Lorac POREfection Foundation & Primer Review

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Today’s makeup:
Lorac POREfection Mattifying Face Primer
LoracPOREfection Foundation in PR3 “Light Beige”
Olay Regenerist 7-In-1 Dark Circle Minimizing CC Cream
NYX Blush in Peach
Physicians Formula OrganicWear Bronzer in Medium
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Powder
Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal in “Barely Branded”
Urban Decay Naked Basics
Wet n Wild Coloricon Shimmer Eye Pencil in Silver
MUFE Aqua Eyes in “Dark Grey” 21L
Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara in Black
IT Cosmetics “Your Brows But Better” Pencil
Tarte Lipsurgence Matte in “Lovely””


Cheryl Fournier says:

You Have A New Subscriber. thank you For all your advice.

J Reed says:

I always appreciate you showing the makeup at the end of the day. Most make ups look nice in the beginning it’s how they hold up that matters. Thanks.

AMBER H. says:

Great review. The finish looks nice I just wish it lasted longer. I work very long days and I have to have something long wearing.

Madams.59 says:

Thank Angie,

I’ve had this foundation in my hand and thought about buying it, but wasn’t sure so I put it back. I think after watching your review, and how it looked, I will pass on this one. I still like my Estee Launder Double Wear and for drug store, Elf. Yep Elf. I use Kiel’s primer…it’s a good one, but I haven’t found a HG primer yet. I’m still looking. I so appreciate your reviews, they really help me in making a decision especially when I’m on the fence about a product. Thanks for taking the time.

Dawn Gonzalez says:

Is Este Lauder still one of your top favorite foundations? Thanks for the advice and reviews. I’d rather go to the dentist for a root canal than to a fishbowl makeup counter staffed by poreless twenty-somethings who’ve never had a pimple or a wrinkle. You’ve spared me a lot of stress and $. Glad I found your channel.

Evangeline Poe says:

Your reviews are always so thorough and informative.  Thanks for the time and effort you give to every video.  I’ve purchased some successful products based on your reviews.  

Donnales 08 says:

nice when you first put it on, but I wasn’t impressed with the lasting power at all, and definitely don’t need anything drying on my face. Also with the summer here, I think mineral foundation will be much lighter and better wearing. Good review Angie. 

Adoreu says:

Very informative video, thank you! On the primer, would you say this one or the SmashBox that you reviewed once as #1?

DDelilahM says:

LORAC for me seems to be a 1 hit wonder… they made an eyeshaow palette ( Lorac PRO) which is the best ….but everything since has fizzled… Ive tried the primer and the foundation and after about 4 hours it looked like i had nothing on…Thanks for your review! 

Georgette Liquorie says:

HI ANGIE I have been using RESIST DAILY SMOOTHING TREATMENT BY PAULA’S CHOICE  but i have not got no flaking at all  i remember you saying that you flack a lot  do you think if it dose not flack its not working  I’m confused?? 

Julie Smith says:

I think that looked good and I would consider buying it. I have not found a foundation that lasted 12 hours.

Wacky Jacky says:

I love this foundation and I set it with the Lorac Porefection Powder. 

Judy Anger says:

Thanks for the informative review!

Ann4U2000 says:

I had been eyeballing this foundation. I think my CC crème provides more coverage for a longer period. So thanks for trying it out and showing us your results. 🙂

Joye Smith says:

Thanks for the review. I’ve heard good things about this foundation. I have so many I gave to go through right now but I would try this in the future. Thanks for sharing.

NATALIE TV English says:

Your reviews are always on point!  Thanks for sharing!  Natalie

Missfrankiecat says:

Very helpful to see it at the end of the day.  My favourite foundations last better than 6 hours for me, especially with primer and powder.

happymimi 5 says:

Thanks for all the time and work you put into your reviews. I know they take a lot of time and work on your part, and I appreciate it! 🙂 Sheri

Debbie B. says:

Oh Angie great review!! I’am dry as the desert…so thanks for saving me money girl!!! Hugs..Deb:) xox

Cheryl Blue says:

hi you look great, your eyes look so open, what is on your eyes?

Marie M says:

Love how you did your eyes! Lovely!

Georgette Liquorie says:

hi angie great this was very helpful my question is do you use hyaluronic acid also with the VT.C serum

Llphi says:

Always love your thorough reviews Angie! It’s great that you show the foundation after hours of wear, that’s always the most important issue for me with foundation, along with good coverage. xo Lois

Karen McKie says:

color looks great on your skin from this side of computer. thank you

NordicPhoenix says:

Thanks for the review Angie, I’ve been thinking about trying this foundation and you answered a lot of my questions about it. I do tend to have combo skin with oiliness in the T-Zone, so I think it might work well for my skin. Thanks again! 🙂  {Christy}

Butter Pecan Rican says:

Have you tried L’Oreal’s Miracle Blur? I LOVE it. I only have a small trial tube ($6) that I got at Walgreen’s because it’s pricey. I’ve made that tube last for almost a year. I only use it on strategic spots on my face on special occasions lol. Someday I’ll shell out the $20-$30 for the full sized. I’d love to see your opinion on it. 

