My Oily skin foundation routine


foundation ‘450’
contour stick ‘expresso’

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N Love With Tresses says:

Go girl!! You did your makeup really pretty!! Do your make up how you like to wear it because guess what??? No one has to wear it that way but you!! People can be so damn rude! There is a difference between giving criticism and being an ass! You are beautiful and thank you so much for sharing how this foundation held up on your skin!! I have terribly oily skin so I will look at a few more vids to see how others with oily skin handle Fenty beauty products!!

Daniela Gomes says:

Well I saw another review, the girl didn’t used primer and her skin is middle oily, so it was so dry on her skin

Amy Vichinsky says:

I was just as excited to test the foundation shades as anyone, since I’m really pale. The girls at Sephora warned me that because the foundation is water-based, it will break up with a silicone-based primer.

Boo. I’m a greaseball, so UD’s new primer is life. Oh well…

Root says:

what I’ve noticed is that darker complexions are saying it’s oily (or if they have dry skin it’s perfect) whilst light complexions are saying it’s so drying and awful. so somehow she’s managed to severely alter the formular during shade manufactory?

Kendra Anderson says:

This is a hot ass mess.

shireka cannady says:

I like fenty, im just oily in the T zone.

Sally and Paul says:

I was waiting because I feel that everybody was riding a wave!

jazzy ringo says:

Great job you guys for being rude towards her

Lacy Stirgus says:

I have the exact same problem with my skin! Very very oily skin and acne scars. What is a good primer and foundation to use?

Haha says:

I don’t use Fenty Beauty products. Overhyped. Only use Clinique products. 🙂 Gave me good skin too. Marketing schemes. These products gonna destroy your skin.

Hey African Black soap Earth’s secret and Aztec clay is great for the skin. Use it in conjunction. On Amazon

And just remember you’re beautiful 🙂

Zipporah Bryant says:

I don’t feel like the foundation color was a match. You almost have a ashy look with all the concealer under your eyes and on your chin.

Sara Drager says:

Before the use of Fenty Beauty. I did not have oily skin, so I can only imagine what it does to anyone with acne prone skin… I’ve had the same zit on my face for over a month now, I replaced all my makeup products, and now I have to stay away from any type of oily products. Fenty is definitely comedogenic. Very informative video. If you decide to keep up with the Fenty line definitely invest in a mattifying moisturizer and blot blot blot 😛

Theresa Foster says:

I have spent lots of money on high end primers and the only thing that works for me is milk of magnesium I end up sending my Fenty back to for the same reason I was orally in an hour so I love Rihanna I’m going to have to try her other product

chowder125 says:

Girl you highlighted like a Med Student with their book. Way too much but good review!

joanne mccloud says:

Hi Sandra i really liked your video i am seeing a different take on the fenty foundation and that info is invaluable. Btw easy up on that trophy wife ok, she is mean!

Hekyma says:

You should try the Aztec Clay Mask one time per week. It really helpful for oily skin… Thank me later.

Haha says:

And keep using this hair color. It matches your skin tone. I love it.

Nessa xo says:

I have a slippery oily face and this foundation actually doesnt even make me look more oily and im super happy

Daizeydaye says:

Try smashbox photo primer. It works perfectly for oily skin.

Niesha L. says:

I have the same problem with my oily skin smh

60sAmethyst says:

That oily skin will keep you young looking for a very long time to come!! No worries pretty girl!!

Dshawn4 says:

Gurl that thumbnail took me OUUT. I still haven’t bought anything from the line cuz I’m broke.

Michelle Gorra says:

I needs to know where you got that hair.

Ketra Herman says:

You look like a clown… ..
Go outside and see for yourself… It’s TOO much…

Angelic Sun says:

I have oily skin and I use Fenty foundation I don’t use primers or moisturizers because of the oil my skin naturally produce I use bentonite clay and drink plenty of water I use a setting spray (no baking) and the foundation holds up beautifully for me.

Luv8198 says:

Try ole henriksen Stay balanced cleansing cloths. Morning and evening

dollface602 2020 says:

Fenty highlights are to much for my liking

Kasha Taylor says:


Anna Boo22 says:

Aveda face washes for oily skin works super well! Even tho u are naturally beautiful. It think it could help!

preciuospreshia says:

If you have oily skin a primer is a MUST!! I have oily oily skin and this foundation works great for me. All you need a primer and setting powder.

bjoyful says:

Use witch hazel by Dickerson order from Amazon. It will help with dark circles and oily skin and get No 7. Add to your skin routine guarantee it will make a difference. Let me know how it does for you.

4evertutorial says:

Way too much highlighter

Mg B says:

Hello, i have mixed to oily skin and I would like to know what powder you used under your eyes and on you nose. Because I have noticed for me that when I put make up for ever invisible translucent powder on my foundation, my skin looks oily. I know this sounds crazy because powder is said to matify the skin but for me it is reverse. So instead of putting this powder and instead of putting a primer which are a lot with silicons – baaad for oily skin – i advise you to try to put : a very light face scrub on your oily zone or standard brownish argile just one minute before applying foundation. And i would only use cream highlither stick instead of the powder one! Tell me but it should really help!!!

Rihanna Navy says:

Rihanna is amazing isn’t she

Antonio McDonial says:

You need to use the blot powder

Zipporah Bryant says:

Also there are certain moisturizers that you can use at night that will gradually help reduce oil.

Khadijah Amoo says:

Have u used it without the primer and just with the foundation.? How was it pls let me know becos I also av VERY oily skin and thinking to buy. Tnx

princess Sarah says:

Use the blotting power

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