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Hi guys! This review is on the NEW Tatcha ‘The Silk Canvas Face Primer’! I demo and review it PLUS give it a wear test under some foundation. Enjoy!
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Tatcha The Silk Canvas Face Primer

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Heather Dixon says:

I thought my tarte timeless was expensive!!!!

Moi Vienneau says:

Oh, and by the way, its $62 in Canada! Ugh!

marigam says:

The thing about the price is that it often turns out less than you would pay even for some drugstore primers because the quantity of product is so great. I don’t have any primers that I’m using right now and this seems worth it to me because it’s something I would use every single day. I would like for someone to go into the benefits of the ingredients they’re using and how they might be different/better from similar primers, though. The price is not the relevant thing with this primer, I don’t think.

Ashley D says:

the lines on your forehead disappeared instantly

Lauren Moore says:

I wish they would sell a smaller amount so that I could test it first hand. I know you get a lot and there’s the sale on right now but that is still too much money for me to gamble on a primer.

Andrew Gonzalez says:

which do you prefer, Becca Velvet Primer or this one? Price aside.

xbeautyblogxyx says:

Is the primer for dry skin

JERI Kingsbury says:

First time viewer, second review of this product. I’m impressed that you zoomed in so close and you are very honest in your review. I won’t spend hundreds but if it gives me good results I might go 52.00. Thanks for the review!

Osiris says:

Where did you get the fairy lights ?

Tessa Smith says:

Nice, thx for the review!

Shariffa Chantilope-Zelaya says:

I love that you zoomed in so we could see the finish in more detail. A lot of ppl would’ve stayed zoomed out or not remove their blurring filter or turn down their lighting while swearing it’s the best thing in the world because of the brand’s name. Thank you for your honesty, I saw the early release but held off until I saw a review and I trust yours. The product sounds good in theory but it’s no holy grail.

Jillian Stanier says:

I think patting it into the skin is what they recommend. For me, I rubbed it in and it definitely pilled badly under my foundation. Tomorrow I will try to pat in an upward motion they recommend. I wish I loved this but I don’t yet.

Karen B says:

Nice review. You have lovely eyes.

Julie Aprahamian says:

I tried this primer for the first time today it felt like it was sitting on my skin which I’m not used to in a primer.. was ready to take it back I’m going to but I’m going to try it with a different foundation and pushing it in my skin instead of rubbing it

Makeup Mom says:

I’m on the fence with this primer. Do you think it would work ok on dry skin on a “no makeup makeup” day? I don’t like wearing full coverage foundation because I spend a TON on all Drunk Elephant skincare so I like my skin to show through a bit. Have you tried it on it’s own yet with just a bit of concealer and bronzer ?

adela x says:

New subscriber

Stacy Fernandes says:

Would you recommend this for oily skin?

omega2k1969 says:

You could have offered a dupe for this primer. I would have loved that.

J Mac says:

I think it’s worth it. No separating, my makeup stays all day with this and no breakouts!

E M says:

I loved your honest review. I am having issues with fine lines under my eyes and lines at the corners of my mouth lately, do you find it did help with fine lines? Or you’ve had good luck with other products?
For pores, I’ve tried the Shiseido smart photo filtering serum (something like that, lol it’s a little 1oz pink bottle) applied after my makeup and although it was scary, it does magic, it’s not drying, doesn’t disturb my make up, makes it last. It seriously blurs out everything. I even bring it with me for touch ups, I can dab it on with clean fingers. Pretty unique underrated product in my opinion. I have never used it as a primer, only on top of my makeup, after i’ve applied my powders, setting spray, etc.

Michelle Ng says:

BEST review of this product. Thanks!

Faith Briner says:

When I heard you say you’re practical and mentioned packaging I fell in love with you! Lol. Thank you for being honest. 🙂 Really excited to check out more of your videos!

Cam Lynn says:

Omg.. I finally found someone with the same exact rye shape and lids as me. I’ve been looking for the past few months for a eyeshadow tutorial for eyes like ours.

sugarplumfairy20101 says:

The other primers over there are just silicones without any skin care properties.

Tortilla Chips says:

Thank you for such an in depth review! It’s so hard to find reviews like this

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