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Liza Rojas says:

Does it make your skin white in pictures?

Yingrak Muansawad says:

How long does a bottle of 30ml last for btw?? 

Jaliyah The Doll says:
Cristina19702011 says:

could you please tell me within how long one needs to use it ?? (the months suggested in the little pot on the products.. if you know what i mean ?? :o))))) ) cri

thankful516 says:

I recently purchased the hourglass stick foundation & I absolutely love it. I have oily skin and visible pores. I got a sample of this primer because it was so expensive , I just wanted to make sure it was worth it. I have been using the benefit pores no more and it works well enough and they also came out with a gel pore mattifier that I am interested in trying. Anyway I love the way this hourglass goes on and I feel it lasts all day ( I use primer, then stick, a little powder and spray setting water). Is there any better primer before I go all in and buy the big tube of this? thank you

loufromlou says:

I have tried many primers. I have acneic skin; congested, oily, red, large pores, etc. This primer is hands down the greatest. The lady at Sephora talked me into buying MUF Primer because it’s cheaper and she said all primers do the same thing but it’s garbage compared to this. it breaks my heart how expensive it is but it makes my skin look so much better. it’s to die for if you are trying to achieve great skin. also holds up EXCELLENTLY in heat, humidity…sigh. need to go buy a bottle :))

skimberlyy says:

+gossmakeupchat  does this primer control oils throughout the day? I’ve heard some say it is really good for oily skin, but if you could please reply Wayne, i really trust your honest reviews and would like to know if it would be worth the money or are there other primers that do help with oily face that are inexpensive, thanks 🙂

S Kang says:

Thank you so much. I always enjoy watching your videos.
By the way, how much primer should I use? Is it like foundation that where I need more coverage, I should use more primer?

freshmint tea says:

Hi Wayne..compare to Becca Cosmetics Ever Matte Poreless Primerwhich one better?please..thank you..

Yicenia Aviles says:

52 pounds according to Google is $80 dollars American which is a lot!
But in the US, that primer (1oz) is $52 dollars which Google converted to 34 pounds
Correct me if I’m wrong. But do you think that 34 pounds is okay for that primer

Devan Eve says:

My skin is very, very oily and this primer keeps my makeup on! My skin is sensitive also and this hasn’t irritated it. Make sure you shake it before each use otherwise it WILL separate and come out milky. One pump covers your entire face and if you’re looking for a cheaper primer (kinda) with SPF, try the CoverFX SPF 30 Protection Primer (my other favorite). It helps makeup glide on smooth, keeps it on with oily skin, and provides sun protection.

zuradorani says:

Will it show in flash photography? Someone help!!!

LeeanaAwa says:

This primer is EXCELLENT. Not only does it really keep your makeup intact but it also makes your skin better over time (especially for those with dry skin, like me! 😀 ), If you guys want a sample of this, go to Sephora (store not online) and they would get you a sample that would last you for 2 WEEKS! It was simply one of the greatest things that happened to my skin 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Arie C. says:

I had a sample of the primer that I used twice and it literally changed my skin. I don’t know how, but after using it my face has stayed soft and looks brighter. I normally have very dry, dull, and flaky skin and I normally avoid wearing make up in general because I just can’t handle how bad my skin looks. I’m not sure what’s in this, but it’s made a dramatic difference, and even though I wish it were cheaper, I’m happy to dish out the money for it. I love it.

shantonyG says:


Audrey Ong says:

I’ve wanted to get Hourglass stuff for so long because of all the AMAZING reviews. But seriously their prices are daylight freaking robbery

Clara Knott says:

Is this their Hourglass foundation frush no. 2 please?

Denise and Uvaldo Garcia says:

What’s your favorite primer, for oily skin?

Rob H says:

What is a good primer for dry skin and pores? I seem to try ones that are moisturizing but does nothing to hide pores and the ones that hide pores are too drying!! Very frustrating and confusing in this cosmetic world… Any comments would be welcomed, thanks.

Black Bird03 says:

it’s silicon free

marioflores21 says:

Wayne, have you tried the Giorgio Armani light master primer? I would love to see you do a review on it because it is, as well, a pricey item. I am hesitant to try the foundation because I feel I can get away other foundations that I love, but the primer can maybe perfect it. Please, your thoughts! Thank you

Kara Di Guglielmo says:

Does anyone know if this primer is suitable for bridal makeup? Will the spf flashback?

shantonyG says:

okayyyyy??? what is the price of the brush then? Bc you keep saying that its expensive but can you see in an other person’s wallet? you can decide whats expensive for another person and don’t reveal the price?thats ignorant, sorry!

Yze AV says:

I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. I was not a believer in primer before I got a sample of this. I cannot live without this! It’s very expensive. ($25 for 10mL and $69 for 30mL in Australia) but I think it’s worth the money.

Einsteinz Vice says:

Using a silk pillowcase (or satin) will help prevent those annoying “sleep-creases!” 🙂 Luv @ YOU, W.G.! 🙂

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