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kimberly sanchez says:

Have you ever tried the POREfessional face primer from Benefit Cosmetics? Do you think it works for oily skin girls? By the way I know MAC is not cruelty free, I would like to know which of the other primers that you mentioned are cruelty free. Thanks.

joybartolome says:

That isn’t your description is it? I think you were hacked

lvsrunner 29 says:

I have oily skin and I just hate it when my make up look cake specially in summer

Tameko Collins says:

Do you find that mattifying/silicone primers make your makeup slip around or lessen the wear of your makeup? Maybe my skin isn’t oily enough for them or something but it often acts as just another layer on my skin and my foundation doesn’t glide over it but moves around and the coverage is lessened. Sorry for the paragraph, I’m just very curious about your thoughts!

Alexandria Hammons says:

youve saved my life time and time again.

Αγάθη Ρώτα says:

could you do a review on the korres pomegrante mattifying primer;

chen semendouev says:


Tortilla Chips says:

The jane iredale primer worked better than the hourglass one for me. I have tried them all let me tell you. The mac and the pores no more are good. Smashbox didn’t work for me.

Oxsana Armenta says:

Hi! can you please re-post the links to the primers mentioned? Would be awesome. Thanks.

Zainab Bonab says:

what eyeshadow primer would you recommend for oily skin? btw i only use cruelty free products xx

Bree Makeup Addict says:

Can you use two different primers at the same time? Like the Dr. Brandt and Becca primers?

Jacqueline Carias Moreno says:

im heading to sephora after watching this video!

Bianca Silva says:

If anyone can answer this question it would be great! Is silicone primers good for those who have oily skin?

Jose Gaston Medina says:

Can you make us a video on how to use the Becca Primer?

TheLolaHoney FNJ says:

I neeeeeeed the links

Laura Callaghan says:

You’ve been hacked!! Description box is all wrong

Samantha Buettner-Oswitch says:

Can you try the new Tarte Poreless mattifying primer? It looks promising!

anon says:

how difficult is it to put on primer??

Kelly Urrego Casas says:

Is the hourglass the best overall? I bought the travel size from Sephora and it works good. But no matter which liquid foundation I wear it always breaks up. So I’m at a loss. Xoxoxoxo

Erina Iwasaki says:

Nikkia Im just wondering, does Nivea Men Post Shave Balm (as widely introduced by Nikkitutorials) work for combination skin (more to oily)?

fatimin80 says:

What lipstick are you using in this video??

imogen warren says:

can you show us how to use the becca primer with the double wear founation and tarte shape tape ?

chicksfeet says:

PRO TIP:::: If you shop at Ulta, it is cheaper to buy two of the .5 oz Smashbox primers for $16 each in the travel/trial size section rather than buy one of the full size 1.0 oz Smashbox primers for $39!!

Roshni Afzal says:

Can you make a video using L’oreal “BaseMagique Transforming smoothing primer” for oily skin!?

Jessica Gillim says:

um the description??

Linda Lincoln says:

I h ate that Mac Prep and Prime it is full of glitter!! I would never recommend this to anyone!

Julia Gomez says:

I have super oily skin and no matter what foundation I use it separates on my nose almost instantly as I am applying it. I have use beauty sponges, brushes and nothing helps! Can you suggest anything thank you!

Amber Van Mierlo says:

i love this video! it’s so helpful.
i only have one question, is the rimmel stay matte primer only available in australia or america or something? i’m searching for it everywhere but i can’t find it anywhere on the internet

Farha Jalila says:

nikkia, why is your description box like that?

VaRee' Batyah says:

Excelente video. Do you have great advice on how to get rid of the little black (idk if it is heads or hairs lol) on the end of the nose and completely clear nose pores?

Anita Walsh says:

How do I get foundation to stop rubbing off on to my glasses

Ymt 26 says:

Can we layer different primers?

Hami's life says:

can u make for best drugstore moisturizer for super oily skin.

Kate Kortum says:

omg… nikkia the description.. are you being/were you hacked???

Amanda Fernandez says:

Hi! Just wanted to ask what would you use on the rest of your face if you use the becca or smashbox primer on just certain areas of your face? Thank you <3 🙂

Mrs.hameed Mian.hameed says:

u r a really nice person to listen.u describe everything very honestly.and ur face reading tells that u r a very honest person.and I think that’s why people like u.God bless u.

noor zaweti says:

@Nikkiajoy Hey Nikkia, my wedding is in July, and temperatures will be about 40C and i have really oily skin, i was wondering if you could do an oily skin bride routine lol, or just advise me of the best primer for oil skin on brides please. I would really appreciate it.

Grace says:

Are all of these good for flash photography?! 🙂

B Graziano says:

I’m not insanely oily, more of a normal skin type but my makeup NEVER lasts more than like 4 hours so this is super helpful

Mary Kelly says:

DHCUSA makes THE best primer and it’s been around since before anyone ever heard of primer. Velvet Skin Coat is magic – no more pores, oil, foundation goes on like a second skin. Just amazing. It’s a Japanese Co. located out of SF.

Neelum Shakeel says:

please make video on Maybelline fit me foundation first impression

Neko Rojas says:

No List of the Products?

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