WTF!!!! $3.90 (£3.90) PRIMER THAT BEATS THEM ALL!!!!




NOTE: I am NOT affiliated or sponsored by any of the products mentioned. What i can say is that after having used these for over 5 weeks now they preform as good as all my high end primers without the expensive. Truly, exceptional.


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Thank you for watching my youtube channel. My name is Wayne Goss and often known on youtube as gossmakeupartist. I give beauty tips, makeup techniques and reviews on all things makeup and skincare related. If you’re looking to pick up tips and tricks to up your makeup game, then i really hope you find this channel useful. I give beauty and makeup techniques that i hope will change the way you view makeup and make it a more fun and easy process.


Tiffany Johancen says:

can you buy and have it shipped to the U.S.

sevenofswords says:

Good to see honesty and not feeling bad about choices whether to have kids. (honesty without the nasty I’m saying)
I keep feeling skeptical about The Ordinary and Deciem tbh, when so many Youtubers just rave about multiple of their products and hardly a bad word said. And I remember the guy who started Deciem and similarities to his old brands Indeed Labs and Euoko and their way of describing products. This is just me being a f-n skeptic though, if this stuff really is that good and it’s not just kool aid, then great.

Reviews By Vix says:

i love your vids wayne u are awesome!

Erin Sullivan says:

The comments were disabled for your WARNING video you linked, I wanted to say that was amazing. Thank you for bringing that to people’s attention and sticking up for what’s right.

A. T. says:

I like to try out loads of products because my skin is hard to work with – but I personally love ‘baby skin instant pore eraser’ from maybelline, its just as good as the benefit one for me and its really cheap

way better than the UD ones for me, even better than mac or smash box! for me this one really does the trick and I tried them all…

Private says:

Great video, WG, however it should be noted that DECIEM is so behind in shipping ALL products, it’s not even funny. I waited almost a month to receive my products and had to hound them everyday until they shipped my products.

Jimena Ibarra says:

You gave me anxiety and I bought 4 lol.

Cher D says:

Thanks Wayne, I got mine from Ebay, love it …

Joan Davidson says:

Wayne: I hope you won’t mind but I’m linking back to this video on my blog? If you do not wish for me to do this, please message me back and I will remove the link and any reference to you immediately! Thanks very much for the fantastic review!

Chelle Copley 1967 says:

Wayne! I got the cream type primer and you are SO freakin right…It is amazing! I’ve been searching for a primer that would do half of what this will do and for 4x the cost! I am comparing it to what I’ve tried and it just blows the doors off of SO many ones I love. Smashbox, porefessional, nyx matte and poreless. I’ve also tried the nivea for men after shave thing and even the monistat chafing gel. When I tried this one I was like…Yep, done…I need to try the liquid one for around my forehead and eyes. I have combination skin but lately since my skin care routine has changed massively I have more just normal skin. I used to be super oily- especially in warmer weather but since I have begun The Ordinary skincare routine my skin has stabilized. I’ve had a total of TWO breakouts in going on 3 months now! and my daughter who has pcos and very acne prone skin, moreso cystic acne with the addition of hormonal breakouts and oily skin has had 3- THREE total breakouts in almost 3 months and for her AND myself those that did occur were minimal in redness, pain and definitely in length of stay. She uses the salicylic acid every other day and those days she had the breakouts she spot treated on the ‘off’ days. All but gone by the 3rd day. I can’t wait to try the foundations and the other primer and I saw on one of their social media accounts that they will be coming out with sunscreen too!


I bought it & I wasn’t impressed, unless I’m using it wrong. please make video that shows how to actually use it since there’s no directions on the product or box

MadeUpLikeADoll says:

Your commentary is straight up real! Love it!

solag86 says:

you are so AMAZING and hilarious! Thank you for such incredible thoughtful and body positive, natural beauty positive videos!

MsGnor says:

Love your videos, thanks Wayne xxxx

Lenny says:

First of all let me just say this: Your skin looks faaaaaaabulous. It’s so bright, fresh and flawless. Secondly, I just bought hyaluronic acid and vit C. suspension from the Ordinary because of you, and now I’m going to buy the primer too. Thankyou Wayne for sharing this amazing products!

Destafari Goode says:

Please don’t pee on camera

corleone says:

i like it when you do that what? humph?! face

Mae Z says:

I JUST ordered this 2 hours before the video dropped because the price intrigued me so much and the reviews were amazing (I bought $100 worth of this brand’s products, it’s crazy.) can’t wait till they get to Dubai!!

jenise62 says:

You make me smile!! My kids are grown and out of the home and I have realized…I am not an empty nester! I love them, but I don’t miss them…(insert snickering here!)


I bought it & I wasn’t impressed, unless I’m using it wrong. please make video that shows how to actually use it since there’s no directions on the product or box

VKS Dub says:

I went to deciem yesterday and got 2 foundations and the adherence primer, which is funny cause it was all but sold out 2 days ago but luckily I was able to get my hands on them. And funny enough, I think this is my most favorite video of yours, just because I think we see your true self. anyways luvs!

MariaandLola says:

It’s on ASOS right now guys 🙂 Well, in the UK anyway

Adley McCormick says:

so nice to see the ordinary links on ,near page,been wanting to try, thanks Wayne!

SarahCosmetics says:

Great find!!

Veronika Klaic says:

Gotta disagree was expecting great things but alas NO!!! It is NOT all that & a bag of chips – yeah yeah it’s an opinion yeah yeah we are all entitled to one as is Wayne etc aha yup I’m just here refuting the hype – in the interests of giving it a fair shot I gave it a red hot go till half way through the tube definitely not all that

PS here in Australia it’s almost $20 w PH not available retail online only

Just saying!

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