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Primer is a mind bending science fiction film with one of the most challenging plot lines to follow. I’ve created this video for people who enjoy the film as much as I do.

If you haven’t seen the film I highly recommend it and it is available on Netflix.



Two friends, Abe and Aaron, have inadvertently invented time travel.

Initially the plan is to use it to make money but the power of time travel gets the better of them as the pair double cross each other and create multiple doubles and time lines.

ALTERNATIVE EXPLANATIONS (this section has been added after some interesting comments made by subscribers and viewers of this video).

1). The Phone Call – the video states that the phone call is made by Aaron 2 to Aaron 0 but there is an alternative; Aaron 2 could be calling Abe 0 instead.

Why I opted for Aaron 2 calling Aaron 0:
(a). Aaron is a selfish character and I think it’s more likely that he will feel he owes Aaron 0 (another version of himself) an explanation rather than Abe 0.
(b). Abe 5’s reaction to gassing himself is profound and Aaron 2 may have felt a similar sense of guilt after drugging Aaron 0 which caused him to contact Aaron 0 at a later date.

2). The Final Aaron (who is instructing the build of a larger box) – the video states this Aaron is Aaron 2 but the alternative is that it could be Aaron 6.

Why I opted to say it’s Aaron 2 building the larger box rather than Aaron 6:
(a) the phone call from Aaron 2 plays over the scene
(b) Aaron 2 had less exposure to the aftermath of everything that went wrong owing to all the mismanaged time traveling so I felt that he was likely to be more reckless in a shorter time frame than Aaron 6 and
(c) Aaron 6 mentions at the airport that he might go to Vegas or even Russia and doesn’t seem to have a proper plan as to what he will do next, however I do think it’s likely that Aaron 6 will eventually build another box because as a character he’s rash.

3). Handwriting deteriorating & ear bleeds

One subscriber points out that both of these could be symptoms of the bodies deteriorating each time a copy is created.

4). The Party Incident

In the video it is presumed that Aaron managed to disarm Rachel’s crazy ex on the first night of the party but an alternative is that he didn’t and that may be the reason why Aaron 1 decided to go back to Monday morning using the failsafe.

The video states that the film’s director is Steve Carruth when in fact it is SHANE Carruth – my mistake, apologies 🙂


Running – Misevicius




Jose Medina says:

i understood thanks to family guy’s time traveling episodes lol but this clears it all thanks 🙂

Jules Lynch says:

This really cleared up Mr. Grainger’s role, I didn’t really understand what was going on. Also when I watched it, I thought there was some weird time paradox prevention thing going on where when Abe got close to him they both passed out becuase the universe somehow didn’t “want” them communicating, but now seems more likely to be just due to time travel exhaustion (or whatever you want to call the negative affects of time travel seen in the film). Seems to make sense that he’d just be distraught and found out about the boxes, used ’em to change what happened to Rachel. Great film. Ow my head.

DamnQuilty says:

Great explanation.

Derek Tilton says:

Soooooo basically, Aaron was a dick?

Márcio Cunha Carlomagno says:

Amazing video!! Great! Congrats! 🙂

sparda9060 says:

This movie never showed the original timeline like in the movie Predestination. You get to see how the paradox loop started and you end up watching the main characters go down the rabbit hole. The thing is that we never saw the original events that took place in Primer. My only guess is that Aaron (OA aka original aaron) found out what happened to his GF rachel that got killed by crazy ex BF ( not at the party) somewhere else after he invented the time machine and turned it on Monday. This would be the original timeline that would create endless paradox loops of Aarons going back infinitely trying to fix every previous timeline loops. Rachel got killed in original timeline with Aaron witnessing this.

