Sally Hansen x Crayola Insta Dri Pastel Nail Polish Review || KELLI MARISSA


HEY GUYS! Today is the HIGHLY requested swatch and review of the new 2018 Crayola and Sally Hansen collaboration nail polish shades. I’m swatching all six nail polish colors and letting you know what I think of the Sally Hansen Insta Dri formula!

Sally Hansen Cotton Candy
Sally Hansen Melon
Sally Hansen Canary
Sally Hansen Sea Green
Sally Hansen Sky Blue
Sally Hansen Wisteria

You can buy these in stores at Target, or online at Target for around $4 USD (
Or you can get them from Ulta for $4.99 USD each, and they’re buy one get one half off (

And the base coat was by Cuccio, you can use the code KELLI for 15% off at HB Beauty Bar:

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Ashley Hope says:

Those colors look so pretty!! And the brush does look pretty Awesome <3

Chris S says:

Is the charcoal stuff bad for your teeth ( was on my list of want to try products) ??? Hmmmm, good to know!!

Crystal R says:

how long do you wait to put on your second/third coat?

Avery Nelson says:

You pronounced wisteria just fine 🙂

Amber Shiree says:

Some of the Insta Dri’s are my ultimate faves. Super opaque & glossy. Some are perfect for stamping also. The metallics especially. These don’t seem so great! The originals are much better 🙂

Cecelia Morrisson says:

I bought the shade Purple Heart from the precious collection in this line and it didn’t wear well for me. I love the colors though. Please swatch and review SpaRitual polish.

Patty Pooh says:

Kelli, can you please tell me how to thin my liquid latex stuff? Mine is super thick and makes it pointless to use it. I do more cleaning it up as opposed to cleaning my regular nail polish without it.

LIVINA 1917 says:

Love the sky blue

Tori Spera says:

I thought the wisteria one was pink in general…… I could be slightly color blind cuz I also tend to see some “grey-blues” as like a sea green.

Marla Bearb says:

I use the sally quick dry for nail art bases all the time. Love their brushes too!

Elly Taylor says:

I know this might sound silly, but what do you mean by self leveling? I’m thinking that it’s when you can tell where your second coat starts and stops, but not certain. I have used a beautiful pink from nails inc that shows lines around the second coat. Which I don’t think happens with OPI, in my experience. Although I find that some china glaze polishes need three coats to be fully opaque. I’m picking up all of the nail vernacular from you Kelli, another informative video thanks!



Carol McCool says:

I dont have problems when I use sally hansen, but it seems like the crayola brand is not that bad. And the sky blue looks beautiful. I mainly use cheap nail polish and it works great. Thank you for swatching then, definitely going the buy them.

Becky Schmidt says:

3 coats for that pink does seem excessive, but I love using quick dry polishes on my niece (because kids are constantly on the go) and I feel the Crayola collab is great for little’s. Lol.

Avigail Estrada says:

You should try out the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel collection

Fireworks Productions says:

I love these colors! But I haven’t had the best experience with the insta dri line. The formula is a lot of times too thick and they usually chip or crack in less than one day. I might try these but I’m not totally sure, but I love the video as always Kelli! <3

Lesa Olivera-Phillips says:

Omg wisteria is my favorite color we visit the crayola factory often and I always make a wisteria crayon

Amy Sue West says:

Definitely wish all brushes were like Sally Hansen’s. Good review.

Chris S says:

Love the wisteria one light bright purples are the best ( including neon violets all the way to grey violet)

eeyore 88 says:

If we’re able to ask a request would you be doing a Jurassic World nail art special?

Etta Jurima says:

I love the top of the bottles! So cute with the iconic Crayola wiggle

Emily Rogers says:

My fave was the sky blue. Also, you did say wisteria correctly. It is a purple flower that grows hanging in clusters in a stick like bush, in my area, in the spring and summer.

Kimmy F says:

They look really on you but I have never had much luck with Sally Hansen polishes.

lily Barr says:

I like the blue one.

Rande Thorman says:

I’m not fond of Sally Hansen. I haven’t used it in YEARS. But I had issues with every one I ever used. And it kinda burned me on the brand and haven’t used it since. I’m seeing a lot of people rave about how good these are. TY for the honesty. I know some people that only use these to stamp with.

NewNails WhoThis says:

I actually hate the brush on them I miss the old shape. I had crazy clean up after using it.

Ashley H says:

Yay! Thank you so much for doing a review of these! 😀 tbh i wanted them solely for the pretty bottle X’D haha but now I know which colors I want! wisteria actually was one of my favorite crayola crayons when I was growing up its so cool for it to be a nail polish now xD

Laura Caruso says:

Hi Kelli! I literallly love all the colours!!

J Fav913 says:

I love Insta Dri polishes. They also make a top coat that helps them last longer. These polishes are perfect when you need your nails to dry fast, they may not last as long as other polishes but sometimes the convenience is more important.

Kerrye Dawson says:

I guess my nails are narrow, because that wider brush drives me crazy…

Cinderfire says:

Idk man, I’m not hip on the colors. The brush shape is bomb though

Helen CB says:

Great review Kelli 🙂

blu creeper50 says:

Haha. I love the packaging…..brings back memories. The colors are sooo pretty. They’ll look amazing in a gradient. I LOVE pastel gradients. ❤️

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