Review: Does CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish Really Last for 7 Days?

Today’s video is a review on the new CND Vinylux Weekly nail polish. The claim is that it gives you a gel like finish and a long lasting wear of more than 7 days without chipping, without the need of the UV lamp. Does it work? Keep watching to find out!

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Judith Hellerstein says:

My friend put this on me and it lasted 5 days.  However, I swim so that is why it does not last as long.  I too want to know what color red you used.  I would try this again and will look on amazon.  I have found that the Revlon lasts me almost the same amount of time. So might finish off my bottle first.

twominutetips says:

Thanks for your review – helpful.

embraceky says:

Thank you for the review

Tuan H says:

Heres something else to consider.

1.Vinylux will not stain because their formulas are very high quality.
2.Vinylux does not require a base coat. The color is the base coat.
3. The topcoat gets stronger as natural sunlight hits it.

CND is the best when it comes to nail products.

Malexah Mor says:

Wow! 6 days?!? Mine lasted 2 days 🙁

Sherry Watson says:

I tried this a couple of months ago and it lives up to the hype. If you’ll notice a lot of the high profile brands are coming out with their versions of this. No base coat needed but you should be cleaning your nails with alcohol or CND’s Scrub Fresh before applying the color. It’s the top coat that makes it work so don’t try using Seche Vite or some other top coat with this polish. I recently experimented with Sally Hanson’s version, Miracle Gel vs. CND Vinylux. SH chipped 1st on the 8th day and then the CND started chipping immediately after so both brands are winners for me. China Glaze, OPI and Orly also have a version of this type of polish but I haven’t tried any of them yet.

living life as isa says:

I tried it and i didn’t really like the formula, i felt like after a day i saw chipping!

marian says:

Scrub fresh is used to dehydrate the nail snd clean it before any procedure, if you can’t find it, you can use alcohol for the same results!

Pamela Pereira says:

Hi all. Just had my nails done at the salon with this same brand. Since this post was done in 2013, I guess the polish has been around for awhile. However, this is the first time that I have seen it in my salon. The manicure cost $5 more because of the Vinylux polish. I had my nails done on Monday and today is Thursday (three days). The results….not good…thumb, index and middle fingernails are already chipping on both hands. They used a primer(?) prior to applying the polish. I think it is the same primer that they put on before acrylic fills. Based on this one manicure, I probably would not get another one with this polish.

Stuff4chix says:

I had never seen it at a salon before, but just actually saw it being advertised at a local salon here in Orlando yesterday. I think the product is awesome and, I would imagine, causes less damage to your nails then the gel nail polish because I always pick mine off, which is a big no, no!

Aimee McEnerney says:

What color is that red?

Jackie R says: sells them 🙂

Stuff4chix says:

@Samantha Ashley I took it off with regular nail polish.

bryana19981 says:

I recommend getting the CND solar spray to spray on top of your nails after you’re done doing them!! It will make your nails dry almost instantly!

RAMMUSIC2011 says:

why hi ladies ??? I’m a guy and like to watch this so I can practice polishing my girlfriends nails…you sexist  🙂

naomilaboo says:

This is the best product I have found for the price

Samantha Fanz says:

I got a manicure done at a salon with this and I loved it so much I started buying it. I use my hands a lot I work with metal everyday and I’m always washing my hands and for me it lasts 4 to 5 days.

Brooke Katz says:

+Stuff4chix Did you use a Base Coat? They tell you there is no need for one

Alina Rodriguez says:

i love this product i get my for about $3.99 in an outlet store .

MakeUpByMarcy15 says:

I like a quick dry time (currently I use the sech bite top or coat)…what is the dry time on this where it is a bit thicker?

Sandy Moyer says:

I have been using this for a few weeks and I am impressed with the results too!  The only thing I’m not thrilled about is that it drys so quickly, that certain colors get lumpy looking before I get it completely on.  Might be that my nails are really long. 

moonbee03 says:

Thank you!

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