Sally Hansen: “Fuzzy Coat” Nail Polish Review HD

Brand new Sally Hansen line “Fuzzy Coat” i’m featuring two brand new colors! “All Yarned up” & “Wool Lite” Please comment below on what color’s your favorite!!

You can find these polishes:
– Most drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, Rite aid)
– Target
– Walmart
– Amazon

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spandana rampur says:

I have the pink one

TakaS013 says:

How is that fuzzy.

Katerina Kara says:

Why don’t you try on top of your nail varnish ,it looks awesome,i had orange colour on my nails when i fist saw them ,not the pink,but the other one,green and orange,you can mix and mach.

Rhys Knox says:

I’m so jealous, I was trying so hard to find All Yarned Up, but I ended up getting the blue and whit one and it still looked really cute

Angela L says:

Wow my bad for the comment from a long time ago to Stephanie, I must’ve been having a bad day and took it the wrong way lol that’s so dumb. My apologies!

nayeli sanchez says:

you should use a sponge to applie it

deetoocurly says:

I just got the black and white one (tweedy) and i wore it with a beautiful sweater and it looked so nice!!!lol!

gabyitzel says:

love it! i love the one coat over a clear coat or nude nails 🙂 reminds me of cupcake sprinkles! x

jennifer orellana says:

Like if that makes any sense .. lol gotta use this white girl term .. _no racism_

loredana marin says:

The pink one is so cute :X

Winona Valentina says:

I had 4 of them

nayomi Cochrane says:

U should use a base color then the fuzzy

Judah Woodrupp says:

That stuff is a bitch to get off your nails! I threw mine away… Acetone couldn’t ge that stuff off.

elizabeth castro says:

Los tengo a la venta x 2.00 dlres. LIZGLAMOURNAILS

_ananyavasudeva_ says:

It’s not really a review she doesnt say which one she likes better and what were the problems

puppyluv says:

u know u could use a peel off base coat and i know how to make it at home if u want me to then u could ask to make it =)

soulstrenth crusader says:

I would try this look.  It’s kinda cute!  What is that jazz piano piece you used in your video?  I really like it. 🙂

Karen Bethel says:

I have these and I don’t like them:/

Nik says:

I would maybe do it over a matching plain color. But I’m weird about coverage. I want them all! Geez. LOL!

jessica smith says:

I have that but my color is green and blue

Zoya Akhtar says:

Who’s watching this in. 2015!!!

vreed27 says:

Good camera!  Thanks for the review.

DebsLuvsMusic says:

Loving the piano music….this has gotta be Charlie Brown!

Mary Greenside says:

I like the pink one..Looks good to me 🙂

Filipa Sousa says:

Ha! Your intro tune is the same as Chef John from Food Wishes!!! So tottaly unrelated!

Arianna Rivera says:

Please putt different music on

Ava Marshall says:

I need some fuzzy polish!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

somemore cheesepls says:

i have the blue one

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