This started the whole mess of Aaron making multiple trips trying to cover up his previous selves using the time machine. The whole reason that Aaron went through all of this is to create a timeline where Rachel was not kill by crazy ex BF. This is the reason why he even thought about creating fail safe boxes because Aaron OA told Aaron 0 about it somewhere off camera to transpire the entire movie events. this is the paradox trigger that started the feedback loop of infinite Aarons time traveling endlessly fixing the original problem. Aaron 0 wouldn’t even thought about fail safe box if it weren’t for Aaron OA telling him. Granger was used by Aaron OA to create an event that would indefinitely trigger Aaron 6 and Abe 5 to continue the loop by using the backup fail safe boxes near the end of the movie. Aaron OA telling Aaron 0 and granger about the fail safe boxes is the triggers that keeps this whole movie in a feedback loop to make the paradox self contained and not branch out further into more timelines and multiple loops outside of Aaron OA’s timeline that he wants to contain ( timeline where his GF Rachel is not dead).

PS: Aaron in the attic might very well be Aaron OA cuz he can simply follow the timeline and replace him easily by drugging him and dumping him somewhere else before other Aaron drugs his breakfast and lock him up in the attic. That Aaron in the attic gets to stay alive and live his own life. So I’m guessing that Aaron in Attic is the Aaron OA ( the original aaron who were suppose to be locked in the attic is replace by Aaron OA) who set up the entire self-contained paradox loop and then leave the loop entirely after Abe and Aaron split up in the airport seen at the end of the movie.

Jeyson Serafini says:

I haven’t seen the movie but for some reason I ended up here just to watch 1 min and get an idea of the plot… I ended up watching the whole thing! Your video is outstanding! +1 sub.

Eric Tyler says:

how can you be sure that it is Aaron 2 that is shown in another country? The last time we see Aaron 6 he is also leaving the country, so it could be either one of them that is shown right?

Vicente morales says:

I finally bought the DVD and I just finished watching it, but I needed an explanation so I came to this video

Your explanation was really good, thanks so much, this film is so awesome

Abdo M says:

I understand it now, but i know if i go back to watching the movie,i’ll get confused again. I have yet to meet the person who figured out everything from the first time watching it.
P.S: If indeed that person exists and is you, please don’t reply to make me feel bad.

esize says:

I understood all after watching this video … except for one thing that for me is very hard to understand… why Aaron is eating cereal for breakfast… hahaha

StormBringer1966 says:

A few years back I asked Blockbuster for a copy of thus film… They said that this particular film was never intended to be shown in theaters in México., not in DVDs or Bluerays either. Can any one tell me why is that?

Chicken Nuggets says:


Vincent Sawyer says:

Instead of the last Arron leaving and the last Abe trying to stop their previous selfs from ever time traveling in the first place, why didn’t they just simply wait until their previous selfs figured out time traveling. Then the last Arron/Abe could swoop right in because their previous selfs would have disappeared into the past. I mean that’s essentially what they have been doing the entire movie anyway, so why is it a problem at the end? This was the solution to breaking symmetry by slapping Platt…just wait till the previous selfs time travel. So basically all they had to do at the end of the movie is wait one day and everything would be back to normal for them (just wiser), right? But then I guess everything would just continue to happen in a circle, because the first Abe/Arron whose about to time travel would eventually come back to Monday with the last Abe/Arron still there. But if that’s the case, wouldn’t they have already been there at the end of the movie? Come to think of it, how did Arron 2, Arron 6, and Abe 5 all come back to Monday. Wouldn’t they have all been there getting out the failsafe boxes together? I mean, Arron 2 did set the failsafe box just like he found it, because when Abe went to use it, he couldn’t tell Arron had already used it. Just thinking out loud. Help is appreciated.

Noemis says:

Very good explanation!

Suyash Awasthi says:

My take- Withholding information is not mindf**k. It’s the laziest way of showing mystery.
Letting it all out and still it f**ks your mind is really thought provoking and a better movie.

Still I enjoyed Primer.

Jason Bourne says:

I watched this movie recenlty but I cannot understand why when original Abe enters into the box 3pm he dissapear in past (there is no sense, actually this movie is based on the time travell single universe (single timeline) theory. It would be infinitely timeloop (like PREDESTINATION movie) of one timeline (events), regardless of “conservation of energy” and paradoxes as well (which are not shown in this movie).

