Too Faced Hangover Face Primer Review

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Featured Product:

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer
1.35 fl oz

$32 at Sephora-
(affiliate link)

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Too Faced. These are my own, honest opinions. Not a sponsored video- I have never accepted money from a company in exchange for a video.


Shavonne Jefferson says:

you should try itcosmetics primer, its called No.50

Crystal Cruz says:

Thank you for the review it was very helpful. I was tossing between this primer & the it Cosmetics primer.

cruelangles says:

Looking at it, the it cosmetics one has a ton of volatile inflammatory(albeit naturally derived) plant oils and fragrance and perfluorodecalin. Plus it comes with less product for more money.

cruelangles says:

The ingredients are actually very, very nice. Also, this comes with slightly more product than average. I have oily skin so I plan on using this under very matte foundations.

Pixal Blade Blue says:

this is a silicone-free primer that’s why it doesn’t give you that smooth feel after application. this one is more appropriate for someone with silicone allergy. and its paraben-free. but the perfume/scent is a no-no for me!

Betty Ann Cardinal says:

The Too Faced Rx Hangover Primer is absolutely amazing and I am so glad I purchased and tried it out for myself.  I almost didn’t purchase after listening to your review but I though “hey, why am making a decision based on someone else’s review”, everyone has a different experience with products and Im glad I took the plunge and got the Too Face Hangover Primer.. I am one of your subscribers and enjoy watching your channel and hearing what you have to say on products, some I agree with and others I have to try out anyway,  anyway, keep up the great work,..

Summer Paris says:

I love this primer I have very dry skin and even though i put on moisturizer all the time my makeup doesn’t seem to last it cracks after a couple of hours but with this hangover primer it reduces my fine lines by 60 to 70 % and i can strongly say it has made the world of difference as my makeup looks pretty much in tact even after 7 to 8 hours , i think if you have dry skin you will really appreciate this product, if you have Normal skin i would not recommend spending so much on a primer as normal skin tends to hold onto product longer than oily and dry skin but if you have normal skin and have pores and fine lines then there are primers out there that specifically cater for those needs in the market for a cheaper price tag x

Iphone lover says:

I love your make up I am taking make up classes this year the other primer I had is to creamy for my face i

Ni Lo Pienses says:

Uh! Uh! I love that electric challenge look! 😉

Isabel Fellner says:

Thanks again for an honest review. I really appreciate it.

Michelle Garcia says:

Thanks so much for your honest review, you just saved me $$$. I was hoping it would be more like
The primers with the silky finish but a lotion I have plenty of. THANKS!

Louise Bailey says:

Wow that is something alright lol

Sophie Roberts says:

Is this good for combo skin, as i get dry patches under my eyes and my cheeks x

Lps Rose says:

ignore the account im using to post this comment, this review was very bad. she talks too much and it takes too long to actually get to the part where she reviews the product
– very annoyed 17 year old girl

Nivan says:

felt like this wasn’t good for my skin at all, tried it because I got the foundation born this way.. which is wonderful. I feel like this made my skin a little tight, a little painful in places… like it genuinely started to sting when putting it on., currently using benefit pore mini miser one and it’s so much smoother and nice feeling on my skin.

Michelle Gallegos says:

Love your reviews! Thanks for the video!

David Wilson says:

What are some of your favorite smoothing primers?

Denise Best says:

P.S. I noticed my make up looking smoother also and staying on pretty well compared to my old primer ….wich I thought was the Best ( Spackle by Laura Gellar)

Dylan Mercedes says:

I really want this! Moisturisers don’t cut it for me and I want a primer that will smooth my dry patches in my T zone so that my foundation doesn’t cling to them.

Haley Elise says:

Agreed! I got a small tube of it, thank god I didn’t get the full size. I’m not a fan whatsoever. I’m a Porefessional girl, I must say.

ForeverChiTonight says:

Can you review the pur minerals primer ?

Bianca Lopez says:

+Beauty Broadcast Express what is a good primer that goes well with water based foundations? I have oily skin with some dry patches at times and i have Hurd that i need to match the primer and foundation together so it wont look cacky or break up.. Any ideas?

Cristhiane Morineau says:

Thanks for the great review, as always!!!! I was hoping you would review this!!! I was tempted to try it for my under eyes.. very dry and thin… plus sometimes I don’t get as much sleep as I should (a bit of a night owl once the kiddos are sleeping!) … any other product you would recommend? Constantly trying new concealers, etc.  Would love a recommendation from you! Thanks! 

Anissa Gonzalez says:

what it cosmetics primer are you talking about? 🙂

Tiffany M says:

I feel like this one just acts as more of a moisturizer than a primer

SugarRiceBunny says:

I HATE IT! love the smell, and the look. But my pores show, make up looks cakey! Never again! I just add a little on my eyes and That’s it. I will never again use this one, I tried All of two faced primers … Never end up a happy customer. =

This is it. No more primers from them. I’ll continue with my hourglass primer .

Denise Best says:

I have been using this for almost a month and I love it. I am not a fan of silicone slimy feel on my skin….but honestly ..I am noticing my skin texture looking better lately , sunno if the cocunut water is doing that but …my skin looks smoother and my pores are looking smaller …not instantly but after 3 1/2. weeks of use …so I’m Happy with it. Love the feel 🙂

JeSsii84 says:

can you please review this too faced hangover VS marc Jacobs coconut primer?

Crystal Cruz says:

Thank you for the review it was very helpful. I was tossing between this primer & the it Cosmetics primer.

Irene D says:

Just to clarify, was she talking about the “Feel The Moment™ Anti-Aging Ultra Hydrating Sensory Awakening Primer Serum by It Cosmetics”?? 

Heather McMahon says:

I bought a travel size of this product to test it out. I have combination skin leaning more towards oily. I use this primer because it DOES act as a moisturizer BUT, it doesn’t leave my skin greasy or oily. I haven’t found a moisturizer I can use under my foundation and this primer WORKS! I also use the YSL touche eclat blur primer over it for my large pores on my nose and cheek area…amazing combo!

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