Pop-arazzi Nail Polish Review ~ New Brand Review

Hello Hello Everyone! I found a new nail polish brand at CVS called Pop-arazzi. Here is my review and first impressions. Let me know what you guys think.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Polishes mentioned:
Toes in the Sand
Just Beachin’
Fuchsia in Show Biz
Head over Teals
Pick you up at seven
Love All
Lovely in Lilac
Shell me more

Here is the other review with the goopy polish it toward the end of the video

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HappyisNow says:

Loved this video! I have just beachin and I think the formula is great!
What lipstick do you have on I’m loving the red!

sky yks says:

what about the chemicals? what is it made of? I have been trying to search for it to see if its free of the “Big 5” and I can’t seem to find anything on it.

Little Miss _Dance alot says:

I just bought a Tropic Tango and i put clear nail polish over it so.it could stand out and it turned red ans then purple.. Is it supoosed to do this??


Do not use this product!!! This nail polish is bad! I have never ever had a nail polish stain my nails like this. I even bought 100 % acetone to try and remove it! Nothing works to remove it, not even lemon and baking soda! Horrible product that stains worse than anything.

rondashw says:

LOVE YOUR REVIEW…so funny! 🙂 You’re right, they’re not worth $3, but I went HOG WILD for 99 cents.

Sam Kak says:

worst product ruined my nails and color doesn’t come off no matter how much u try with nail polish remover or anything

Denise WUERTZ says:

My friend tried  it for the first time. Horrible stained her nails soooo bad even pure acetone wouldnt take the color off. I have a brand new bottle not going to use it ever.

Jessica Jipping says:

I bought Mind Over Matter Matte finish top coat….NOT MATTE FINISH!

Tina Bella says:

very detailed review! Good job!  Does the Teal nail polish stained on your nails?

Stefanie says:

Shell Me More is SO PRETTY!! I recently picked it up but mine is just a light blue =l I remember watching Nailstorming do a review of these and she said Shell Me More was what she wishes Essie’s Mint Candy Apple would be, where its slightly mint/green while Mint Candy Apple is just a light blue. My Shell Me More is seriously a dupe for Mint Candy Apple I’m so upset!! All of them in the store looked to be light blue too =/ such a bummer!

Jayme Wukmir says:

new subbie, you have a very cute personality! tfs xoxox,Jayme

Hannah Eve Nails It says:

I am SOOOO JEALOUS!! I wish I had a cvs because I want to try these SOOO bad now!!!! and the packaging is to die for!! Thank you so much for the review, maybe I will order them online or something 🙂

Free Danger Ahead says:

Thank you for the review. I found them at my CVS on a sale day so I got them all for 99 cents. And I do mean all. I have 4 girls so I picked up every color they had. So I figured I’d share what I found so far. I did buy all of the colors, but not all of the top coats. I did buy the base coat and quick dry top coat. First off, it is not that much of a “quick dry” top coat but it was glossy enough. Also, some of these STAIN like a mofo! The light purple stained my daughter’s nails SO pink, even with a base coat, although I did use their base coat. I do have to say, the ones I’ve tried were not goopy at all and the glitters are really cute. I agree with your take on the price, I would not have bought them if they weren’t 99 cents, but I was drawn to them right away because of those polka dots! So very cute. I also bought the cuticle oil but I haven’t tried it yet. BTW, I love Glimpses of the Moon also, and I think I’ll stick around your channel too. Thanks again for the video.

regomez6474 says:

After seeing your review I went out and about 12 of them. I even purchased some glitters. I loved all the ones I bought. One thing you do need a good base coat to avoid staining.

Tina Wells says:

The “Quick Dry” Top Coat took FOREVER! to dry!!!!! The polish is goopey and messy.

John Dsupin says:

I also found that these are great nail polishes. I love, love, love the color Spice is Nice. If you want a red that has a slight orange hue to it, then this is the one. My nails look amazing. I want to buy 10 more of this color before I find out this product is no longer being sold, as is what happens with products I love.

C Dean says:

colors are cute, I got two of them..they STAINED my nails terribly though so I will not use them again.  EVEN with base coat my nails are very stained

amaicake91 says:

I also think these bottle are super cute! I was sucked into buying it because of the polka dots, but I don’t like the smell of these they smell like kleancolors which give me a headache.

ChocolateJesus says:

Doesn’t hold to my nail at all, even with using 3 different base coats and my natural nail. Within the first day, there’s chipping and pealing. Like, i can quite literally peal the entire coat off my nail in one swoop. Not a very good brand, wouldn’t buy it again.

Jennifer Adams Franklin says:

These polishes are very strong in smell. I had throw it away. Even after I put on the polish and it was nearly dry, the smell was just too strong… or I’m too sensitive. Buyers beware. Pretty but chemically stinky. jca

Beauty Sunshine says:

I think they’re wack! No, thank you I stick to my opi and Essie!

glenda herrera says:

Love them all!! Specially reach for the stars!

Chengyi Coral Wu says:

Hello, thank you so much for your great review! I enjoy watching it!
I recently found this brand at a CVS near my house and was very excited about its rich and bright colors. Three days ago I applied the “watermelon” color. It is SO adorable! I love how bright and bold the color is! 🙂 I was a little concerned about the stain that many people have experienced. HOWEVER, I just wiped the polish off, and there was absolutely NO STAIN on my nails at all. Totally clean! I am not sure if it is because I used base coat first. I used essie’s all-in-one base and top coat, and it does a great job isolate the color from my real nail.

Ruth Giron Oviedo says:

Thank for the vídeo. I have a question? Which one is the best nail polish in your opinion Ruth

Noela _isdabomb says:

the pop arazzie nail polish stained my nails!

R Baloga says:

Stained my nails too – I got the  Call Me A Cab – a pink/coral and Sapphire
Desire – a blue color.  My nails are stained too – you get what you pay for.  I’ll never buy this cheap brand again – I’ll stick to a common brand and will look in my beauty supply store for the purchase.  I also had a base coat applied, 2 coats of polish and also a top coat.  Waste of money!!!!

Michelle Lyman says:

picked up a half a dozen of them today and I thought they might be good for stamping – the longer dry time is a plus for me in that regard

Mandeep Sangar says:

the only color I have is you’re a gem and that is a purple and crimson couture and that is a bright red

LaShenny21 says:

Oh wow…the packaging is lovely! ♥

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