Jackie Chan says:

It’s Shane. Not Steve. Take a closer look.

Ryan Layug says:

It is funny that even after watching this video I can’t still totally understand it. Haha. I think this is the most complex time travel movie ever made!

Adrian! says:


Krishna Sharma says:

“And this is the part where it gets complex”. Man, it was complicated even before that. But the best explanation for this movie 😉

Bigg Higgs - says:

Excellent analysis. I always thought that Aaron was drugging/ trying to kill his former self each time he jumped back, therefore having all the knowledge and recording every day himself, and storing all the bodies in the attic, hence the attic sounding like multiple birds/ rats/ whatever. Which, confused me as to why Abe wasn’t doing the same thing, yet he didn’t have any “multiple” issues per say. Seems, easy to spot now that you’ve pointed it out. That was what I thought was the hole in the logic, but thank you for clearing that up.

Metaphysical Resonance says:

I more or less understood the basic plot of the film. This video is really useful to just get it out on the table and iron out all of the details.

crystal fyst says:

who are your real friends?

Parthasarathy G says:

Really thanks for uploading this explanation video with good editing. I was so curious to know the story, having no patience to watch it again

neshant sharma says:

very nice explanation ! thank you so much

Andrea Cordani says:

Wonderful, clear and exhaustive explaination.
Good job!

Doubledealer says:

Wait, so if you need to spend 6 hours in the box to go back 6 hours in time, what would happen if you prematurely come out of the box (say 5 hours)? Because the video said that you could only go back in time to the moment the box was switched on but if you don’t spend the time necessary in the box to get back to that moment what happens?

soulsearch1234 says:

Excellent! I get it totally now! Wow good and weird movie

mahchymk93 says:

He traveled back in time because the first time around he didn’t actually disarm him and the girl died.

d ardy says:

ummm I’m still fuc*ed up

SpaceTimeBadass says:

This is so incredibly good and appreciated.

V K says:

This film shows wonderfully how shortsighted and petty the nerds are.

Retro Fudger says:

what happened to aron 6?

Jiggajig Jones says:

I traveled back in time and came out of the closet.

Navaneeth Anand says:

Thank You for this explanation

Thom Smith says:

You sound Asian, only an Asian would be this smart

Hari kiran says:

simply to put it forward the timeline collapses thanx constant time loop destroying this particular time from ever existing at one coverage point where everything gets destroyed

consider it like cotton candy going round and round and round finally getting devovered by human in this case time stream itself

Tanmay Singh says:

awesome explanation undoubtably best time travel movie that i have ever seen

austin bogner says:


Paradox Production says:

Explain The Movie Triangle(2009)

kingyair says:

ok Im only up through 7:50 seconds.. and major point…. Abe “F” would cease to exist once he successfully gets Abe “0” not to go down the path he was going that would even make Abe F go back to use failsafe box. not sure how why there would still be two Abes at Monday 5am-9am.

conditionzeromaniac says:

Some of this we already got from the movie (first 7 minutes and half of the rest) but it was helpful in filling some gaps that werent shown in the movie and connecting/timign different events.Very good video!

Necromelomano says:

Nice explanation. Thank you.

Whistling Maniac says:

there are flaws in the logic, because if you are not surprised by the future you at 5 am coming out of the failsafe box, that means you have basically guaranteed your chances of not fucking up, unless you die in the future, in which case you can’t travel back and replace yourself

paulee rockstar says:

There is something you overlooked or chose not to include. I’m not sure how it plays out in relevance to the story, but when Abe is watching Aaron play basketball near the end of the film while listening to what the conversation is supposed to be, where he hear that he makes the basket, he sees that he in fact misses…

Reed Williams says:

The handwriting was obviously not a result of them putting their hands over the plate in the garage. Abe 2 and Aaron 3 are shown writing legibly in the library on Wednesday.

DrStabkill says:

I love this movie so much that I want a sequel. But, I don’t want a sequel cause it would ruin it.

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