Sally Hansen: “Sugar Coat” Nail Polish Review HD

Brand new Sally Hansen’s Nail Polish collection “Sugar Coat” in this video i’m featuring two brand new colors! “Cotton Candies” & “Sour Apple” Please comment below and let me know which color is your favorite!

These polishes are super fun textured polishes! I love that they are a little different from your average polish but with a nail art -ish fun flare.

You can find these polishes:
– Most drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, Rite aid)
– Target
– Walmart
– Amazon

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Kitty Jar says:

It looks like a bunch of air bubbles in nail polish.

Michelle Rika Manansala says:

I have the black sugar coat (Lick O Rich) which i also got at Target and i’m in love with it! The best part is that it doesn’t need that much effort when applying it cause it’s not a sheer polish.

LilianasvlogTime says:

I like the green nail polish

beautilicious Aryana says:


Chloeandabby Abby And Chloe says:

I really like the green that’s my opinion if anyone thinks the pink well that’s your decision ok

spandana rampur says:

If u wash with water then it will melt

connie connie says:

I don’t like either, but I really don’t like the green.
I am really glad I came across your video cause I was going to buy these, But not anymore.
Thank you!

AnaTheBanana says:

Crave You(adventure club remix) mad this video that much better. Love the polish too 🙂

Our Life Is Goals says:

I have the blue one

adoresuungjiin says:

The green one look nice on your nails ! btw i like it <333333

Gabby Hendicott says:

I am a subscriber and am right handed it is so hard to paint left hand without messing it up can u do a vid on it

Jazmin Lopez says:

I have sugar shimmer it is green and it cost $1 each

Suzy Bernier says:

I have one called Berried Under I found it at Walgreens on sale for $1.99  I just tried it out…  I honestly don’t know how I feel about these!  lol!  I guess I’m just so used to smooth nails it feels totally weird.  I’m not sure if I like the look or not.  I’m so confused about it to be honest.  Do I like it, not like it?  I’m not sure…  haha.  I wish mine had more sparkle in it though.

Gracie Almaguer says:

What was the song you used for this? I love it!

Wilson Wu says:

Wow I’ve been reading the comments but Sally Hansen over here costs more money

Megan G says:

These are the ugliest trend I’ve ever seen. It looks like you layered on polishes over wet polish. It’s not your fault, it’s just a tacky polish.

Mariyum Qureshi says:

Sour apple is the best


I got one and it was goppy and thick

anapitu72 says:

you’re so lucky! Sally Hansen is sooo cheap in the US! here in Spain this brand is nowhere to be seen and it’s pretty expensive even when you order it online

Ashley Gonzalez says:

It looks like it’s old, but it looks cute on her

n1karenee says:

Why would you want this? You actively try to avoid this when painting your nails, Sally Hansen is weird. (And tests on animals. Oops.)

Taigo Theriault says:


Ms. Hunny Bunny says:

I like the pink one better

Kourtney Monea says:

Where could I get them from?

BriShanna Hinton says:

but what happened when you had to scratch your hair? lol

Cheers! 진아 이야.♥ says:

It looks dirty ._.

Megan G says:

I bet it’s a nightmare to remove as well.

Julianna Schuler says:

beautiful! can you buy these online?

skinniest says:

Does anyone know the first song?

Jennifer Stevanov says:

maybe could u do a diy  other time u do a video

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