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NAILS INC. Paint Can Spray On Nail Polish

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nina31806 says:

i love your eye makeup here!!!!

deadgamer 77 says:

that was gutsy with a white shirt on

montag darko says:

Oh my this is SO MUCH WORK!

Genene Crompton says:

i was so excited to buy this…wish I had watched your video first 🙁

Bubby Dumas says:

Not sure if you will see this comment, however, first of all, Nails Inc. I believe is an inferior product, or so I have seen on various other videos. China Glaze came out with one but I am not sure how they work. I saw a video using Color Bombz which is temporary hair color (aka acrylic paint which is pretty much what most of these spray on polishes are) I tried it in purple and turquoise and it worked pretty well. One tip, spray across your entire hand in soft sweeping motion and you shouldn’t get the clumpies! ☺ And try Color Bombz at Sally’s or some other spray on non toxic paint. It’ll work! (and they seem to run cheaper than the “nail polish” company’s products. Thanks for a great video, Rose

Marta Mackowicz says:

I LOOVE the eye makeup! You look like a doll 🙂

Ms Xelicious says:

I want a list of all the face products you’re wearing in this video!! Gorgeous!!

Arjanita Ademaj says:

You are doing the same things that does Tna Yong

LisaLisaD1 says:

Hey Tati! I love how James helps you, he seems so sweet and supportive–you two are a great couple! 🙂 Oh, great demo review, too! :)) xoxo Lisa

Kalee Evans says:

I think if you figure out how to make it look better, and maybe there’s an easier way, I still think its great for ppl who are beginners.

Gnomei Moondust says:

Lol you’re supposed to hold the can about 6 inches away, but that looks completely awful….

Kenza Leclerc says:

Wind earnings stuff broadcast government capital constantly.

Mariana Davila says:


Kendall Ward says:

Just takethe polish off and go eat. 😉

munchkxn says:

I really hate how negative you are. You hate most of the products you try and you barely know how to use them properly. And you’re always blaming the products, it’s annoying. It’s like giving the viewers a wrong review, there’s ignorance everywhere. And this isn’t even the first time you’ve done it wrong. Smh.

UnderCover Unicorn says:

If you retry this try to do it maybe 5 in. away and spray evenly, and not in short bursts. Love ya Tati❤️!

BrownCM says:

The product is stupid just for the fact that you have to paint a base coat AND paint a top coat, which makes sense, but the WHOLE POINT of the product is so that you don’t have to do that.

Kamrin Smith says:

you should’ve sprayed across the nails because each spray pushes the previous coat into lumps

Virginia Alexander says:

that brand may not have been the best… But I love spray polish. I use some random brand from Walmart and it works grate. I use it on my daughters nails all the time 🙂

Christina Belowilliams says:

Beautiful nails, but this spray stuff did not work at all. I will not buy , thank you !

Tracy Dreher says:

Try Jamberry, please

Lucy Mcgillicuddy says:

What a mess.

Carmen Gonzalez says:

she did it to close to the nail

Jannat Zara says:

tati you should do a 100 layer vidio

Eecha HanNi says:

lama siot pompuan sundal ni bebel

mcortesramos1 says:

Hello from México, 🙂 🙂

Hana says:

You sprayed it too close, and its not supposed to be done in short sprays. Btw why don’t you do these videos on days where you have nothing on? lmao

Otter Pop says:

Lol With all do respect, it’s very clear that you’ve never spray painted anything. You’re supposed to spray evenly and in strokes, not just glob it all on at once…
You’ll get much better results if you go slow, even, and in painting motions…. The product was not a fail, your technique was. Lol

Erin Pastore says:

I remember when the ad for these first came out and I knew they were just going to be rubbish. I mean, it’s not difficult to paint your own nails; it takes practice to do it properly, but doesn’t everything? If you like, I can send you some nail wraps to try and you can see what you think of them? They are very affordable and easy to apply x

Olivia Francis says:

I don’t know if you have tried the brand essence before but they have an eyeliner felt tip pen for 2$! Can you try it out and compare it to a high end brand? You can find it at ulta

-.- says:

You are brave to do this wearing a white shirt!

Kylyn and Kamira says:

try the china glaze spray paint nail polish!!!

Ani says:

Tati girl i love you, but you totally did this wrong. You need to spray it away from your hands 10 or 15 centimeters. And you need to spray it consistently not like the way you do and you need to use nail polish remover in soapy water.

Jamie Jinks Houston says:

Wondered about this. Thank you.

colleen walker says:

Your makeup is exceptionally beautiful in this video!

afra taidin says:

OMG, Can you please do Pony Effect Review… Plssss

Raine ontheWorld says:


Lil Cool says:


QJF 4life says:

Lip tattoos

Brooke Chiasson says:

why didn’t you put elmers glue or liquid skin latex on your skin first silly

karol escobar says:

you should try milk makeup

Breann Day says:

hey babe not sure why but your close caption doesn’t work 🙁

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