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Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
Mini Version

-The lipstick I am wearing today: Rimmel Latte To Go
-The highlight I am wearing today: Loreal La Vie En Glow Cool

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Eyeshadow brushes:

Spectrum A17 brow brush, Flat eyeshadow brush, Blender brush
Iconic London Eye Brushes
Real techniques Starter set for eyes

Face brushes:

Morphe Buffer brush
Iconic London Face brush set
Spectrum Sassy Sirens brush set

Highlight brushes:

Zoeva Luxe Powder fusion brush
Morphe M501

Contour brushes:

Morphe m557
Spectrum Angled contour


♡MUSIC: My music is either from Nicolai Heidlas here on Youtube Go check him out!! I use these songs in my videos:
Back In Summer
Delighting Memories
A Way For Me
Happy Chances

or Youtube audio library *I do not own this music*



-What do you film with? Canon 750d
Sigma 30mm Lens
-Why is your channel called sophdoesnails? I started my Instagram account a couple years before Youtube, where I did loads of nail art. When I started youtube I wanted to keep the same name so I was easier to find! Nail videos are too difficult to film + I prefer makeup!
-What’s wrong with your fingers? I have dermatophagia
-How old are you? 21

Thank you guys for all your amazing support! xxx


Julia Homola says:

Your cat looks so cool!

Kira TF2 says:

Wow marry me

Cansu Oder says:

Another reason for your ‘asymmetrical’ smile line might be that you move that part of your face more when smiling and talking. Like most people, I too have more ‘control’ over one half of my face 🙂

Golden says:

Thank you for this I’m probably buying this today. I know I’m late but I’m so excited now. I do not have oily skin but my skin is very very dry and my makeup comes of. I’m so excited to use it. Thank you for actually showing us a close up. I could really see the result but some YouTuber don’t show a close up they just say it’s working from a far different. You were completely honest and you showed us a close up and now I’m gonna buy it.

pink pastelss says:


Cindy Ngo says:

Finally some me tests this

Yohana Wu says:

did any one notice that she has uneven smile? maybe that’s why she only has one side smile line problem?

Banana Peaches says:

Omg first video of you that i am watching. I LOVE that you dont act overly excited and scream the whole time! Love you

Feyza says:

do a video to look if fixing sprays work too

Amber Libotton says:

Wow I just found you and I love your voice and accent!! You have a really classy way of talking if that even makes any sense haha

Aron Antony says:

youre eye makeup is STUNNNNIIIINNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Christen Hope says:

she looks like Sabrina carpenter and Reese witherspoon

Emily Green says:



Great video!! Can you do setting powder next? Like powdering one side of your face and the other with just foundation

Katherine Ch says:

Soph, It might not be the setting spray, but the lines. My left smile line is deeper than my right one, and foundation tends to settle only in the left one no matter what I do. I think your right smile line (as we see it in the video) is deeper. but ofc you know your face better 🙂

Rachel Mims says:

Wow! You look so much like Sabrina Carpenter! Gorgeous!

Olohime Umakhihe says:

I love this video, but I feel like the smile line was more visible on one side because her smile is a bit lopsided, more like a smirk.

Ca'mora Johnson says:

Actually the main setting spray is the Mac fix plus

AbnerW/Cover/ Mukbang says:

I subscribeeee

violetta says:

Soph is such a snack

asapmais says:

your hair omega i lavvvv

Vilma Helmiina says:

personally setting spray does nothing to me because i don’t wear fondation..

Aubrey Takashima says:

is it just me or after she sprays the setting spray, i saw little hairs on her face hehehe cutie

zjm m says:

luv ur accent

RoccoBuzz says:

You talk waaaay too much girl… start the video like i dont have an eternity


Definitely been curious about this, gonna have to watch the primer video

MsPineappleKiss says:

Omg love Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana music throwbacks 😀 how am i almost 25? Haha 😀 i like to use setting Spray but i have dry skin so i mainly use it for extra moisture i guess 😀 great video! 🙂

Viva LaCoOkiez says:

Finally!! I’ve always wondered if setting spray made a difference or not

Izzy Baylay says:

So helpful!

Referee Quantity says:

Woukd say its best to review it by….1st day you use settig soray andntest after 11 or more hours….the 2nd day dont use setting slray and again after 11 or more hours… I believe both tests will be totally different results compared to half face tests…as temperatures will affect the face in different ways and results wont be the same compared to full face of setti g and a full face of non setting.

Cheryl Sawka says:

I use Kar Von D Lock It setting spray and it does work.

Syiqin Fazimi says:

What eyeliner she use?

PusheenCustoms ♡ says:

Maybe you should do 1 half drugstore setting spray and 1 half high end setting spray to see if its worth going high end for your setting spray or not?

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