ORLY Fall 2017 Nail Polish Collection Swatch and Review || KELLI MARISSA

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MOAR SWATCHES!! But really, today I’m showing you guys the ORLY Fall 2017 nail polish collection. I promise there will be nail art soon haha! Anyway, let me know which color is your fave and make sure you subscribe for nail art, nail polish swatches, makeup videos, and hacks :O)

Polishes are from HB Beauty Bar – use the code KELLI for 15% off!:


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Amanda Paradis says:

Knitted hats are the only hats that look good on me! I’m totally with you there.

Viki Pazdur says:

Oh and yea, jelly’s are weird but I do put like 3 coats of jelly’s works. Lol

Haten Google says:

Yes it is a strange mix for fall. I prefer creams over jellies too but am a sucker for glitter so that reddish orange chromey-glitter is my fave out of this batch.

mary vredeveld says:

Fun fact; you r super awesome and down to earth, u keep it real. i love that about you
ps. another fun fact; we love videos with Evan in them, its fun to watch how u two satellite off of each other. like yin and yang. <3

MomNMe Beauty says:

The pearluzed one is my favorite!

Viki Pazdur says:

That lavender color is definitely not a fall color, but I love it. And all of them went on so smooth and easy. The glitter one, awesome!!! Yes, the colors together were confusing, but hey, they were for nails, so……..it’s ok. Lol So so pretty! Thanks for this!!!

KateDavis says:

Just bought this collection! I’m excited to try it. Although the colors aren’t so fall screaming I like them individually. Some of them will be perfect for winter. I also got a few Zoya polishes like “Elaine” and “Hadley”. Lastly I got two from the Superchic Lacquer Halloween collection! I am so stoked to get my fall nail polishes in the mail!!

Lu DH says:

lov it light colors

Heather Shoenberger says:

So I have a weird question, are there higher quality nail stamping plates? Or are all of them basically the same, I got a cheap one off of an app and I’m just wondering if there’s a difference in certain plates

Karmen Moser says:

I’m really late but this was a really good video, I agree with you I think these polishes shouldn’t have been put in a collection together, they just don’t go together in my opinion. The colors are nice but not in a collection. Great video Kelli ♡

Tammie Wilson says:


Kay Lilia says:

Nice collection awesome swatches

ifra shami says:

Hi Kelli! Can u do a tutorial on the makeup look ur wearing, it looks amazing

SJ Gates says:

As always, love your videos. I agree…individually some nice co!ors…together not a fall collection. Very pretty colors though. Thanks for another great video.

Joan Snow says:

Did I hear you say color shit, lmao
I love you too young lady, you no your young enough to be my daughter! My dumb funfact lol

Brandi Nuñez says:

ooh I want these!!❤

Lynn Kaplan says:

I think November fog is going for the mauve trend. I first agreed it wasn’t fall esp in the bottle but after two coats it reminded me of beigy mauve. The colors look so different both on your nail and with two coats. They are pretty and maybe more year roundish?

Giannina Alarcon says:

Have you seen anything in brand’s 2017 fall or winter collections that could be a creme finish dupe for OPI’s Kiss me or Elf?

Frances Guillen says:

I can not wait to see what you do with those gel polishes in nail art. Cute eye makeup too but I also love knitted hats especially the sackie kind where you can shove all ur hair in lol

GosiaPio says:

I think they are perfect for fall:) I looove that collection. And November fog is one of my faves, it has that dustiness looks like a real fog actually… 😀

Josefine Lagerström says:

I didn’t think it was a fall collection either. And I didn’t like most of them. However, I’m completely in love with “Velvet Kaleidoscope”!!! So damn beautiful! Neeeeed to buy. NOW.

Chely Duarte says:


Jenn W says:

Isn’t Silken Quartz amazing? It looks AWESOME matte. Blue Suede and Just Bitten are opaque for me in two coats, but I have super short nails. They clearly went for a different formula with Black Cherry, so I think they did the jellies on purpose.

Penny Harms says:

Many really are nice for fall – I LOVE the Velvet Kaleidoscope!!!

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