REVIEW: Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish

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Like mentioned in the video, you can see the Matte Top Coat in action here:

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Back in 1979 these pretty polishes were released from wet n wild and they’ve been top-sellers ever since. From satin-y cream finishes to metallics and glitters, these Wild Shine polishes are so worth the $1.99 price tag.

Shades: 458C Yo Soy, 488B Who Is Ultra Violet?, 481E Putting on Airs, 483D Be More Pacific, 484C Do Pass Go, 487E Grape Minds Think Alike, 485D Black Crème, 482D Bijou Blue, 470B Ready to Propose, 480C Sparkled, A001 New Years Kiss (Fergie), A005 Flossy Flossy (Fergie), A004 Glamorous (Fergie), 452A Matte Top Coat, 451D Protective Base Coat, Tickled Pink (bottle broke), 476E Red Red, 474C Nuclear War, 472D D’Oh!, 457E She Sells

The packaging has been upgraded to fit more ergonomically in the hand, but I have to say that I’m not impressed with the “improvement”. The plastic is cheap and one of the glass bottles cracked into pieces when I tightened the cap too much. I also had a few of the black tops come apart from the brush, which was a bit of a pain to glue back down.

Overall, for only a toonie these vibrant and pigmented polishes are well worth it. They definitely aren’t bulletproof but the formula is consistent and high quality.

wet n wild Wild Shine polishes are 3-free: no Formaldehyde, Toluene or Phthalates. Worn with my favourite base coat and top coat (OPI Nail Envy Matte and INM Out The Door) the colour stays chip-free for up to a week. The matte top coat in this collection is amazing, and the base coat works decently well.

You can find the Wild Shine polishes at your local Walmart and Loblaws in Canada.



Vianney Romero007 says:

I got them for I $ each

Melena Rod says:

I just got the Fergie Frenzy purple glitter one and wore to see Broadway Show Kinky Boots!  Nice review Thanks!

Seraphina Lam says:

I have most of the colors but only one of them was fine. the rest of them are slow to dry, hard to apply rvenly and gets tacky. the owrst is even if i did not shake the bottle, it will still have bubbles when i apply it. does wet n wild quality changes depend on the batch? btw, the good one is my favorite one. I like it even better than my two red Essie polishes.

Ellie F says:

Yeah… the one thing I hate about these is the bottle. The only problem I’ve ever had is the cap separates from the applicator brush sometimes, which is mostly just really annoying. The colours are nice, they apply easy, and the basecoat is fully functional in preventing nail stains. Why go buy a super expensive base when the least expensive one works? I have a four-sideded nail buffer thing to get rid of the ridge problem that seems to be the biggest issue people have with this. And it’s not like the formulas are bad, either. They work pretty well and I don’t think any of mine are streaky.

I always think I’m doing something wrong because precious few nail blogs ever talk about Wet n Wild, they always talk about really expensive nail polishes or indie brands. Like Wet n Wild or NYC are terrible nail polishes, but… I dunno, I’ve never had a problem with them. Sinful Colors, either.

Melena Rod says:

Awesome!  Love these colors!

Shannon Mchenry says:

I hate the packaging too!!!! So glad you mentioned that-I liked the old style, plain packaging better!

Miss, Misses says:

I came for the review but I love your room colors! Do you know what paint was used for the peach on the wall?

Cydalia Acevedo says:

love wet and wild polish

x0Mickey0x says:

I got mine for 99 cents so glad I picked them up

Vicky Cervantis says:

over here in texas there 93 cents

Ealan Almosawi says:

here in the u.s my local Walmart tells them for 93 cents

Jazzey Nailbender says:

I find I have to use nail polish thinner if I want to use these because the lids do not have a tight seal.

Adil Azzawi says:

what is the clear purple one for?

natasha reyes says:

Do u now how many color are there in the wet n wild ?

autria robinson says:

I have the same problem the top comes off where you to have screw and unscrew it to sit the brush in the bottle to make the top stay on the colors d’oh and do pass go are not pretty to me they are very bleh and dull.

Sermin Akyel says:

I love you

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