NEW Maybelline Baby skin Primer versus Porefessional (REVIEW)

*You can purchase Porefessional here
*You can purchase Baby Skin Here

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Andrea Barrera says:

Baby Skin***

The Glam Belle says:

i just filmed my review between the baby skin and porefessional 🙂 I love seeing everyones take on these 2 products!

Chelsea Tamayo says:

guys omg the porfessional is obviously gonna win i mean it costs 30$ and the baby skin 8$ why do you expect the baby skin to be as good as the porfessional

Narrs Tilbury XOXO says:


kristilynn _x says:

Great review!! I’ve never tried the porefessional because it so expensive but I do love the baby skin!!!

Jackie White says:

Not every woman/man cannot afford a high end primer….its nice for us people who cant to have options!!

Constance Lzq says:

In US the price of Baby skin is almost 1/5 of the price of porefessional, while in Singapore the price of baby skin is slight less than 1/2 the price of porefessional, and because I have oily skin I will still prefer porefessional since the price range is not that far off as compared to the difference in the price in the States. (Baby skin is retailed at SGD$19.90 in Singapore which is ridiculous because I do not like the texture and not as long lasting as porefessional too)

Rebecca Calver says:

which lipstick are you wearing, its gorgeous! fab review 

ErinKathleenBeauty says:

I was debating if I should go splurge on Porefessional, and I believe I’m going to purchase this! Thank you. 🙂 Love the earrings too!

Sehar Amjad says:

Participate on Insta sehar.official

amznmmdprncss says:

Your lipstick looks A M A Z I N G!

Laura 05 says:

It’s not baby Lips it’s Baby SKIN !!!!

Julia Karbowiak says:

1:45 baby lips ?

Adrienne S. says:

I love baby skin. it makes your skin soooo freaking soft and reduces pore appearance. if you don’t want to add a foundation on top you can fix it with a mattifying spray.

Daisymagi says:

Baby skin side looks better to me. Your skin looks healthier and younger. Just my opinion from what I see… 🙂

Maquia Dona says:

ooo lindinha tem q experimentar no rosto na mão não adianta nada

Brianna Nicole says:

They have a travel sized porefessional for 12$!!!!!! If you wanna try it out or save some money grab that one! ☺️

DSandyCheeks04 says:

Can you compare porefessional with the E.L.F primer? Please

Navi Bailey says:

What foundation are you wearing? It looks flawless…

Kayla Clark says:

is it good for oily skin

gillian armitage says:

baby lip’s? lol

TheLivvieLove says:

thank you for this comparison!

MelissaQ says:

The baby skin is definitely like the Smashbox to me. Thanks for sharing

Ana Street says:

Really enjoyed this video, please make more videos comapring drugstore products and highend products

Joan Velez says:

Wauw me súper encanta haces tutoriales en inglés también súper nice ya lo había comentado glenda en su canal wuuuu love this vídeo gracias por la reseña

Karolyn Jamandri says:

is it okay to wear it just with moisturizer?

Tia Hughes says:

what is the baby skin in the little container that looks like lip gloss

beautifuldisaster150 says:

I like that you sounded a bit wasted lol 😉

Hana T says:

the best way to compare two products is to see the list of ingredients used and not the color of the packaging, or the amount of product you get. DUH…!!!

Ana Street says:

I prefer Porefessional although if you are on a budget Maybelline Baby Skin will still work fine, at least on my skin it worked ok

Dewi Suci says:

hahahha you keep saying baby lips instead of baby skin.

Feature Presentation says:

It’s baby skin not baby lips! God you are fuckin annoying!

MsFashionRUs says:

i subscribed cuz of ur great reviews and tbh i love how ur videos are a high quality 🙂 you inspired me to start my own youtube channel and i just uploaded by makeup routine. it would mean the world to me if u check it out

Nana Lee says:

Is it long lasting??

Tara Danesin says:

In italy the porefessional is €34!!! That’s ridiculously expensive! It’s about 40$!

Lou Maricon Castillo says:

oh, this is way better!

cajadiri says:

i have dry skin and i have the bb cream pure. when i put it on, it looks ridiculously flaky. if i was to use the baby skin primer, before putting the bb cream would my skin not be flaky anymore?

Mirror Diva says:

Is it Baby lips? Hahaha

Paige Griffiths says:

+MeemsCouture look how many views this has! I knew your youtube channel would be amazing, well done! 🙂 xx

Fsalfs Alfs says:

i have the pore fressional & i still didn’t use it
i’ll try it next week, thank you for the video (: x

Kitty Karioredjo says:

instagram: Izaraaisja ❤

Ashlro says:

Thank you for the review

Carly Ferdinand says:

I wish I could afford porefessional!

CrazySwizzley3 says:

I have combination skin, so I am oily around my t-zone, but a bit dry around the nose. Which one would be better? I’m so stuck, yet this helped a lot! Thx’

rachel bowen says:

these two products are different… the poredessional was a pore filler and the baby skin is a pore eraser so they are kinda hard to compare

mc ofthepc says:

I like how she kept calling it “baby lips” lol.

sushil kumar swain says:

is it useful for oily skin…??

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