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Hi, my name is Jordan Byers & I have an obsession with makeup and GLITTER. I am an 19 year old girl who likes to make product reviews and talk about all things beauty & sometimes fashion. I am going to college at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise) to study Beauty Industry Merchandise & Marketing. So no, I am not a makeup artist, but instead a regular consumer just like everyone else! A few of my favorite brands: Makeup Geek, Jeffree Star, Kylie Cosmetics, Lime Crime, Anastasia Beverly Hills, & House of Lashes. My whole youtube career started in my unfinished basement with a Canon t5i & a couple of makeup products. Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight. –  Proverbs 3:5-6
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Michael wants another slice of PIZZA says:

bRuTaLLy hoNesT ReviEw

Sydney Wilson says:

Please, you can barely even smell the coconut in it. It’s lame

Kerri Rich says:

Give credit where credits do!!!

Hadeel Hadool says:

Love u

Amber Rae says:

❤️I love all your content never miss a video. Background! Yes I’m glad so happy it’s back. You are a great artist.

Madison Ozment says:

Old background brought back the old Jordan ❤️ love Smashbox primer water!!

it's yo girl Meat ball meat says:

I tried that but the ulta tester Xd

nicole nicole says:

Haha the whole dry pimple skin thing is my pet peeve I have broken out on my face and had to go to a funeral and I could feel the pimp skins trying to flake off and it just isn’t pretty, so that part sells me on this product

Olivia says:

can I say brutally honest or are you gonna come for me too

Angela Angela says:

i dont really like nicol but here for you

Cheyenne Art says:

love you joby!!!!

Amber Rae says:


Lou Trash says:

Are you freaking serious? Yesterday you were talking about how drama channels are disgusting (and everyone knows you just made that video because you wanted to get views, I mean let’s be honest, before yesterdays video no one was talking about you) and now you’re reviewing the most controversial product in the beauty community right now? You clearly just want to get views and it’s very two faced the fact that you talk shit about the drama channels but still you’re getting involved in drama. Anyway I can’t wait for you to be called out.

Kristy Matsen says:

Your naturally beautiful seriously! Love your fresh face…love both faces lol it’s halerious my grandma used to call it putting her face on and it’s so true we have two different faces as women and I embrace the s*** out of it

Emily Savage says:

When is jobybeauty restocking makeup?!

tiffany angelie says:

The hair is a look hunny yessss

joann mcmahon says:

YOU STOLE BRUTALLY HONEST from another girl. THERES PROOF!!!! How dare you go after Manny when you did the same thing

Jacqueline JaGu says:

You are a princess! ❤

Rebecca Coons says:

You need to give credit to who you got the inspo for your title from in the first place, Jordan. I’ve been subscribed and putting up with your cringe worthy act- because your content ideas and camera quality was decent but you’ve lost yet another subscriber today. It’s kinda sad to watch you dwindling down the way you are..

kyon koizumi says:

Is telling the truth to a person or a group of people nowadays is now what you called HATE? There’s a big difference between TELLING THE TRUTH AND SENDING A HATE. First, Richlux said that we shouldn’t give her hate nor drag her in to this but she keeps on her sht over and over again. Wanna see some receipts? Go to Richlux channel and after you watch it, pause for a while ans think it for your self coz she didnt even give credits ONCE AGAIN to the original youtuber who used that “Brutally Honest” title. Now you’re telling us that its a HATE? SINCE WHEN?I know some you of might say “who cares?” “are you being butthurt over 2 word?” What if that happens to your fave? Well stop being HYPOCRITES. Hey Jordan, If if you dont want drama, better stop it.

madhatter_willow says:

Here for the tea posted a video about you, and also there is a everything wrong with Jordan Byers video

Kevin L says:

Barf. Gross

saborfrancias says:

She tries Nicol spray, the Drama channels are talking about, what next? Tati´s magic pills? lol

Jane Spring says:

lol 20 pumps! TWENTY – yes, you’re soaking. that bottle will last a week! lol

Darneezy says:


Jennifer Tube N says:

I die for the cucumber one!!! Ahhhhh.. Lol

Hayley Moody says:

You’re stealing the words brutally honest. How dare you!

Mariana Jimenez says:

I laughed so hard when you said, “I Shaved my moustache so you’re in for a treat” xD

Nikki_1413 says:

I love that primer water so much that I got two back ups during ulta’s 21 days of beauty!! Two for $16 lol! Thnx for the review- now I know I’m not crazy for loving a primer water haha!

victor bow says:

Man I should do a tube channel being brutally honest about people’s bad driving! thanks for the inspiration. THANKS

Valerie R. says:

Hey Jordan! Know you’ve been getting a lotta hate but you are awesome! Love your positive attitude 🙂

papadopoulos O3O says:

you liked it but its still being too much money idk for me at least


Lmao can “brutally honest” please die now? Even if it was “your” phrase, you killed it with how much you over reacted about others using a very widely used expression.

joann mcmahon says:

did you really say ” It doent say what finish its supposed to leave?” right after you read the claims that said it leaves a glow to the skin. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?????? DEWY

Cecilia Zuniga says:

dumb question with this spay do u still use primer o no thanks

Emina Dzanic says:

That is not setting spray that is primer water

Artemis says:

*bRUtaLlY HoNEsT*

Ay Mi QK says:

Well Rich Lux ,

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