REVIEW: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

I really needed an updated manicure and I have been trying to cut down on my spending and I figured I can start there. I spend up to $60 a few times a month on my gel nails and I went to CVS to get a few polishes and a lamp to do it myself. Thats when I ran into the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes. There were a few sets but I thought they were ugly lol so I bought these two separately. I saw online that there were tons of colors so I will be on the look out. I hope this videos help those of you who were interested. Overall – I love it!


Yacky Snacky says:


isislife91 says:

Dude. $60+ for a gel manicure is a total rip off… Get the Red Carpet Manicure gel system from Ulta. I LOVE it!!

Heather Haines says:

I have this polish and it’s wayyyyy more streaky than yours! I just got it and can hardly use it


Oh and the information/tips you shared were helpful 🙂

Wendy Heldt says:

Beautiful nails! 😀

MsPaulD says:

I like the brush method…never thought to do that…helps get a clean professional look. Thanks for sharing!

Anj L says:

This polish can be removed with non-acetone polish remover.

Alena P. says:

+sccastaneda what do you think it’s better buy big set ( with lamp ) or buy this small set? And how long you have this nails?

Kai the great pig taimer says:

This isn’t gel polish it’s nail polish that is suppose to wear longer

Cathleen Zhang says:

Any holosexuals? Who cringed? When the polish…. got all over her cuticles?

Natalia Broda says:

Rip cuticles

colette2345 says:

I feel like you can use their regular complete salon manicure brand and get the same look without all the waiting for dry time. I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews for this new gel polish. Their salon manicure brand lasts for about 5 days (if you put 2 coats).

Audrey McMorrow says:

really liked tip with brush tks

SunnyTheeArtist says:

Can these be used with led lamp for fast drying affect?

Brian Durbin says:

Thanks! ^_^

Stacey M says:

I love them! mine lasted for more than 5 days no cracks or anything, i just change them every week coz my nails grows pretty fast.

Carolina Rivera says:

I love the shape of your nails.

Saathvika Yeruva says:

What is the name of this color?

Moonlava Reyes says:

I noticed the ones that are metallic last a lot longer then the regular colors. Reality it lasts about 4-5 days tops.

Amanda F says:

Love love love this tutorial! I couldn’t work out how they were so neat so they clean up tip is super handy. I would never think about using a brush! xx

v0idstiles says:

Do you have to use the top coat?

Lindsey Kaba says:

I paint my nails with these every Sunday night, and I find that they chip by Thursday. But…I do data entry for a living, 40+ hours a week, so I’m rough on them. I find if I wait a long period in between each coat, they look nicer and last. I love collecting the colors..and I’ve found them cheaper on Amazon and at Marshalls/TJ Maxx. This Creme de la Creme is one of my faves now, I get a lot of compliments!

Leah J says:

I think it depends on individual nail chemistry as to how long it lasts. Some people it works for, some it doesn’t. It lasts really well on my nails but I’m having problems with the polishes being chalky and streaky looking (lighter colors/what I stick to usually). Mine doesn’t seem to go on NEARLY as smooth as it did in this video–but I wish it would. :-/ The top coat works pretty great, though, personally.

Narro DeLosNubes says:

I’ve tried several different colors for Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel and I’ve noticed that the lighter colors tend to not last as long on my fingernails. They also require, as the video stated, a few coats before they look good. However, most of the colors I’ve tried have lasted at least a week to 10 days before any chips or issues. Obviously if you’re using abrasive substances on your hands and doing heavy cleaning it’s less. 

I have the same color as this video (Creme de la Creme) on my toes and they’ve been there for nearly three weeks with very little flaking or chipping. But that’s toes. Fingernails go through a bit more stress.

craftyladydi says:

I watched a few tutorials on Sally Hansen’s gel polish, no one ever said anything about if it hardens your nails. I had my first French gel  manicure by a professional. I loved it, my nails were stronger, harder, they never chipped. I had a nail that would split always, not with this salon gel. I don’t see a reason to use Sally’s if the polish chips after a week. The top coat should keep the nails from chipping so soon. I don’t see the miracle.

Maryann Gorman says:

Thanks for the informative video? Have you ever tried using a regular base coat under the gel polish? My nails are pretty prone to drying out and getting brittle with polish and I’d like to protect them with a base coat. Thanks!

Llouise L says:

Could u use a base coat and if u can could u use any base coat ?

Lei A says:

I use the top coat with regular polishes and I love it ❤️ it extends my polish to about a week without many chips. & gives a nice shine, not quite gel shine but pretty close. If you want a longer lasting mani but you already have tons of polish you don’t want going to waste, just get the topcoat.


You Have pretty nails! How long did it last you? I have heard it doesn’t last that long…

Riannelisa says:

I have one and i absolutley love it. I have it on my nails now for 2 weeks and it looks still good. Totally in love 🙂

Maria Bradley says:

I have been using this polish for close to 3 months now.  Lasts for two weeks with minimal chipping.  Really you notice the growth at your nail bed more than any chipping.  I do always use a base coat.  Helps even out your nails.  That might be why it lasts so long on me.  I make very sure that each coat is dry before applying another.  I also sun my nails for two or three minutes at the end.  Also be sure to paint the very edge at the end of your nails.  I am so impressed with this polish.

Msniko93 Nixon says:

This video is so old!!! Yet its only hit some australian stores now?!?!!?

gitana pozo says:

I love how clean the edge, tell me how long the manicure? it is so clean brush or your what you adapt? Thank you. Google translator.

Marissa Polina says:

okayy???? how much ?

Snowflake814 says:

Can you rec a brush for clean up? Thanks.

banjocloudkicker banjocloudkicker says:

lasted 12 days with only one clear top coat 

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