Today we are going to do a MAKEUP PRIMER BATTLE! I LOVE trying out high-end skincare and luxury makeup, but I also LOVE finding amazinggg quality drug store products… Which one works better?? The answer is ALWAYS different depending on the product!
I’m going to test out a $12 drugstore primer from L’Oreal against the new BY TERRY $140 primer! Which one do you think will work better??? I split my face down the middle with my invisible mental line and apply one type of foundation on my entire face! haha I was surprised at the results….
Which is YOUR favorite primer??? Leave me a comment below!! XOXO

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Top by: GUCCI


*TRYING OUT THE “SILISPONGE” ► http://bit.ly/2h0xAqW

*Swatching the *NEW* Marc Jacob’s liquid lipsticks ► http://bit.ly/2gkVad1

*Trying out a $150 mascara wand ► http://bit.ly/2fdxqdA

*MannyMUA & I try VAGINA highlighters ► http://bit.ly/2g01CFQ

*Laganja & I try out a $3,000 GOLD face mask! ► http://bit.ly/2gQUvAr

MUSIC: ► Elektronomia ► ”Sky High” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW9d8vYrVFQ
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Paloma Ramirez says:

Bitch do a review on NYX Honey dew me up. It’s a dupe for the gold fleck primer that was popular

Brittany Robinson says:

We have rite-aids in NY but a lot of them have closed down. only a few left here

이수연 says:

I bought both of these primers and I have to say I like drugstore primer way better

Sweet Gamer says:

* gets asleep *

Jeff: hello guys,welcome back * clap * to my channel

Me: What…

Alana Black says:

Love the blouse (top)….
it reminds me of mine that was cobalt blue with black ruffle (( It was my favorite in 7th grade))

badass jungshook says:


Casket Case says:

I wonder if anybody has done a full face with art supplies challenge before. That would be interesting (and I say this because I was almost tempted to try and use a brush pen with India ink on it for eyeliner when I didn’t have any makeup with me once..haha)

KrissyKat_06 says:

They have Rit-Aid on the east coast

Kate The Sleepy Teacher says:

Lucky Subscriber # 4,037,425. Lol

Audrey Shiels says:

You should do a battle of the eyebrow pencils

Lynnlet Bo says:

Your hair though ❤❤❤

Mercedes Veronique Starr says:

Did you ever think of trying Avon or Mary Kay products?

Natalie Estigarribia says:

I just love him!!!

Samantha Martinez says:

idk if i wanna even spend $12 on a primer, shit

Misty Bandy says:

I didn’t really see that much of a difference between the 2 primers…. I usually use the clinique face wash, then I moisturize with the clinique face moisturizer, then I go in with the clinique primer for redness and pore blur. As my cheeks tend to flush, I really don’t know why but I DO NOT love it!!

하나비 says:

love you Jeffree love your videos a lot♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Lyd Kurtz says:

you could buy a couple weeks worth of McDonald’s for that much

Lea L says:

Jeffree has such attention to detail.

courtney woodward says:

I love how jeffree makes everything sound so luxurious

Stacy Westly says:

The drug store brand was better, in my opinion. I like the matte finish as it is easier to layer color and highlight on that base than on a dewy base.

Kristine Leanne says:

Loved the video! I use that L’oreal primer in my t-zone and my Becca illluminating backlight primer around the rest of my face and it looks amazing!

The Mother says:


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