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Cibelle Gois says:

top cat

Beautyby boobookitty says:

so sad I miss the happy girl I use to watch years ago now my poor Lyric seems sad all the time like she has to make videos not want to make them big difference I hope soon she feels better we miss the happy you sis please bring her back oh and the waist trainers are too expensive in the US $65 is doing to much sis I got one for $35 and it’s great js maybe if they were cheaper it would be better just wanna see you win sis that’s all

Jamila Forever says:

I think you’d have watched reviews like I did. I’m a little lighter than you and I’m 440. Talk about humidity and tan in Jamaica, a yah mi live lol but hope u can try 450.

the one says:

Liked it mami

Kimeshia Kong says:

I think the espresso is closer to ur shade…u need a beautiful chocolate colour like that

Christine Johnson says:


Somaya Oates says:

Yup! 420 is definitely too light for u.

Kathy Michel says:


357lici 357 says:

Please review the ne Huda foundation.

GadgetBeat 30 says:

Girl I went to several Sephora stores in California and Texas and they don’t even have samples for any of the last 5 darker shades of the foundation so I’m happy to see you try it because you’re a pro and its not what I thought it would be lol. I can’t wait for them to restock just to try it myself.

major beauty sparkle says:

Lyric girl its toight for u . Its no eay thats gonna work or u

fulloflife9 says:

Look beautiful

Jamaican AngelEyes says:

Yep it’s too light

Lynette Antoine says:

I know it’s a makeover video but if you put nail hardener on your nails everyday and then take them off once a week and redo them again once a week drink lots of water and eat vegetables and fruits they would definitely grow and not keep breaking God bless

POSH Poodle says:

Have you considered using a foundation that’s maybe half a shade to a shade darker than you so that after you’re down highlighting and contouring you will end up looking your correct shade. I’m a 440 in fenty but I use the 450 and after I highlight and contour it balances out perfectly. I think I’m going to start buying my foundations a shade darker. Just a suggestion, I love ur work!

sandiricebeauty says:

Are you going to make small containers for your makeup kit? That glass is heavy. I took a picture with it on and it photographs beautifully

MsRolley says:

Excellent review

S. Love says:

You should try shade 440 or 450 because 420 is too light

Itz Danielle says:

these shades are definitely not easy to choose because i’ve seen dark and light people wearing the same shade and somehow it works for both. i don’t know if the undertone is what’s important.
some people say theirs oxidize and other say it doesn’t so this seems like a foundation you have to try and get in person which is sad because i’m in Antigua and i haven’t seen anyone selling them yet. if i had to order it it would be like doing it with my eyes closed.

major beauty sparkle says:

No sis u need 460

Kwon 2kim says:

Have you try Findation.com website, to find your match in all brands foundation.

anna-kay Tomlinson says:

hey lyric do you think that shade 420 would match someone who uses black opal nutmeg?

Xaiver Campbell says:

Giirl you brought back that foundation tho

Lasonta Sealy says:

I like how you still brought this vid showing us how it is possible to work a product that wasn’t an exact match to your skin. Beautiful Lyric!

Kwon 2kim says:

I am also in Jamaica, have oily skin, sweat a lot with yellow under tone. So I am doing my review before purchasing off line. I wear Revlon color stay in Caramel 400, Maybelline Super stay Caramel. I used http://www.findation.com to find my shade in Lancome Teint Idol Ultra 24 hrs 460 Suede (W) perfect match.

Dhaahirah Alexander says:

your right not your shade.

Destiny Lee-Davis says:

I think you should try 440. The look came together at the end though.

Carletta Chasten says:

Try 440, im 450 but could get away with 440. 450 would be too dark for you.

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