The ELF Primer SCAM is a LIE! I’ll Show You How They’re Doing It!

So, every once in a while this Elf Primer Scam rears its ugly head. But the people filming (knowing our unknowing) are misleading you!

The most recent video from on Facebook –

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Tiffany Filippini says:

People are soooo naive! GREAT VIDEO!

YouTube Stephannie says:

Thank you

MeghanBrittanieBeauty says:

Why are people here shaming these people for being uninformed on airless pumps?? Everyone doesn’t know everything. I certainly didn’t know about airless pumps before now, but now I do. There’s no shame in being uneducated in something. Y’all need to stop acting like you know everything & just help people to understand better-they won’t know until you tell them


I love this primer!❤️

Adella O'connor says:

Head in hands people are stupid !!! Wow

427IndigenousSkies says:

They knew what they were doing because they would have had to pump all the product out or use the product to be able to say this.

Jazzmine Leigh says:

People just wanted views…that is so whack. Lol. I love that primer

A Noob Life with Liberty says:

It’s actually all the bottles not the primer.. Including the foundation?

katya2032 says:

Lord, the poster of the Facebook video doubled down and claims now that she had an old version of the primer and they have just now changed the pump system. No, they didn’t.

Ashleigh Latham says:

Not even surprised that people are this stupid. Freaking ridiculous. Great video!!!!!

vicky chen says:

Even if ELF is scamming people, who cares? Their products are so inexpensive lol

Natalie C says:

Literally like 4-6 bucks…

Isle Of Grey says:

Thank you

Danny Battinieri says:

ELF has some pretty dope shit. For me their products are either hit or miss, but what *does* work is amazing. Example: their mist & set spray is the same as MAC Fix Plus

reineshadow says:

I love your voice! It’s so nice to listen to, and I love your intro that it’s not loud and just simple and quick. That alone won me over <3

Maxlin says:

Does no one really know what a stopper is anymore!???? Come on people have you ever seen those orangecicles that push up, you know the ones at every snack bar in elementary school

Amberlee poole says:

U are very polite…i can’t believe how stoopid these people are!!! Lol

Jade says:

It shocks me that people are so dumb they don’t know how these bottles work.
Most of my foundations have that air tight mechanism and have done for years. Geeeze people.

Bobbie Anderson says:

Is that primer any good the elf one

Magic Avocado says:

They did LIE about being cruelty free though !

Alia Pitoyo says:

Why would elf put another container just to scam the amount? It will cost more. Smh, gullible people.

poison pixie says:

Excellent video

Sarah Nicole says:

Just because the container holds a certain amount doesn’t meant that it was completely full of product. It would have been a better test to remove the product and measure it instead of the container capacity

brynn ༺‿༻ says:

we love a scientific queen

Ashley Quintana says:

Other ppls videos are #clickbait

Reflexology52 Welsh says:


Christine Waters says:

She probably bought a container that had been used!

Angela P says:

Good detective work sister! I LOVE E.L.F because it’s cruelty-free!

Amber E. Box says:

Thank you for posting this!!!

Taka Ari says:

I just saw the video with the lady in the clip you show here. I knew something was off about what she was saying. Those are the primers I use and they last me a while, even with me using them everyday. Thank you for this! Subscribed!!

Little Loner says:

What is it, that makes so many Americans go batshit crazy and think EVERYTHING is a conspiracy and it’s best to trust your own first impressions on anything

Sandy g. says:

The guy who made that video needs a fuckin life

Cynthia Rosario says:

And dude in the video…. duhhhhhh. Shut em down.

A Child Of God says:

So gland I came across your video FIRST BEFORE seeing those other “scam” videos! I fell in love with ELF via Dollar Tree Store! My standards weren’t set high as I didn’t know about ELF until purchasing their first product for just $1.00. I was amazed and totally hooked since then. I use several primers together. One was too oily for my skin while the other too drying. So I mix the two together and it’s perfect! I’m glad to know I’m not getting ripped off!

Speak Easy says:

Thanks cause I like elf products… I’ve always thought they understood the average citizen

TARDIS Tales says:

Have people seriously never encountered a stopper before? SERIOUSLY? They’ve never owned a clear bottle of foundation where you can see the little stopper going up and up each time you pump?

Rach31 says:

Wow Jen this blew up!!!

breana ramos says:

Honestly, whether elf had less or more product…I would never say that they’re “ripping me off”
Their prices are insanely cheap ahaha

maddielovelee says:

Lol I never heard of this but ppl really didn’t understand that already?? Ctfu wow

Cynthia Rosario says:

Wow really? The one channel said a hidden container. Yeah they spent more money to add a secret compartment to fool us because its cheaper than just adding product. Wth? She should feel stupid.

Louisa Dominguez says:

Some people are so damn stupid

nerdlingful says:

Also check out yesterday’s Daily Makeup Minute for diagrams of vacuum bottles!

Nicole Herron says:

You can see for yourself how big the bottle is. No one is scamming or lying. Idiot YouTube’s.

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