*NEW PRODUCT REVIEW* Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation & Primer

Hey my beauties!
In this video I cover: General insight into the products, Application, Product, Price, Packaging and place review with general positives and negatives

What are your thoughts on this product? And what products work well with this foundation/primer? leave them in the comments!

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Canon 600d
Canon 50mm lens


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Jessica Leigh says:

When I saw the primer I got really excited!! Then got really disappointed when I realized this video is not based in America. Lol Really hope the primer makes its way over to the States as the foundation is AMAZING!!

Makeup Lover says:

Hey i have braces too and My teeth get yellow around the metal,but Inuit wanted to ask if you brush your teeth I’m not trying to be rude I just wanted to know cuz my teeth were like that when I didn’t brush really good around the metal at first but now they’re
Ike an off white shade

Brenda's beauty blog says:

is the primer available in the US ?

alyssa says:

I’m nc25 in Mac studio fix, what color would best match the loreal foundation?

Louise Mcvey says:

I have just ordered this online and I got the colour 11 vanilla I ended up buying two of the same colour loll so iv emailed to change 1 to shade 10 porcelain and hopefully mixing the two will be a good colour 🙂 love your makeup in this video ❤️

Katie Waude says:

what lipstick are you wearing in the beginning??? i’m in love

Haleemah says:

Thx so much for. The rev

Myra a says:

I bought mine for 30$ aus 🙁 🙁

Mia Allen says:

The shades are so rubbish! I’m darker than the darkest matte one and I’m only mixed race! I see black Americans with shades that match but in England, there’s only 6 shades for white people. Someone please link me to the darker shades from the US.

Nikki k says:

OMG, this product is $40 in New Zealand. Wish it was only $7 here!

H L says:

why are you sooooo PRETTY <3

Sandra Moviestar says:

How do I use it? Can someone pllelleleleleleaassseee explain to me how I use it? :3

Moonlightxox says:

I have the same thing ♡

Nena Gallardo says:

ay q bonita estas

Inertia of Beauty says:

Hey guys just an update: I DONT HAVE BRACES ANYMORE. Braces are not a bad thing. It’s people’s awful attitude towards them they create the bad stigma that’s attached with them. Chill out with the braces comments. Yes I still love this foundation & primer duo, and the lip colour is fandango purple from sleek cosmetics. Much love xx

Aisha says:

I’m so jealous ur sooooo beautiful naturally and with makeup omgggggg beauty . U look sexy in braces tbh haha 😉

Lisa F says:

I am an nc 15 in Mac and live in the u.s and cannot find a shade that matches me even with mixing them but I absolutely love love this foundation can someone please please help me find the shade 10 porcelain that she has or can someone in the u.k send me a couple tubes of it ?? Pleaseeee I will pay for them please help a fellow beauty lover out!!!

Hildegerd Haugen says:

I like this foundation, but I prefer the ordinary one. It has the same properties as the Chanels pro lumiere that went OOP in 2011.

Najo0o0m yousef says:

does pro matte need setting with a powder or not please someone answers

Charlotte Rees says:

What’s the brush that you used to apply your foundation? c:

Kipzia Guerrero says:

que tono estas usando ?

Ana Espejo says:

You are very very very pretty!

Robin Bras says:

your end result looks so good! And Screw the haters, you look super cute with those braces. I had braces for like 4 years! but my teeth are gorgeous now, so its worth it!

AliciaDoré7 says:

There are two shades… Not good colour range but good review other than that

Nudrah Iskandar says:

is the 24h matte the same as the pro matte?

atika oity says:

does it remove pores?

Regina Liberti says:

Are they going to have the primer in the states?

mckeen says:

has any of you worn this while swimming or just touching water? i really want to wear it when i go to a waterpark!

Lisette Otero says:

which lipstick do you have, i love it

Marko says:

Don’t have the light version or the primer in the US 🙁
We have a setting spray though

Sandy Kahnke says:

Hello beauty

you know whether an online shop this is make up by Germany sent since this color is not available in Germany

best regards

Nena Gallardo says:

que tono usaste de tu base

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