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Hi guys! The new Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer is definitely raising some eyebrows in the beauty world. Will the Tatcha primer be worth the splurge?! Find out on today’s review!

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Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer http://bit.ly/2FnyvtT

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kitty kat says:

Urea comes from animal urine. How nice.

Tara Layton says:

Hi @Jackieaina! I bought this primer, and have followed the directions. However, it crumbles on my skin. Do you know what might cause that? I do moisturize and let it set for a few minutes. I have combination skin. Oily in my T-Zone & Saharan every where else. 🙂

Mariam Banaga says:

Urea is technically urine….

Lilly May May says:

its $47 on QVC!!

Meghan G says:

Urea is a biological nitrogenous waste, typically excreted by mammals… so yeah, to me that sounds like they’re saying there’s no urine in it… someone else have a less gross explanation for me??? Please??

Jennifer Burke says:

This looks goooood

Ysh Espulgar says:

U EARNED A NEW SUBSCRIBER!! The only Beauty Guru I listen to and subscribe to is Jeffree Star. But your realness girl… LOVE IT!!

Andrea Chambliss says:

The primer is $47.27 plus $3 shipping on QVC. I need to know if this primer works well on dry skin? I have large pores and dry patches.

Heather Furtado says:

Urea = a colorless crystalline compound that is the main nitrogenous breakdown product of protein metabolism in mammals and is excreted in urine

Lipikabhan5 says:

I literally watched 15 videos JUST for the into. Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie………………… goodnight I am done!!!!!!!

Rheanna Brown says:

Urea is animal urine

La_Bella_Daniela says:

What Concealer Brush are you using?? Does anybody know??

Lilipop_x 23 says:


Abi says:

Would this primer work well with the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer?

beatrix po says:

Yes urea is a form of urine

Kayla Whaley says:

I just bought the mini hourglass primer today to try. They were completely out of this tatcha, like i couldn’t even try a sample of the tester because it was empty. I plan to check back in maybe next week and see if i can get my hands on it. If it’s better than the hourglass, the hourglass will be returned lol

royaleBlack says:

Hey How are you

Janice Pandian says:

A lot of primers have water in it, so your paying for something you can get out of your kitchen tap. Solid primers are worth your dollars.

Frida Ojala says:

Love your videos you just make me so happy, you are so funny!

CassieJazz96 says:

Giving me Bey teas

dinatx1 says:

I wonder if anyone on YouTube really compared this Tatcha primer to Hourglass’s mineral veil primer…

Atalie Simpson says:

Aaaaaannnnd YET.AGAIN. I find myself watching Auntie J WAAAAAY to late and YET.AGAIN. Laughing WAAAAY too loudly and waking the babe. I mean if you didn’t laugh at the fantastic voyage on the blendin journey ballad do you have a soul? No.

beatrix po says:

I’m scared.. that was a lot!

Sammie burton says:

Tooooo much!

Barbette S says:

Oh I was hoping for the details on the eyes. Can you please tell me what shadows you used?

Katie Hartley says:

Why does Jackie have the best skin in the whole YouTube community? It doesn’t matter what products she puts on her face she always looks amazing.

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