Sally Hansen: “Velvet” Textured Nail Polish Review & Demo HD

Hey guys!!

I saw these brand new polishes at my Walgreens and had to review them for you all! Lol funny story, they were so new that when I went to pay for them at the register- the register didn’t even have the polishes in their sellable inventory yet! XD

The colors that I picked out from this collection was “Velveteen” and “Lavish” I hope you guys enjoy!

You can find these polishes:
– Most drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, Rite aid)
– Target
– Walmart
– Amazon

See you guys again very soon!

P.s if you are waiting for my giveaway winners- I will post them later this week! I got super busy and was not able to record a video just yet, but soon I promise!!

Love you guys!!

X Linh



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Gia Halo says:

I think my friend would love velveteen. During the school year she pretty much always wore at least one piece of black clothing . She really loves black .

Sofi Amaro says:

I love the shape of your nails, when I tried to cut them like this, I jus give up and I finished up with the same shape as always,
Please make a tutorial! I will really appreciate it

Meredith Jones says:

I noticed you don’t use a base coat why is that?

Jessica Marcela says:

love your videos! and i love your nails, can you please do a nail care video??

K. R. A. says:

I love, love, love the lavish color. I will so need to go out and buy it ASAP! ♡

Roni Shawn says:

I was looking at this polish collection yesterday. I am so glad I found your tutorial, to see what it looks like. Thank you!!! It does say on the instructions to do two thin coats. Just FYI 🙂 I cannot WAIT to get this polish! TFS, girl!!!

xXSushi_CatXx says:

I love both of those colors!

Pretty Toria says:

You are one my favorites on YouTube.. I am just starting out and you are definitely inspiring me not to give up!! =)

Emma Nock says:

Your nails are soooooo beautiful!!!! I love them! New sub!!!! <3

MsSpark111 says:

This finish is so awesome! Falling in love with lavish♥ but velveteen is cool as well♥♥ the finish is so much fun♥

Vicky Styles says:

How much were they and where did you get them? Pls I’d love to know!

It'sEva says:

Please do a nail polish review for the Revlon colorstay Gel Envy <3

HRL1984 says:

I want these now

Helluvanails says:

Great review. I love these polishes. I got them from Ulta for $1.49.

MsSpark111 says:

Velveteen is awesome for someone who wants to do black chalk board nails with alphabets or something♥ looks just like a chalk board finish♥

Patty Luong says:

Thank you so much for making these reviews/demos! So helpful and entertaining. Keep up the awesome vids girl 🙂

Ana Rocha says:

Is there anyway to make the nail polish color stay on longer without removing the texture effect? I tried the matte finish by Sally and a clear top coat but both changed the over all look of the nail polish…

MsSpark111 says:

Your nails are looking good now♥

Parisss _12 says:

So basically it’s just a matte nail polish :/ if you want all of your nail polishes to be “velvet” then just buy a matte topcoat it works just as fine :3

gloria aldana says:

these remind me of leather more than velvet lol

Lulu says:

I purchased one today mainly because it was on sale and came out to be 3.00 and along I bought the Sally Hansen matte coat, I had no idea that it had a matte texture! Hah! still got my matte coat just in case but I also love shiny which do you recommend?

MsSpark111 says:

Haha the cash register story was really funny 😀 clearly shows ur passion for polishes♥♡
I loove polishes♥♥♥

Zharleen Salvino says:

I have both these colors, & they’re gorgeous! They don’t stain my nails, & they came off easily with regular nail polish remover. 🙂

MsSpark111 says:

Love the background music in ur videos♥♥♥

Erica Wong says:

Does it actually have a velvet texture? Or does it just look like it’s velvet?
Btw, love your nail polish reviews 🙂

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