I could not wait to get my hands on the Tatcha primer just so I could do this review! I have been wanting to test the differences for so long. Hope you find this review helpful xx

Products on my face:
Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer
Tarte Clean Slate Smoothing Primer
Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation in Punjab and Barcelona
KKW Beauty Concealers in 6 and 5
Coverfx Translucent powder
Milani Tea Rose Blush
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer
BECCA Lilac Geode Pressed Skin Perfector
ABH Brow wiz in Medium Brown
ABH Brow Gel in Caramel
Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Marc Jacobs Feather Noir Mascara for bottom lashes
Mac Spice Lip Liner
Smashbox Liquid Lip in Fair Game


Nicky Pol says:

For me that I have really deep wrinkles on my forehead and I am not a fan of botox at all, the tarte one is my holy grail. It literally camouflages all the wrinkles as if I had injections! It is magic!

Ivana says:

Is this that Tarte primer? https://tartecosmetics.com/EU/en_HR/makeup/face/limited-edition-timeless-smoothing-primer/1249.html
Seems it has new packaging, this is the one Tati is using always?

Jessicaddy says:

I tried a sample of the Tatcha Primer and I really like it.. over the last few days, I have tried to somehow justify possibly spending $52 to get the full size; I wasn’t even a minute into this video and I had made up my mind… the second you mentioned WEDDING my decision was final; as long as I’m not the only one willing to splurge, I will consider it justified… LOL I’m getting married in 2 months and I have been playing with different combinations of face products and eyeshadow looks trying to come up with the PERFECT combination for that big day! When is your wedding?

LoveofVelvet says:

Hello Serena I’ve been trying to find this primer everywhere but i can’t find it!!! Even on tarts own site is not showing this exact primer. Could it be that it’s actually called “timeless smoothing” primer???

Hope2NoU95 says:

I think the Tarte did keep your oil under control.

Mel Hassan says:

Have you tried the luscious cosmetics foundation stick yet? Apparently it’s made to withstand very hot environments because it’s made by someone from Southeast Asia so she knows hot and humid climates. I’m considering it for my wedding day makeup and have seen a few people that got married in Texas use it and they said he really stood the test on their big day. One of them used it with the tatcha silk canvas. So I thought I’d throw that out there! Based on your review I think I’m going to go for thatcha for my primer. This was so helpful!

Evie Parrott says:

Tarte seems to blur pores better to me

Charles Petka says:

They are both great primers and I own them both and your using WAY to much tacha! Supposed to only use the size of rice! And there meant to be pressed into the skin where you need it

stacy echelberger says:

Tarte is more expensive per gram than Tatcha. Tarte is about $78 per gram and tatcha is $74. Tatcha is technically cheaper.

Natalia Alvarado says:

hey serena have you tried the j.one jelly pack for primer before??

Stacey Leigh says:

Have you tried the present from philosophy? Just for your nose I bet it would work to keep your makeup on all day.

Abigail Wenner says:

tatcha looks brighter

Andrea Scholl says:

Maybe I missed it…what is your skin type?

Thao Dao says:

OMG you really look like Nasim Pedrad, the actress that plays Aly in New Girl

megan meganm says:

No poreblem is Better than both of these

Luba K says:

The tatcha primer is actually less expensive. If you compare dollars per amount of product, .7 ounces of tarte would be $54.6, whereas tatcha is $52 per .7 ounces.

LoveofVelvet says:

O!!!M!!!G!!!!! Thank you for saying that!!! Thank you for saying that your makeup never stays on your nose!!! I have never found ANYTHING in the category of primers that would keep my makeup on my nose. Which exasperated me beyond despair!!!! I felt no one was dealing with this issue as much as me and I’m not even SUPER oily on my nose, I’m just a slight combination.
So thank you again. This makes me feel so much better!!!

April's Outlet says:


Johanna Kitzenberger says:

Thanks for the review and demo. I’ve been trying to decide between the two so this was very helpful. I hope I can get a sample of Tatcha from Sephora before I decide. Peace!

Kar4Jax says:

The tarte one I’ve heard is silicone based it’s meant to fill in pores. The tatcha primer is more like a skin care item which creates a barrier and moisturizes the skin and makes makeup last longer it is not silicone based at all. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the difference in the texture of both or how they fell on the skin. Something that’s heavy in silicones is going to feel way different than a creamy based product.

Lynzy Risingsun says:

Can definitely see a difference and if I was you I would go with the Tarte. I can tell a serious difference at the end.

Andrea Rivette says:

The Tarte really balls up on me! You’re right. It’s not pleasant to apply!!!

Emily A says:

What’s your skin type?

Miss Heather's World says:

I see your left side is a bit shinier. Also Vagisil chaffing cream for the win. A beauty secret make up artists use for wedding day make up. It’s full of dimethicone so not to be used every day.

Andrea Rivette says:

How do you think tatcha compares to the Smashbox primer? The purple Poreless one?

Karen Lawana says:

If you do the math, Tatcha Silk Canvas is actually cheaper per gram than the Tarte Smoothing Primer. The Tatcha is $2.60 per gram while the Tarte is $2.70 per gram. Not to sound like a total geek…just sayin’.

Carlie Morgan says:

Tatcha broke me out bad, the tarte didnt

conceitedminaj says:

Your right side is more oiler

1969Vanessa G says:

Were you paid to dislike one over another? Yep, your comments are inconsistent with the masses. You got paid!!!!!

Bethanymaxwell says:

I have used the tarte primer for a year and I love it! I want to try the tatcha tho!

Sabrina Morgan says:

The tarte one is actually more expensive cost per gram.

Vicki Noble says:

Less texture on Tatcha side from what I can see.

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