Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish~ Review and Wear Test

I give you my true honest opinion of this “gel-like” polish!!! Come see what I think!

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish ~ Review and Wear Test

Disclaimer: Everything shown in this video was purchased with my own money or gifted to me. All opinions are my own and honest.


Corinne Marquardt says:

This review irritates me. You’ve already decided that the nail polish bothers you and you hate it. You didn’t follow the instructions how they should have been followed and you bashed it before you put it on! It’s not a fair review.

Felicitas Wood says:

Your review was very honest and accurate, I had such high hopes for this product (I bought 1 colour, 1 glitter) and I was utterly disappointed- such a waste of money! I had huge problems getting it to dry and then chips within one day. Ladies, do not buy polishes from this range!

Just_J_life_with_RA says:

Thank you for this review. Mine are super chipped, bubbly and cracked as well. I’m on day 6.
You mention china glaze which I love. Which top coat you recommend to use with it? Thank you !!

PrincessXDami says:

I would say, that I’m really exprerienced with painting nails, I also do a lot of nailart and I’m able to archieve my manicure to last for 2 weeks with the right products.
What I wanted to say, is that I also own a lot of sally hansen polishes but the ones from the miracle gel line stain my nails, don’t last even one full week without any chips and a big problem with the topcoat is -that I get a lot of cracks…

So if anyone is reading this, I would recommend you the complete salon manicure line from sh much more than the miracle gel one.

Ezequiel Montas says:

omg you complained for almost 15 min don’t think your review was honest cause you didn’t even wait to try it the only reason you did try it was to prove other wrong next time get to the point and don’t make such a long video just to complain

Ray1624 says:

you do know the words “up to 14 days” doesnt mean it WILL last for 14 days, it meams it can last anywhere from 1 to 14 days depending on life stile

Rhaenys says:

Uh?? I have super long nails and I’ve had this many for almost two weeks and it hasn’t chipped or cracked in any way. How long lasts depends on how well you take care of it tbh

Caline Darwiche says:

I don’t understand why there are so many hate comments for her honest review. She is 100% right about this product. I bought 11 of these polishes on the basis that it claimed to be a gel polish. That’s far from the truth and a rip off!

sealfamily123 says:

I love this polish without the topcoat that comes with it. I get mine on ebay. I have gotten some sweet deals. I never pay full price.

Catherine Hastings says:

I love this product, maybe it just doesn’t work on your nails.

Ashleigh Garcia says:

You can’t say you don’t like something when you haven’t even tried it yet.

Iasia Cheers says:

But isn’t this video sponsored?

Beauty With A Heart says:

Thank you for your honest feedback. I can see that you are doing this from the bottom of your heart. 🙂

I would prefer essence Gel Polish than this.

My top coat brush and one of the color Polish brush from this series totally fall off after about a year. Wondering why…

guesswhat74 says:

I’ve tried this product before. Hated it! My solution: I’ve never bought the product again. simple.

Dawn's Star says:

You sound a little annoyed.
I couldn’t watch the video.

byblos says:

Oh wow! I had a total different experience. I love this new polish, plus I like to avoid using the UV light. However, I used a base coat. I discovered your video because I wanted to find more colors–I own 3 bottles and I’m very pleased with the results. I wonder if your application caused it to bubble?

Jenn W says:

I agree that Sally Hansen appears to be concentrating more on doing sponsored videos than on making good formulas or listening to customer wants/needs. I do think the lack of dry time was what caused the bubbles, and of course there are always duds in every line. Also, I never pay full price for anything that goes on sale, so I never pay full price for Sally Hansen. And I don’t buy them much anymore, because they aren’t as good as they used to be. Nonetheless, I do think you were biased and did a biased review here.

Sherry Bradley says:

Thank you for your honest review! This helped me in my decision not to get them!

Angel Boardley says:

i have recently tried these products as well and I think they are crap too. Thanks so much for making this video

#Fox Queen1385 says:

It sounds to me like you don’t know how to properly paint nails. No disrespect.

miss october says:

I just bought this polish, but I used it with the base and top coat that I already owned (seche vite). I’ve never had polish last this long before in my life.

Marina Lambiris says:

this is the only supposed to be gel system that lasts on my nails and not the other more expensive ones ytubers rave about

Jessica Kowalski says:

don’t be so angry life isnt that bad. ok you spent 30$; dont buy it again. get a regular gel manicure retailing at 40-50 every 2 weeks no biggie. you get what you pay for this is how companies make money. if you complain about this then complain about literally every product out there cause there are pros and cons to every advertised product out there. relax girl go grab a drink lol

somevideos says:

Great review! Personally I didn’t have the wear issues you did. (Maybe different body chemistry, as you said?) It looked fabulous and had great wear, no chips at all for at least a week. (Not 14 whole days.) The only one I have is a bright blue creme. Electro something. Anyway I love the color to bits, but after the first time I wore it, I swore never again! It damaged my nails. They were so weak and peely! I’ve been afraid to try it again. So I just wanted to put this out there to warn others. It might not happen to anyone else but I sure don’t want to go there again.

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