Laura Mercier Foundation Primer • Protect: First Impression + Review!

I normally don’t feel the need to apologize for my skin but this time I really do feel like it looks pretty gnarly in the closeups… so I’m apologizing. I hope you can enjoy the review video regardless (๑꒦ິㅿ꒦ິ๑)

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★On my face:
◇ benefit fakeup undereye concealer “01 LIGHT”
◇ MUFE Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream “5”
◇ Maybelline Fit Me! Matte+Poreless Foundation “Classic Ivory”
◇ tarte smooth operator micronized clay finishing powder
◇ M.A.C. Extra Dimension Bronzer “Aphrodite’s Shell” (L.E.)
◇ M.A.C. Satin Blush “Crisp Whites” (L.E.)
◇ ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter “Teasecake”
◇ Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
◇ CoverGirl Super Sizer Mascara
◇ Motives Essential Brow Kit
◇ anastasia brow fix
◇ Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick “Date”

★On my bod:
◇ Shirt: H&M (Sale)
◇ Necklace: Gift
◇ Ring: Gift
◇ Shorts: H&M (Sale)
◇ Sandals: Target
◇ Nails: Forever21 “Sugar Plum”

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★Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer: First Impression + Review!

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Nat Takes On says:

don’t know if you’ve ever tried a sample of it (or the bid daddy full product size) but with my last Sephora purchases, I used a few points on a sample of the Murad acne spot treatment, and so far it’s worked pretty well for me. I have oily skin and acne prone skin.

Janet Peak says:

I apologize if this was previously mentioned however I get the same reaction to skin care products when they contain salicylate acid (or willow bark). I have an allergy to aspirin and those are all related. Some of the Smashbox primers do contain it, so maybe a good thing to avoid. Great vid, ty!

Kristie Caroline says:

+Thrift Thick If that primer doesn’t work out for you, I highly suggest you check out “Spackle, under make-up primer” from Laura Geller. I have oily acne pron skin and that doesn’t break me out. It’s kind of a gel, cream texture, if feels soft on the face but not like those silicon primers that are abnormally soft and break you out (they break me out bad). The primer is $33.00 but Laura Geller sells kits with full sized products for a good price. The primer is also 2oz if that matters lol. Love the video, I always love watching them!!!

Lyndsay Renee says:

Is it a good product to get ?

SqueegyBeckenheim says:

The hilarious irony of using Laura Mercier primer with Maybelline foundation!  Love you!

Cher Silveira says:

I am SO glad you did this review! THANK YOU!!  You know how (I am SURE you do) when one or more youtubers get a primer and then do the review and they go on a big RAVE on how wonderful it is and then you never see it or see them use it again! But this one I got to see how nice it looked on you, even with the heat and having some little sores from another product. I could still see that your skin looked really nice and it wasn’t sliding off or around all over and it just looked pretty! I wanted to try the radiance primer but I think this one  and the radiance one is probably very close to the same minus the radiance in one and the spf in the other. SO, now I can feel good about going and getting one for myself to try! I have oily combo skin and get break outs too and have some health issues with chemical sensitivities and such so  it is nice to know someone else is dealing with a bunch of junk too and still have a nice experience with a product. Thank you so much, I appreciate your honesty and the way you just are YOU and not trying to be miss centerfold or some other dumb things I have seen on here. There are some nice, and funny people that I do enjoy watching (including you!) and it is nice to see REAL people being themselves! Thanks again for being real AND for helping me with a new primer!

Emily Durfee says:

Cassie! I have a question for you! Have you ever tried Fry Sauce? I absolutely love fry sauce. you use it to dip your fries in and you can use it on a burger. anywho, just wanted to see if you had. 🙂

R Gorey says:

Nooo driver tests suck!  Just make sure you remember your 3 point turn too…

Annie Lam says:

somehow I always think you look like Angelina Jolie

Ren King says:

I hated the Smashbox primer. It made my skin feel super slimy and oily, and it broke my out along my chin. I got a sample of the Laura Mercier primer in a Birchbox and ended up with a severe rash and allergic reaction to it. My whole face turned really red and itched and I actually had some spots that felt burnt. So, it definitely isn’t good for all sensitive skin. The primer looks like it works really great for you though!

xValerieAnnex says:

I just got a sample of this today! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts 🙂

Victoria Correa says:

I’m so going to try that primer

Courtney Chickos says:

Never apologize for your face! I have similar skin and using the wrong primer even ONCE will screw me up. I’ve been through the Benefit Porefessional, UD Pore Perfecting Primer, the Smashbox primer you tried (I watched just to make sure I wasn’t the only one who pissed my skin off with it), etc and today, I’ll be trying the Becca Backlight primer and *hoping* that turns out well since I spent almost $40 on it -_- If it doesn’t, I’ll try this Laura Mercier one!

CateSimulate says:

9:20 I just _know_ you told your mum ‘they can totally see your cleavage’ LoL!

DannaGoat says:

Your teeth are super white what do you use?

Delena Blevins says:

Cassie. please make more videos. I am not watching all ur videos for the 2nd time around. your the best. stay urself please. sweet,funny,honest,and beautiful…love u

Samia Litaiff says:

You are no ungrateful at all, but I believe some people expect you to remember who sent you what. Maybe write it down and when you mention something in a video, mention the person’s name as well. 
BTW, love you and everything about your videos. You’re my go to when it comes to beauty stuff! <3

ShariSez1 says:

When you say ‘Fit Me!’ is a great summer foundation, do you mean for oily skin? Or skin in all types?

Licia Ann says:

I think this is a radiance primer I was very oily with this primer!

Reyna's Retrospective says:

Don’t try the oil free version of the laura mercier primer. I hated it! The initial feeling was great and i bought the full sized version but then after about a week, i broke out big time!
So much new scenery action! Minnesota looks like a lovely place to live! Great video Cassie. xx

Desiree says:

I love your videos! This primer looks pretty good!


Thank you for the review!. This tip may be helpful, it’s a product that’s works so well for me. (I personally have very oily skin)… Paula’s Choice, Clean Extra Strength Acne Fighting Treatment 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Is awesome! Comes in a white/orange tube. If you feel a pimple coming on, just dab some of this on it and it’s practically gone the next day!!!

Patricia dela Cruz says:

Cassie, please love me 🙁

Delena Blevins says:

sorry. I meant I am NOW watching them again. not I’m not going to..I hate spell checj

puddingofdarkness says:

You totally turned me on to the maybelline matte and poreless foundation as of last month and I have to say that I am loooving it!! If you ever wanted to try a drugstore primer, I really like Neutrogena’s shine control primer a lot. I’ve never had any problems with it clogging up my pores and it keeps my shine at bay for most of the day, which is an accomplishment on my oily skin. Great video Cassie!!

Marinella Procopio says:

I hear there’s some Italy in you, so a big hug from Milan, Cassie! 🙂

Jackie says:

i know this is an old video, but DEATH PARADE!

Leti says:

I saw the Woman in Gold it was such a good movie! I cried in the end really touched my heart

Yun Ni says:

Your skin has the exact same break out when I have mine . I always assume is hormone imbalance . But I try to eat very healthy it helps ! This premier looks good

Kari Brand says:

you should try the neutrogena skin clearing foundation it’s awesome! my skin was acting up and now I’m starting to see a difference. I also saw that at the end you were shaky and sweaty you might want to get your blood sugar checked. I get like that. and it has to do with My blood pressure. also to find your correct shade of foundation because I’ve seen in other videos your always cringing at the fact you might’ve gotten the wrong shade try its been accurate in all my foundation shades. you’re awesome and I love your videos!!!!

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