Revlon “Colorstay Gel Envy” Nail Polish Review & Demo HD

I hope you guys enjoy my most requested nail polish review!! =D
LMK in the comments which color you liked better! X LINH

I purchased mine at Ulta for $6.99 for each bottle but earlier I was at Target and they had the same polishes for $5 a bottle!
Some stores also have a duo value kit! (I would recommend finding those for better deal!)




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emily kalinda says:

This may sound weird, but your nails are so pretty i’m envious

Angel Yang says:

Am I the only one who was admiring how good you are at applying nail polish

JustJasmine says:

very good review.. Thanks!

knc1960 says:

I gave you a thumbs down because you didn’t let us know how long it took for this polish to dry.

Stacey P says:

Hey I think you may like my video on 100 Relvon nail polish for $69.99 ! Check it out on my channel . Hope you enjoy ❤️

Kay Lancer says:

do you need to cure the polish

Cecilia Romero says:

I have tiny nails, so I had a bit of trouble with the size of the brush. I was able to do it after a few tries, but it took practice.

Lauren George says:

I love your videos!!! You definitely deserve to be more noticed! I love the amount of effort you put towards these videos! For being a girl obsessed with her nail polish I’m so glad I can watch your reviews! You are by far one of my favorite YouTubers! Keep up the good work! <3 <3 <3

tranquility says:

Ok. I am going to warn you guys. First, the pros. The colors are amazing. They do last a while. They also dry quickly. HOWEVER. If I were you guys, I would buy one color to see how it works before buying more. I have a lot of these colors, But halfway through the bottles, and even sooner they become gunky, thick and unusable. Which becomes a total waste of money. I won’t be buying any more from this day forward.

Gigi 009 says:

Love the magenta! I wish I could wear blues, they make me look so pale lol. Awesome video girlie. 🙂

Mary Devane says:

i just bought a bottle of this that i found on sale and i was so worreid because i didn’t have a light but after watching this im assuming you don’t need one? do you have any tips for painting your nails and avoiding buubles.

Laurence Leclerc says:

beautiful video! <3

charlene johnson says:

I love the blue

Stephanie Salinas says:

The blue is the next color on my list

Natural Beauty says:

I definitely want to try the revlon colorstay polishes because I can never wear regular nail polish to my job. Can you wash dishes while wearing these polishes?

Janet Gray says:

I’m surprised they didn’t last more than 7 days. A little disappointing.

MsSpark111 says:


IconKumiho says:

it too wet n its hard control

Brittany Campbell says:

How long do you generally wait before applying the second coat with this nail polish brand? Thanks!

Karen Albarado says:

have you tried doing a french manicure with gel envy?

Anna Lovatt says:

#we are never ever ever… getting back together

Anastasia Salem says:

Do you like this gel 2 step better than Sally Hansens?

Becky Rains says:

Both very pretty. ,,,!! Favorite is up the ante. How much were these per bottle??

Elizabeth Vazquez says:

Could you maybe do a video on how you shape and take care of your nails? That would be nice!
Thanks for the review, I’ve been eyeing these for a while and was hoping you would make one!

Marcela Rivas says:

Porque No lo Traducen en ESPAÑOL??? Gracias

Sanju ch says:

Hi Linh thanks for ur review I was wondering to get this nailpolish or not u helped me out
Thanks once again

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