Best and Worst Drugstore Face Primers | 9 WEAR TESTS!

Best and worst drugstore face primers with up close application results and NINE wear tests! In this drugstore face primers wear test I’m showing you nine different primers from a variety of drugstore makeup brands and testing them against my oily skin. Have I found the best drugstore face primer for oily skin? Or will the hunt continue? Haha, you’re going to have to watch to find out!

– Hard Candy Sheer Envy Shine-Free
– Wet ‘N Wild Photofocus
– Catrice Cosmetics Prime & Fine
– Milani Prime Shield
– CoverGirl TruBlend for Oily Skin (they also have Dry and Combo)
– Models Own Face Base
– Kokie So Matte
– e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer
– Maybelline Master Prime

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Carolinagirl1028 says:

Great video! Oddly enough I love the Maybelline primer, however I have very dry skin so that is likely why. I really want to try the Elf primer but when I hear a product working for someone with oily skin I’m worried it won’t work for me. Thanks for the instructions on how to tell a silcone based primer from a water based one, I knew about the compatibility but not how to tell what category the primer fell in.

blue orange says:

❤️time line❤️
02:18 hard candy sheer envy primer
02:55 milani prime shield
03:38 mabelline master prime
04:10 wet ‘n wild photofocus primer
04:44 nyx shine killer primer
05:30 covergirl trublend face primer
06:05 kokie so matte mattifying primer
06:53 models own face base
07:52 e.l.f. poreless face primer
08:24 catrice prime & fine

Tatoe 47 says:

Wow idk how I’ve never came across your channel before but instantly one of my faves!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rachel Langan says:

thank you so much for this video…I disagree on the elf one…maybe it was my foundation but it broke up my foundation so badly. I hate that primer.

Trisha Bee says:

Love how you explain water and “cone” bases

Brittany Frana says:

Thank you for explaining the bases and why they should matched I’ve always wondered about that but it confused me

Sharon Thibault says:

I want to try the elf primer!!! Have you tried the new WNW matte primer and matte setting spray??? I’d love a review!

Haley Larsen says:

Several weeks after using the hard candy primer will show results of oil free

lisa TAYLOR says:

My best primer is ELF. I purchased the pink one and it kept my face matted for about 9 hours. I saw more shine on my nose but nothing a little blot sheet couldn’t take care of. I also have tried the NYX primer in the white tube. Loved The consistency of that one. It did reduce shine on my face for about the same time the ELF did. I only purchased the NYX because it was on sale and I figured this would be the best time to try it. I’m glad I did b/c it did not disappoint.

Kit Schroeder says:

Your eye look is AH-Mazing in the commentary portion of this video. LOVE!

Tyanna Davis says:

I use the ELF blemish control primer

Madeline Lajoie says:

The Wet n’Wild primer was so drying on me! I literally had a huge patch of white once it dried before I even put on my foundation. Thanks for this video!

TheJileyProduction says:

That lipstick is absolutely gorgeous on you

owlnemo says:

I have the Catrice one and I really like it. My favourite, though, is Sephora’s smoothing base primer. This stuff reeeeally smooths your skin, is good for my very acne-prone sensitive skin and lasts all day no problem. It’s a bit more expensive (although you really need just a tiny amount of it) but to me it’s worth it. I generally use Catrice’s for more everyday stuff, and Sephora’s for weddings, New Year parties, that sort of stuff.

S B says:

Ques, what does primer do for somone with regular skin. Not oily at all..nor dry. Also I don’t wear foundation. I cover a few spots w some & that’s all. So is primer necessary? Curious!! I’m suchaaa make up junkie but was always way more into doin my eyes then any thing else.

Janessa Bitter says:

I love that you just get right to the video and are so informative. Can’t stand some beauty gurus who talk for 10 minutes before they actually get to the video!!

Debbie Martini says:

I purchased the elf primer with high hopes, unfortunately, the odor was disgusting and I hate the product for that fact.

Stacey Pham says:

great review! :]]

Cheryl MacGillivray says:

You are georgeous

Megan McIntosh says:

What if the ingredients list water, a bunch of alcohols and then silica? Do I have a water-based primer or a silicone one?

Cheryl MacGillivray says:

You are my favorite of all

Kathy Miller says:

Hi Zebra I watched the show were you did the new Wet and wild eyeshadow. Well I found them and I got the purple one the walking on eggshells and the leather one. Thanks for doing that show. I Love all tree of them. So thank you very much. Kathy Miller

Rosa Soria says:

Zabrina, I love your videos. You looked very beautiful and dress up amazing. I love you

N3l3na Kniv3z says:

New subscriber! I have really oily skin and this video was super helpful !

Nye P says:

Love this! Very honest

Rachel G says:

I know I’m super late to the party, lol, but I just had to comment….I also have the Elf primer & have super oily skin as well, and I just love this primer! It works SOOOOO good & it makes your skin feel silky smooth after applying it, and for the price, it just can’t be beat! I think I’ll try the Covergirl primer next & compare the 2. Love ya! 🙂

Hina Usman Moghal says:

Can you please do a video how to pair up foundations and primers for best results

Melissa Tate says:

I genuinely love ELF. The price was my initial Hang up. However, because there are times when the price is the reason I would pick up make up, period, everything I’ve tried with them has been remarkable.

Paola Guevara says:

I love your videos, they’re always super helpful!!

M.l.v. says:

I noticed with the elf primer, it is not water bases but the foundation was yet it still wore fine?!

Layla Moore says:

Your hair is just EVERYTHING!!!!!

Carol Centracchio says:

First of all, I LOVE YOUR HAIRCOLOR. I have AUburn hair and just love red hair. I guess yours is Natural but mine is not but I’ve had it since hairdressing school 50 years ago. How do you get samples of pore minimizing samples?

Carol Centracchio says:

I don’t like the White pore fillers. I like the Best BABY FACE and NYX

EcmsvjHe2 says:

Wow, I’m actually surprised about the models own primer. I’m currently using it and my skin is SUPER oily and I love it! Like, I would have to powder only one hour after washing my face. I wasn’t sold on primers actually doing anything until I tried the models own. But if it works, it works. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. <3

Cecilia Josephine says:

thankyou so much for your tips and review on those primers, I’ll go with Catrice. You just give me answer to my primer-choosing-complexion❤

Laura Hermans says:

Is it important to match the base of facial moisturizer to your oil/silicone or water based primer and foundation??

Karr Williamson says:

Girl you are so funny!!! Very entertaining and detailed. I’m happy to be apart of your Chanel.

Cristina Velázquez says:

Thank you so much, these videos are so helpful

Leigha Brown says:

I love your videos! You always jump right in and don’t waste any time getting to the products. Thanks so much!

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