Zoya Spring 2018 Nail Polish Live Swatch + Review|| KELLI MARISSA

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I’m baaaack (oh yes!) with another swatch and review! This time I’ve got two nail polish collections from Zoya from Spring 2018 – their Thrive and Kisses collections with tons of different cremes, jellies, and shimmer polishes! Let me know which nail polish is your fave 🙂 and don’t forget to subscribe for new nail art, nail polish, and even makeup videos every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday!

My base coat (use the code KELLI for 15% off!) https://www.hbbeautybar.com/collections/cuccio/products/base-coat-by-cuccio

Zoya Kisses Collection: https://www.zoya.com/content/category/ZOYA_COLLECTION_KISSES_MAIN.html
Zoya Thrive Collection: https://www.zoya.com/content/item/ZPSAMPLER1802.html

How to keep your manicure from chipping/peeling off: http://bit.ly/lastingmanicures
How to clean up your manicure: http://bit.ly/cleanupnails
How to file your nails square: http://bit.ly/squarenails
How to make your nails grow stronger: http://bit.ly/growstrongnails
How to make your nail polish dry faster: http://bit.ly/drynailsquick
How to make your own dotting tools: http://bit.ly/DIYdottingtools
How to fix a broken nail: http://bit.ly/fixabrokennail
How to fix an old bottle of nail polish: http://bit.ly/fixoldpolish
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Peel off polish nail art?! http://bit.ly/peelnailart
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LIQUID LATEX: http://amzn.to/2eMsESq
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FAVE NAIL POLISH RETAILER: http://bit.ly/hbbeauty


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bombshellbeth1 says:

Try coconut oil on your cuticles… saved mine ! So glad your back 🙂

Sherri K says:

I recently bought the Zoya base and top coats, and they do make my Zoya manicures last 10+ days! Try them! 🙂

Emily Crum says:

Fall polish is definitely my favorite!

Laura Blanton says:


Margaret Wiltrout says:

I absolutely love watching your videos! I have learned so much But do have a question, what is the difference between your Cuccio top coat and the Cuccio 7 second topcoat?

Amy West says:

Favorite season is definitely fall!

Kara Elisabeth says:

Autumn is definitely my favourite, I love the vampy colours. Especially dark purples, navy, and burgundy.

pangi08 says:

Fall and winter nail color seasons are my favorite. I dislike the spring because the colors are too pastel and the white base washes my olive skin out. I wish I could pull off the bright colors in the summer, but only like half I can (e.g., some purples, blues, greens, reds) and the others look horrible on me… I love the vampy colors and neutrals in the fall as well as the grays and muted colors used for winter.

Katherine Guevara says:

summer… those bright colors are the best! <3

PromisePinapple123 says:

You should use Snupps you could keep your nail polishes organizationed

Skye Glacier says:

Winter is my favourite nail polish season. I love the cool colours especially the blues and whites and grays and sparkly Christmassy reds

Desiree Garcia says:

Fall is my favorite too. I pretty much wear that all year round lol 🙂

Nicole Daniels says:

I agree, fall has the BEST colors!

Haten Google says:

Love that galaxy topper! Glad to see you back into the polish & so chipper. 🙂
Agree about spring/pastels, I’m a dark soul lol but I do like sparkle!

Desiree Garcia says:

Love both collections!!! I need to get them lol… also what lipstick brand and name are you wearing? I love that natural color 🙂

Freakie Frog says:

Leisel over black……. what witchcraft is that? Great review so glad you are back!
I am torn… summer I like bright colors but live Fall too

Krystal Schofield says:

Summer! LOVE all the brights

Kat L. says:

I enjoyed both but really love the last one over black, galaxy all the way!!! Hope all is well and you’re getting back into the swing of things! Welcome back north from your neighbor in PA.

Daniela Sarmiento says:

I love summer collections, because they’re usually the boldest ones. As a second favorite I’d go with winter, because for some reason they sneak in plenty of sparkly polishes to keep me happy. Spring colors are like my palette cleansers, rather than the nudes people usually use.
PLEASE! Galaxy mani with Liesel!

Merry says:

Summer and fall all the way!

tariuswatcher says:

I try to remember to oil my cuticles /hands a lot at this time of year. I work with kids and need to wash my hands often. My fingertips & cuticles look ravaged. Now that I’m thinking about it, time for a hand scrub (cheap lotion and salt = lifehack, no microbead plastics).

JelloCat says:

So happy I stumbled across this your channel. Your videos always reassure me that it’s ok for me to like short nails. I was also thinking while watching your video, that the wooden doo-hicky in the background with all your polishes, would look great if you had one that was really tall filled with polishes. Would be like a decoration.

Personally, I prefer fall and winter colors. Always makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

dethofariel says:

I don’t buy jellies or cremes.
But I enjoy your swatch videos- for relaxation, I think.

Lolol. Your swatch of Brandi was still neater than how I actually paint my nails.

Sara Hamilton says:

Fall!!!! Jewel tones are my jam

Lynn Myers says:

Okay so I’m completely obsessed with nail polish too, I probably buy several bottles each week which is getting kind of out of hand, but I don’t know how to stop myself. So my question to you is, how often do you actually paint your nails? Because I feel like I have to paint mine at least once a week so that I feel like I’m getting through my nail polishes and then it’s not a waste of money when I buy more. I try to keep it at once a week, I know they would last longer if I let them because I don’t ever get any chipping or peeling or anything, but it’s just so fun to have something fresh and new. So how often do you paint yours?

Erin Joyce says:

Winter nail polish is where its at. Red, green, white, blue and silver? Yes please!

Kim Scofield says:

Not sure where in NJ you are, but yesterday was the 4th nor easter this month in CT… I am OVER winter and so are my cuticles. I’ve been using straight up shea butter all day and night, and they are still a mess… and considering how tough moving is on nails, your’s look pretty great! My favorite polish season is definitely summer, I love bright, hot sparkly colors.

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