HonestAF MORPHE REVIEW: 3502 Palette, Brushes, Sponge, and Continuous Setting Spray


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Hey guys!

I hope y’all enjoy this #HonestAF Morphe Revew Video. Today we are talking about the Morphe 3502 palette, several Morphe Brushes, the Morphe Beauty Sponge, and the Morphe Continuous Setting Spray. I am so glad that I decided to give this brand a try if for no other reason I think its VERY important for us to always be willing to question our own snap judgements and assumptions.

Products Mentioned:

Morphe 3502 Palette
Morphe E56
Morphe M405
Morphe M510
Morphe M439
Morphe M405
Morphe E47
Morphe M505
Morphe M508
Morphe M432

Morphe Beauty Sponge

Morphe Continuous Setting Mist

Smith 232
Wayne Goss #03
Sigma E21
MAC 212
MAC 239
Sigma F03
Wayne Goss #11
MAC 221
MAC 168






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Caitlin Cordani says:

I would love to see your opinion on the 35P plums pallet by morphe. And the Jeffree star pallets and lippies!

Mira Parker says:

I think if you’re used to Smith or Wayne Goss there’s no way the Morphe ones will match up. I get them if I want to try a certain brush shape or if I want backups and I just know I’ll toss them after a few months

Heidi Farr says:

Last comment…. Sorry. Bh cosmetics has wayyyy better brushes… They have a very nice set that is a close dupe to the Wayne Goss eye set. Check it out…..

RandyandCyndi Baker says:

Because there ain’t no dupe for Mac 242. Also I like having nice brushes . I can peddle with Morphe but I’m like you stuck in my ways. I don’t like fall out in any way shape or form cas, i have my skin care on under eye and pores on cheeks and I don’t like to wipe it off. Its $$$$$$. I’m sorry you know Chick. I just gotta be careful.

erica s says:

your voice, just no

Sonnet Ozowski says:

Thanks for your honest review! I feel like I can totally trust the products you test & like & really want to try that sponge now. Also, what lashes are those? They are gorge!


Well i was here to watch more about 3502 . Stopping watching this video at 1:00

DeAnna Curtis says:

What is on your lips? It’s GORGEOUS!!! You live in TN? I used to live in Columbia, south of Nashville. TN is my favorite state. Such a beautiful place

kandigma F says:

Welcome to the Dark Side…lol

Cindy says:

A question that I can’t fine an answer to…should you match your lower lash line with the colors on your lids or your crease colors

Heidi Farr says:

Whitney girl!!!! Please please be careful with any morphe brush that has black bristles. I ruined a few of my favorite highlighters because their brush continued to bleed and bleed and vbleed no matter what I did. Fist they wouldn’t replace it with a while hair brush because they said I needed to give it time to bleed (wtf)…. Then 2 weeks later… It had been too long. That was my last Morphe purchase.

Rachel Nicole says:

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you’re so beautiful, and I just adore you lol.

Brandy Abdelaziz says:

What lip colors are you wearing? Is it the Tom Ford one? I’m really loving your lip combos lately! I bought abh crush and boxum Leslie. I still need to get milkshake.

Heidi Farr says:

A lil dog hair is a girl’s best accessory lmao

Life In Leopard Pumps says:

Uh get back to us with the morphe brushes. I’ve never had a problem with their performance, at the beginning. The problem is they fall apart. Ferrell’s come loose from the handle, bristles fall out and break. I understand trying to save money – but if you buy 1 MAC brush , wayne goss, hakuhodo- it will last you yeeeears like forever. You’d have to repurchase the same brush from morphe time and time again to get you through that so then … whats the point of the price break? Thats why they frustrate me so much!!

Tiffany M. Prevost says:

That setting spray does nothing for me. I like the idea, but she does nothing for me. I’m trying that sponge out now though.

Jess K says:

Curious have you washed the Morphe brushes yet? I thought the few I had were pretty good til I washed them and they completely changed after that.

Oana Vladimirescu says:

You comper some affordable brushes as Morphe with some high end brushes. This is not a fair comparision. Not all of are MUA to invest in high end brushes. And I noticed that is not a big difference anyway.

Malgorzata Batog says:

where has gone your sigma brushes?

Donna Laney says:

Girl u didn’t do your Morphe homework. If you would have looked at a few videos you would realize what eye brushes you should use and also you didn’t try to blend the Morphe side. You TOO high maintenance. You seriously need to learn what drugstore products are.

Kelly Wolfe says:

Great video I would love to try more from morphe I have their day Slayer palette but that’s the only one and I’ve tried a couple of their brushes but that’s it I wish I had a store near me that sold it…. I like this I look on you but I do agree that all the shades look a lot of the same and I don’t understand the point of that

Brandy Abdelaziz says:

I was so excited to see that you uploaded!! Yay!

Elvira Reyna says:

I have just purchased the 24 G pallet. It’s pretty good the pan sizes are huge.

theliannajade says:

What lashes are you wearing? Love hearing your opinion on Morphe products!

klaudia hennessy says:

I have a few palettes from morphe and im not a fan at all.

Stephanie Brown says:

Yes girl!!! I clicked on this video just to see if anyone mentioned how many repeat shades are in morphe pallets.. It’s ridiculous! I returned the 35o2 pallet because of how many of the shades looked exactly the same.

Nicole Nicole says:

Did your Smith 232 and 230 lose their shape a little when you washed them? I feel like when I washed mine they did. I still love them but wondered if it was an issue with how I washed them.

Halsey Is My Real Name says:

the Morphe sponge disintegrates so fast after you wash it a few times… it sucks

Cindy says:

Your “non” morphe eye looks much brighter and wider. I like it better than the Morphe eue

KimberlysBeautyChannel says:

I love when you post videos!! Your definitely one of my favorite! Will you do a video on how you clean/take care of your brushes please?

RandyandCyndi Baker says:

Your skin looks good girl. The one little brush used to apply your contour is used for Putting powder on edges of eyeshadow to make it look edgy and sharper. It is all in Preference Some Gals like longer flimsy some Gals like shorter Fatter.LOL needed your hummer this morning.

Dinkum Man says:

Which one i should buy
Sigma f40 or morphe e4 ??
Sigma f25 or morphe e3 ??
Plz suggest

Vanessa Telasky says:

Their 2017 Holiday Palette (39A) is beautiful!! It’s the only one I own since I’m like you where I hate when all the colors look the same and that’s what they constantly do. But I really enjoyed the formula and colors!

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