Sally Hansen: New “Miracle Gel” 2X Volume Nail Polish Review & Demo HD


In todays video I will be reviewing Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polishes in the colors: “S-teal the show” and “Malibu peach” with the NEW reformulated “2X volume” miracle gel top coat!

* At the end of the video I actually share how my nails held up with a week of these polishes! Enjoy!!

Things you may want to know:
– I purchased the polishes in this video at Target
– You can also find these polishes at Ulta, Walgreens, CVS, & Walmart.(most drugstores should carry these polishes)
– I *highly* recommend purchasing the value packs! Ive seen them at most stores! The value packs could save you 5-10 bucks depending on the pack that you find! (Ive seen duo and triple packs)
– I found that its very important to allow plenty of dry time between coats.
– I’m usually watching YT videos while my nails dry but I’m usually good to run around freely at about 30m-45m.
– The colors that have been out before the reformulated top coat will still work with the new top coat
– The close ups at 4:40 are my nails after a full 7 days of wear

– So much cheaper than getting a real gel manicure like shellac at a salon! (getting 2 colors and the top coat is still cheaper than 1 gel manicure at the salon)
– Easy to use! Its like painting with a normal nail polish
– Lasts about twice as long as a normal manicure! I usually redo my nails every 3-4 days with a normal polish such as Essie or OPI but with these Miracle Gel polishes I can go for 6-7 days!
– SOOO many colors!! Miracle gel now has a TON of colors to choose from
– Removes super quickly
-The Miracle Gel top coat can be used with other polishes too! I love using it with my Essie, OPI, and normal Sally hansen polishes!
– I love wide brush that these polishes have. Makes it super fast to paint my nails.

– The cost is almost the same price as a ‘higher’ end polish such as Essie
– You have to wait at least 30-45m for the polish to fully dry (real gel manicures have 0 dry time since the UV lamp does all the work)
– You HAVE to use the miracle gel top coat with the miracle gel colors
– The design of the bottle look SUPER similar to the Sally Hansen “Complete Salon Manicure” polishes! Same bottle design, just a slight difference on the front label X_X

*Though that might seem like a lot of things to note, I thoroughly enjoy these polishes and at this point, I actually find it quite difficult to revert to a non miracle gel nail color!

Hope you found this review helpful!

ILYSM & happy painting everyone!! (:
x Linh



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TaraChristine says:

i hate the brush on this. some of them come with uneven brush tips leaving your nails streaky AF. my red one has a good brush. my pink one has an uneven streaky brush and my gunmetal looking color is perfect…. i wish they were more consistent

Xiaojing Huang says:

thanks for sharing:) love it

MsSpark111 says:

u didn’t show us how u applied the top coat but in case u didn’t do this already. u can apply the top coat at the tip of the nail like the edge horizontally too to avoid chipping from the tip.. I hope u understood wht I was trying to explain lol

5hillfam 3 says:

Love both colors! Anything teal is my life, and Malibu peach is a dupe for one of my first nailpolish loves

MsSpark111 says:

I love peach♥ it is my everyday shade♥ so gorgeous♥

Julia L says:

I like both of these colors much much!!!

cappatown says:

I tried this line, and I did find with some it wasn’t opaque with just 2 coats. I hate when I can see the tips of my nail under a polish.

Pascalle Le Roy says:

what about your August ispy bag

Pascalle Le Roy says:


Kunchom says:

it took me more than 1 hr to dry it with the sun. Don’t know why

holly says:

I only want to use this polish ever since I found it. But has yours got tiny grey bumps when they’re fully dry? It keeps happening to me.

Karen Albarado says:

I did my nails last night with pretty piggy and mintage. Two nails are chipped this afternoon. Three coats of both for full coverage. What am I doing wrong?

Mia says:

It’s that with Gel? Just like salons? Thank you

TooMochi says:

Ahhh, I’m so glad you made this video!! I’ve been stalling on buying these polishes but I think I’ll try them since you have a good review!! 😀 thank you!!

KingdomChicc says:

what’s better this or revlons

Izzy Bruno says:

You just earned a new subscriber! I LOVE on how you don’t hate like saying: oh this polish sucks or other polishes are better than this. Your channel is amazing! 🙂

Leann williams says:

After my top coat dries I have a bunch of little air bubbles of my nails never comes out smooth. Any advice?

KewpieGirl says:

I love those Miracle gel nail polish, i got the same other color in Sugar Fix #370 and Malibu peach but didnt get the sally’s Miracle gel top coat yet. I use other product from sephora the brand called Nails Inc “45 Second Top Coat w/ Kensington Caviar”, it didn’t chip or crack after 3 wks. I also add NAILS Inc “NailKale- Superfood Base Coat” first then I apply Sally’s Miracle Gel nail color. Maybe thats why its got chip if you didnt add the base coat? I test it on my feet nails, there was no chips after 3 wks.

The Cat Ate My Shoe says:

I really love the Malibu Peach.

Nyla Video Games says:

I have malibu peach

Nancy Nguyen says:

Does this dry out?

Jennifer Zak says:

Hi Lihn. Love your reviews. Very helpful. Awesome systematic approach to your demos. The follow up to your review of the original Sally Hanson gel polish was great.

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