Battle of the Best DRUGSTORE PRIMERS | 2015

My review of my top drugstore primers for oily, dry, & combo skin, with Rimmel Lasting Finish, Maybelline Baby Skin, Maybelline Master Prime, & Wet n Wild Coverall Primer. Primers work differently based on your skin type, so I tried to be as explanatory as possible when it comes to each primer and how it works with different skin types-oily, dry, & combo.

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Makeup DECLUTTER Videos:
Wet’n Wild Coverall Primer/Foundation DEMO Video:
Drugstore Makeup Reviews:

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Wet’n Wild Coverall Primer ($3.99)-
Maybelline Master Prime by Face Studio in 100 Blur + Smooth ($9.99)-
Maybelline Baby Skin Primer ($6.99)-
Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer ($6.99)-

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Little Delaney says:


Bob Jones says:

Jessica Braun is likely sponsored by maybelline if baby face primer is so horrible.

Yamile Romero says:

omg you look flawless so glow you so pretty that is the best make up I haven’t see you with.

April London says:

i hated the wet n wild primers except for the eyelash primer i donated them i couldn’t even just use it up since i spent the money

I AM Youtube Famous says:

if you are now watching this video in 2017 wetnwild has done their makeup primer over i did purchase the coverall one but its now called the photofocus face primer and its not liquidy and it doesnt smell like elmers glue and it doesnt cost 3.99 its 4.99

Jojo.152 says:

I want to buy a Primer because my skin is so oily. I don’t wear Foundation so can I wear these primers just on their own?

y4miko says:

I tried the baby skin one and I really hate it. idk if it’s just me but every time I use it my skin feels super oily (I normally have dry skin) and my makeup doesn’t stick to my face at all. I only use a small amount of it too but it really doesn’t work for me. I think I will try the rimmel one and see if it work well with my skin type otherwise I’ll have to go with a higher brand…

Robbin SAVALA says:

I would love to see your favorite foundation, luxury and drugstore etc series

Last_pineapple says:

the video is sponsered by rimmel

Ellie Simmons says:

You and kandee have the same voice

Sara El badawi says:

I like ur lip color it’s amazing. Thank u for the video very helpful

Kayla Reyna says:

i really hate the baby skin it has this oily , greasy base feeling i dont like it. it does not feel good.

Morgan Bev says:

please have an updated 2016 primers for oily skin and if you can include Nyx, Essence and Rimmel. Thank you

Gloria Jean says:

what’s on your lips? I love that color and can’t ever find it.

Heather Munky says:

So helpful! Thank you. I have big pores and oily skin 🙁

leila nilora says:

I like how complete this review is. It’s not just a list of what you like and don’t like, but an explanation that tells me something about how these work and why. Thank you.

Lacie Hamblin says:

I hate the baby skin primer too. I feel like it makes my makeup smudge around during the day and it feels oily, the feeling is way too velvety too, it bothers me Haha it stays on my fingers and makes them feel to soft. I can’t stand it. I liked the wet n wild with my skin, I like that tackyish feeling because I feel like it’s going to stay on all day. I never noticed the smell, but might be because I’m a smoker..

Sheena Nattasya says:

I have a lot of white head. and hole around my face…but my skin is very sensitive…which should I use? please help

AlexisFiBe says:

Does a bad primer could oxide ur foundation?

Annelies Verhoeven says:

You remind me of Brittany Murphy in ‘Clueless’

Nobody At All says:

Master Prime seems to work for me… Maybe I just haven’t tried enough primers.

Maegan Jackson says:

When I wore the master prime my foundation just seemed to slip off. It was sooo bad.

Jae Xo says:

The wet n wild primer is terrible!! Its literally like just putting on greasy lotion

ᜀᜇᜒᜌᜈ says:

I have the Lasting Finish and the Baby Skin but neither seem to stop my foundation from separating all over my nose 🙁

Haleigh Streak says:

Make an updated one of these! There are so many new products on the market. What about L’Oréal Magic Lumi? E.l.f. Studio Primers?? Re-review the Lasting Finish and what about the NYX ones??? Do it for us :’)))

Elizabeth Lee says:

PLEASE do this video again with newer products! <3 Your content is so helpful.

Giorgiana Lascu says:

I don’t have oily skin, but I hate the rimmel primer, makes my skin look like the top of a pizza.

Courtney Tubbs says:

a sticky primer (not crazy sticky) is actually good…you want it to be because the foundation sticks to it and goes nowhere, that’s what the primer is suppose to do…

BethAlicia says:

This helped so much xo

Dalinda*** Themakeupjunkie says:

In your Feb 2015 video you said you would recommend the Wetnwild primer! I just bought it today. In this video you say you don’t like it? I’m confused. Hmmm….

Jeneca Laplant says:

I have the tunnel primer in the matte version n only use it on my t zine I like it alot

Misysunshines Love&live _ says:

So is the baby skin products a primer or just a pore covering ?

Olivia Grovich says:

I actually really like the wet’n’wild and master prime studio ones I have dry skin so it’s nice because they moisturize my face but makes it super smooth and soft but tbh I HATE the baby skin one it makes my skin feel oily and greasy

Harley Quinn says:

I have normal skin.. sensitive… I do face cleaning day and night. And wet & wild works for me. And hard candy. But I’m scared to try the Neiva men post balm.

DreamlandDiary says:

I have really oily skin and I love that Rimmel primer BUT only if I’m going to be wearing makeup for a short amount of time. With that primer I tend to get at most 6-7 hours out of it, but I get so many compliments on how my skin looks. I also love the other two primers that Rimmel has. I would definitely try them out, they’re usually around 4-5 dollars

Diana Herrera says:

I have Oily skin and ii works!!!!!

Rose Coulthard says:

does the pore filling primer clog pores

Tina Perez says:

We get it! “I tried baby skin and it was terrible!! I have oily skin” THE PRIMER IS NOT MADE FOR OILY SKIN

eram shaikh says:

is it gud for oily skin??

Yasmin & Ashley. says:

Thank you so much ❤ you helped me a lot

Cassidy Collins says:

Does any one else hate the baby skin primer or it that just me

Love Child says:

baby skin is greasy and gross feeling

Aurora Araceli says:

Your reviews are amazing. Thank you!!

Grace Conaghan says:

The Nivea after shave balm is the shit

ReadyAim Stir says:

You mention your beautiful lipstick, but what about your eyeshadow…? I love this eye-opening look! <3

Rose says:

I have the same exact flannel. my brother gave it to me

Marta Korsak says:

Hey! I really like your videos, but did you try to change some options in the sound? Voice in the videos is too sharp which makes it too loud, if you know what I mean. Sound is like you are in empty huge hall.

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