Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation – #240

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

High End Foundations mentioned:

X NARS Sheer Glow – Syracuse
X MAC Studio Fix Fluid – NC40
X MAC Face and Body Foundation – C4
X Makeup Up Forever Ultra HD – Y405
X YSL All Hours Foundation – BD40

Drug store Foundations mentioned:
X Milani Conceal and Perfect Foundation – 06 Sand Beige
X LA Girl Pro Coverage – Warm Beige
X Maybelline Fit Me Dewy and Smooth – #310 Sun Beige
X L’Oreal Lumi Magique – D/W6 Gold Camel
X ELF Flawless Face Foundation – Caramel

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation Samples:




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Ania's Makeup says:

Love your channel! Great review and beautiful makeup! ♡♡♡

Rosa Ortiz says:

Try 290! It has olive undertones. Maybe even 300 would work bc it’s warmer than 290, but it doesn’t have olive undertones. We’re very similar skin tones. My foundation shades are very close to/the same as yours. I originally thought I might be 240 too, but it’s too pale

Scarla D says:

This was so helpful, I’m the same Shade in all those foundations!

Hello Harriet says:

I love the shade comparison it was really helpful cos I tried the the shade finder on the Sephora website and it was totally off lol.

Lorena Chairez says:

your a neutral olive skin tone, get 290 it will be perfect for you it lays more yellow which I love

Malia Vang says:

Hey girl,
What’s your lips and blush color. You look gorgeous!

Zeiri Lantigua says:

I have been waiting for this!! thank you. I love this direction of comparing foundations side by side on your face. Very smart and INCREDIBLY HELPFUL. I am the shade as you in MAC . (NC40) but I got matched in 310 by the sephora people. But it is the exact color to my skin. 340 and 310 in the sephora store were such a huge difference in undertones. 340 has pink and 310 has yellow You should try and get a sample in 300-310, i think one of the two would match your skin color perfectly.

thanks for the video 🙂

Selena Soysaucee says:

What did u use to contour?

Lucy says:

Wow its crazy how your skin reacted to the MAC foundations.

fatima albadi says:

Beautiful video! Thank you soo soo much for mentioning your shades in other foundations

Sumxiyxh says:

You’re literally the reason I have foundations that are actually my shade

shruti says:

Was hoping you’d upload a video like this so thank you! 🙂 The shade comparisons are always helpful but with this foundation, it’s said to “set” (not quite oxidize) so it dries down a little darker which might be why it looked okay during swatches and then washed you out after application. Anyway I’m usually the same shade as you so while I’m glad I can write off the 200 shades, I hope you find a way to use the foundation once your 420 sample runs out!

lostrustkl says:

I just want to know how did you get the fenty sample? Cuz I’m struggling to find my shade as well…

Mel B says:

You’re so beautiful X

The Jenni Show says:

I am your skin tone… a light nc40.. I was matched perfectly to the Fenty Beauty 290.. you should definitely look into it.. it looks like you are just slightly darker than 240. Let me know how it goes

Rich U says:

Heya would love to get fenty but really want to know how did you get the samples???? I live in the UK

Mercedes Rodriguez says:

OMG your’e gorgeous

Sarah contreras says:

I think your shade 300

heyitszeanty_ says:

Im a NC40 too and got matched with shade 300. Perfect match! U shld check out shade 300! 😉

Ruchi Arora says:

The finish is so gud….

Simply. lucy says:

Zaahirah munif what lip product were you wearing in intro and I love this vid x

valeria hernandez says:

“This side I look like me” , you’re too cute lol love watching your videos , we are the same exact shades on everything.

lunarosa321 says:

OMG I love that you do the shade swatches for the foundations that you use! I find it is a good way to compare the foundation. I always look forward to your foundation reviews! Are you going to exchange the foundation for a different shade, if so which shade?

Berenice Mendoza says:

I really appreciate you doing the comparisons for medium/warm skin tones! It really helped

Shazia Saddal-Koossa says:

I wear NARS Punjab and I got colour matched to a 290… it is a perfect match!

K says:

this eye look is so good

Anoushka Massey says:

290 or 310 would be your best bet!

ShazzyJ ShazzyJ says:

Fantastic video on all those shade comparisons, best I have seen on the Fenty foundation range. Would you go up the next shade?

Anazarry Danganan says:

Thank you sooooo much for doing shade comparisons. I’m am the exact same shades with you in all your foundation picks except the ELF of course. I do have to say when I went into Sephora they shade matched me to 240, which I thought was light but after the foundation “dried/ oxidized” it was pretty close to my skin shade. I usually wear Milani 06 Sand Beige, MAC 240, MUF Y405. So I was very surprised that the Fenty Beauty 240 actually was a match for me. Of course I added some bronzer/ a light contour. But I love it!!! Thanks for your video!!! Xoxo

Roxanne Santos says:

your right shade is 270 😉

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