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Hey guys! Today I’ve got the highly anticipated Sally Hansen and Crayola collaboration Insta Dri nail polishes in their new metallic shades! 12 gorgeous colors 🙂 Which one is your favorite? I’m partial to that gorgeous teal shade. I want to do nail art with all of these!!!

Buy them here:

I used Starrily base coat:

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HobbitThumbs says:

I think that silver shimmer is the only way I could wear brown!!!

ninegreydaisies says:

Yeah, while they’re definitely pretty, they aren’t true metallics. They look more like creams with silver microflakes.

GretchenVaughn says:

Mermaid nail art, please! I feel like half my collection is green and blue. Which is probably due to there not being enough excellent green polishes and kept buying trying to match my favorite green blazer. But I found several amazing ones in the end. There’s even an Insta Dri one I love. It’s a green glitter Insta-Ombre.
Do you think any of these could be used as toppers?

Pysslis says:

Omg, my hubby is in the states right now. Messaged him saying he needs find a Walmart!

Sophia Lejtman says:

Wow all so pretty!

V Martin says:


Doris Barnes says:

I love all of them and I will be buying all of them. I am obsessed with nail polish…I love it…I probably have well over 1000 bottles not counting all my gel polish. Thanks for sharing. I liked and subscribed.

amie a says:

Gel makes my thumb nails crack in the middle. I want to use regular nail polish and right now they are super short. 🙁 Can paint short nails?

Batgirl P says:

What an informative video! Thanks! Please keep your nails short like mine!!

La Torshia Tarpley says:

those are gorgeous colors, thanks

ursuline lewis says:

Will you be doing stamping with theses I want to see how they stamp…..

LaShenny21Nails says:

Gorgeous collection! Definitely into the brown one! I love unique shades! That “Metallic Seaweed” is stunning! ♥ Jenny

calichef1962 says:

I was SO excited when I heard you say these polishes are metallics, and then SO bummed when they turned out to be just normal colors with silver glitter/frost. 🙁 I LOVE true metallic polishes. I literally cannot tear my eyes away from them, and neither can anyone else! Plus, I know a really cool technique for metallics in which you do your contrasting background color, top coat it with gel then use the metallic polish over the cured gel and wait for it to dry. Then using gel top coat and a small brush paint a design or just curlicues or whatever, then cure it. Then using a lint-free wipe and acetone clear off the metallic polish and you’re left with a gorgeous metallic design on a black, gray, white, or whatever color background. Then, top the whole thing with gel top coat. It looks AMAZING! But I won’t be buying these to do that with!

Jackie M says:

ugh I love these all but I can’t find them anywhere!!

Shawty Athena says:

Bedazzled blue totts looks purple!!!

Allison Wilson says:

Wow! Beautiful colors! Thank you for posting!

Chartreuse Closet says:

Blast off Bronze has a very 90s vibe to me.

The exclusive to Walmart thing is such a bummer, they’re sold out of many colors online and I’d have to drive probably an hour out of the city to find a Walmart 🙁 BLAH

veronica gonzalez says:

I’ll love to see you stamping on top of black with all of them.

Tara Sparrow says:

Blast off brown looks like glittery poop.

deaconsmom2000 says:

I want the Seaweed. It’s gorgeous.

Stephanie Ballew says:

Also, they say they are Insta Dry, how quickly did they actually dry??

Mineminemine says:

Wow…Shimmering Blush, Bittersweet Shimmer, Metallic Sunburst, Sheen Green (Grinch!) B’Dazzled Blue, Deep Space Sparkle, Sonic Silver, were ALL ones I’d wear! Love this video.

Tammie Wilson says:

I love the Insta Dry polish….can polish and go …..when I use other polish I always mess them up because I do not have time to sit and wait to dry…

Stephanie Ballew says:

Oh man! That Sheen Green has some gorgeous Slytherin Vibes!
And yes that metallic seaweed was mermaid amazingness!

Krystal Mullane says:

That Metallic Seaweed is GORGEOUS!

Mariah Pollock says:

Yes the polishes look nice but I love your eye makeup. I would actually be really excited to see a makeup video on it.

Ali P says:

I love the teal color! I’m going to have to go nail polish shopping soon! I really like the instant dry polishes – I have no patience lol

KimShea22 says:

Ooooh, DEFINITELY going to look for the Seaweed one and Deep Space Sparkle! So pretty!

Ella Hubbard says:

These are so pretty! I agree with you the pastel colours were not really my favourite collection that Sally Hansen has done. I really loved that metallic seaweed colour it was gorgeous!

ACWells13 says:

Some of these are so pretty! I have heard they don’t stamp very well though but it’s possible that’s a batch issue from the person I know who tried it. I think they would make a gorgeous rainbow gradient using six colours across five fingers with two colours on each <3
I’m excited for all the colours in your collection but I know my Gran (who has beautiful long nails, I sent a pic of galaxy art I did on them a while ago) is going to LOVE Diamond Rain- blue is her favourite colour. I can’t wait to put it on her with some silver stamping and some of that gorgeous champagne holo as an accent 😀

Gina Tiernan says:

Must get the metallic seaweed! Gorgeous!

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