Sally Hansen: “Miracle Gel” Nail Polish Review & Demo HD


In todays video I will be reviewing Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel nail polishes in the colors: “Pink Caldillaquer” and “Sugar Fix”
* At the end of the video I actually share how my nails held up with a week of these polishes! Enjoy!!

Things you may want to know:
– I purchased my nail polishes at Target and Ulta.
– I *highly* recommend purchasing the value pack and then using the coupon inside to get $2 off the next bottle of nail polish.
– I found that its very important to allow plenty of dry time between coats. Though the nail polish holds up well, like a traditional gel manicure, it does not dry instantly since there is no UV lamp
– This nail polish states to let “natural light” do the rest. So I did allow for my nails to sit at the window for about 5 mins, but the polish still needed a solid 30 minutes before I felt comfortable enough to get dressed ect.
– I have also painted my nails at night (so I did not get any natural light to “dry” the polish) and it still worked BUT I did have to wait a solid hour before I felt comfortable enough to change my clothes, ect.
– This nail polish removes with normal nail polish remover / acetone. & Its not difficult to remove at all. So no sitting and soaking your nails for 5 hours like traditional gel polishes!

*Though that might seem like a lot of things to note, I thoroughly enjoy these polishes and at this point, I actually find it quite difficult to revert to a non miracle gel nail color!

I really love these!! I’ve never bought so many color polishes from one collection.. in such little time! XD

Hope you found this review helpful!

ILYSM & happy painting everyone!! (:
x Linh



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Aminah A says:


Shadow Brook says:

you didn’t do all the steps look it up :/

Angela Soto says:

If u have s lamp do u think u can use it

L Mocerino says:

Great video… I only purchased the top coat of this line. I now want to go back and purchase the nail polishes as well. How long did you wait for the polish to dry before you used the top coat?

emmabago says:


Kendra Smith says:

The thing I love most about these polishes are the names. All of them have cool funny /punny names. Lol

Angela Soto says:

If u have s lamp do u think u can use it

Kawaii Princess says:

i cant wear nail polish cause my mom say i cant wear

Chi-anna Nycole says:

In case anyone is wondering, the wet n wild no cure gels are fucking awful. Streaky, and they rub off/fade.

Jas monroy says:

why don’t you just try pronouncing the name instead of giving up.

PenguinxII G says:

Can you paint my nails?? lol. I always get mad and mess up because the nail polish always gets on my skin .-.

stardustgirl says:

I bought this gel polish but it was still soft, and didn’t really harden very well. I sat my nails in a window sill where the sun comes in.

Raveena Budhram says:

Do it come off like regular nail polish with nail removal or no

Queen keesta says:

great video i can’t wait to try it

karen horton says:

Cadillac er

Victoria Jones says:

Wow your natural nails are pretty☺️

Emily Agosto says:

How to file your nails so perfectly?

Sabrina Loughmiller says:

this is my absolute favorite nail polish

AhaDallas says:

Thank you for sharing, very useful information!!

emmabago says:

very streaky added about 3 coast

Dunya says:

the top coat is for under the gel nail polish

توته البنوته says:

it’s very hard to dry I don’t like it never….

lianna kabab says:

Have u tried the top coat with a nail color that is not miracle jel ?

Kawaii Princess says:

i wish i could wear nail polish but i cant but why other young kids get to wear like my age is 11 but other people is like 3 or 4

Julia L says:

wait, how many times did you wash your hands and shower within that week?

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