How much product is really in the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist? | THE MAKEUP BREAKUP

Welcome back to another episode of The Makeup Breakup! Today we are taking a look at the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist, is it really continuous and does it contain as much as it says it does?

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Abby Green says:

I think there were 5 mL of overspray. Or at least 3 mL

Leticia Flores says:

Hi, thanks for this video, it has been very informative and made me decide to go ahead and try it. Can you please us what nail polish you had on? It reminded me of Central Park from KL Polish. 🙂

McKenzie Wight says:

Love it! No code.

demetre nadiradze says:

Maybe actually open the bottle and pour out the liquid?

PinkKoalas says:

I enjoy their spray better than Mac fix+ only because of the spray! It feels so soothing and goes in a nice cone. I’ve had it for 2+ months and have been using it daily, sometimes 2x a day and I still have product left!!

avylol08 says:

You lost a TON of spray in the beginning. Because it’s such a close amount I’d say the working amount is accurate

Anezka dudusova says:

Can you do a hair spray

2charmss says:

Damn actually not a rip off! Awesone

Nina Cabuenas says:

this would be some great ass asmr

Eleanor Gordon says:

Maybe try using saran wrap and a rubber band to contain it? No hate, just a suggestion

Jeannette Casaya says:

There’s lines for a reason it 79

Vashti Ramsaroop says:

You gals are fantastic! Thank you for taking the time, to create really fun and interesting content! Because of this, I think I’ll eventually check out Morphe’s Setting Spray. Thanks for all of the hard work! I’m looking forward to all the new content that you’re going to offer in ’19. 🙂

amanda Derp says:

Maybe you guys could try to have some kind of small cap over it to keep it smaller and contained I’ve been here for a while now and I’m so proud of you guys

Smooth tangerine says:

The only reason it looks like the can has less is because it is thicker than the test tube so there’s more product

vanessa banales says:

the sound omg so calming lol

avmarissa x says:

At :57 she says it’s raved abt my people who have what???

Angel Scarlett says:

i had this for 2 weeks and it’s basically empty

Gisselle Dallas says:

There’s probably more in there but since you’re tilting it you can’t spray it into the funnel

LetYourself BeHeard says:

I’m not affiliated with Morphe & I fucking love this setting spray. I’ve bought 4 bottles ever since I found this setting spray. It’s amazing as hell.

Rebecca Michaels says:

I love the idea, maybe try again with less of the spray flying out, bc I kinda think it would get the full amount, but love the video and spray

jusosa says:

there would be atleast 2-3mills on that table, the rest would have evaporated, its water my dudes, either way its not bad

Jay theweirdalien says:

I personally love that setting spray,and I don’t have a code. ❤

ak says:

ok lets be real, half of the product won’t land on peoples faces anyways…

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