayer over nail polish. Great review! I hope more people see it.

Hiba Alharthy says:

Thanks my dear for the review
Can u test MineVital islamic nail polish as well?? Thanks again

hanna dk000 says:

Interesting news about Muslim Girl and Orly.. Turns out the CEO of Orly is a zionist and islamophobe https://www.change.org/p/amani-muslimgirl-com-muslim-girl-supports-israeli-defense-force-and-anti-islam-sentiment-with-orly

M.K. says:

Thankyou so much my beautiful sister in Islam.

يوميات زهرة في امريكا zahra corner says:

i saw your video, and i know one fact is that the test they have done is only for one coat of nailpolish not several, but thank you , anything that raised doubt better be off

Latifah Stephens says:

I love the brand… I have like 12 colors

Mechelle Hibpshman says:

tuesday in love is a polish that is water permeable

Lee Claire says:

Jazak Allah sister for speaking the truth.

Kainat Qurashi says:

Wow your test was really awesome! You really made sure to test it thoroughly. Do you think you could do this same test with the Inglot water permeable nail polish, and the tuesday in love ones as well?

Zainab Mehdi says:

Please review Maya polish!

Naz Khan says:

Inglot claims they have a halal line of nail polish aswell

FdFd 3nabi says:

Hay my dear the only one hall is Tuesday in love … my friend tests all lol the product the only one halal is Tuesday in love
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tuesdayinlove/

Simply Myla K. says:

Salam! I’m glad I found your channel. My mom suggested I look into this nail polish and of course I had to find a review. Glad to find a fellow Muslim youtuber!

Sid John says:

Review the maya nail polish and the 786

Atiya Watts says:

Wow!! I love that you do this. Seeing, in this case , is really believing. Yikes $9. There oughta be a law. lolol. Thanks Hashima, this is a major help to those who really care about their Salaat.

Bee Zara says:

what was the henna you used ?! I liked how fast the color showed !

kausar Jabbar says:

Please can you check out this link for the same test and it passed?

Nano sabagh says:

What about putting one layer of the nail polish in stead of two?

Hanady Alawlaqi says:

Heyy, do you happen to be in PA often because you look so familiar!

Ap M says:

Thanks for the testing that helps a lot. These companies can be sued for false advertisement seriously though…….There is another company here in the UK ill get the name and post back if I find it lol.

eyein ashburn says:

im so glad i watch your video, sister. i almost considering to buy this orly “halal” nail polish. now i would definitely NOT buy it

aishahameen says:

Thank You for this review. Your demonstration is the best I have seen.

lametalk says:

Have you tried on Maya nail polish?

SerenasCorner says:

So sister where do you buy the rani kone nail henna from? I went to the website but I don’t think they ship to the USA.

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