Shazvana says:

Great review (as always) but I would say this was very sheer coverage. It didn’t look like it covered much at all, it maybe gave you more of a even tone (it covered a bit of redness but not much) but I would have to say that I have seen many better foundations on your beautiful face/skin:)

jillf24 says:

Angie, I love your honesty in all your videos. You have me using the Naked basics again!! I look forward to all your videos! You are like my best friend chatting with me over coffee! Just got my botox renewed as well. You inspire me to be a better +50!!!! 

StelmaDesigns says:

Angie, you look lovely in that shade of pink :o)

Viva Fusions says:

Thank you for your honest appraisal Angie but dont think this would be for me xxxx

Elena E says:

Thanks for the review. I have oily skin and I need a good FF foundation, so I’ll try it out. I would  like some info on keeping the skin on the neck area young-looking, maybe even some neck lift info? Love your videos!

Gizelle Butler says:

Glad you did this review!  I have tried both LORAC primers.  I like the mattifying one better however agree it doesnt last.  I have been trying the Cover FX Anti-Blemish one and been really enjoying that on the days I want to fuss with a primer.  Otherwise I slap on the IT CC Cream and if need more then that will add a little foundation liquid or powder and voila all done:)  I honestly have not seen the benefits of any primer.  The smashbox one breaks me out even though I agree the effects of that one were really good and I did love that primer comparison video you did too.  I will say the Becca mattifying primer is really great for summer but you gotta really work that one into the skin and let it set.  If not it will leave white dry spots in your pores which I found out.  And for the price, I dont want to rub or work that hard to minimize pores and for that price no thank you.  I have on my list still the Rimmell one you mentioned in other video.  To be honest I just dont want the extra layer or step to remember so I may eleminate that step altogether lol!  Have a great day sugar!

Elle Is For Living says:

Great review.  I think I will pass on this.  Good to know.  Thank you so much for saving us money Angie.  ♥ Elle

Elle Dfw says:

I love the way you present things Angie!!!! Such a huge help!!! Like others say, most makeup looks great at first….. But… Then…. Well, you know !!!! Thanks!!!
Elle DFW

Mama Mendez says:

Have you done a follow-up video on this makeup? I recently had someone recommend this makeup. Any help would be great!

Denise G says:

I was so excited & happy that you did this review Angie! As in of Lori’s latest video’s from loriover40 there’s one Lorac foundation she loves & she mentioned wanting to try this one. This caught my eye for the mattifying & pore minimizing as I have combo skin on the oily side!! But doesn’t seem to have great coverage is that right? And you think it worked better with the primer then without?? Now I wonder if I should try it….Just FYI Sephora has now stopped carrying this line I was so shocked & disappointed to say the least!! The Lorac site does not ship but to the U.S as well so the rest of us are out of luck there. I am searching for a website that has Lorac & ships to Canada for me…..Great review keep us informed…xo~Denise

Carol Love says:

how many hours later did you see the first sign of disintegration? at least 8 -9 hours is important for most working people

MizBee says:

Great detail and concise review as always, Angie! I love LORAC so I hope they send you more products to review. I have dry skin so I know this foundation wouldn’t work for me. Pores aren’t a huge deal for me, but I do have some on my nose that bug me. Thanks Angie! xo

Jules of Wisdom says:

Did the foundation have that slight silicone feeling, like Urban Decay’s? I like that because it helps with the all over blur. Have you tried any finishing sprays to help keep you face set? I use one of the Urban Decay’s, got it on sale, & I do notice my face makeup stays on longer than when I don’t use it and this is with & without primer.

MountaineerMomma72 says:

Thanks for such for the end of the day footage and review. I have seriously arge pores and some hyper pigmentation from sunbathing as a teen and very early twenties. Your reviews help me so much. Have a nice day 🙂

Survivormj says:

Good review.  The Lorac does not work well on my skin but, very interesting to see. 

MyWhitelye says:

It looked like you never even put foundation on. 

Kathy Aay Beauty says:

Thanks for this review. You saved me money on trying the foundation. I did not see a difference with the matte primer. Did you like this better than the other one from Lorac you mentioned? I know you seemed to like it with this foundation. Will be curious to see what it does under other products. Thanks Angie for your in-depth reviews!  : D

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