Is ELF Mist & Set Spray the Perfect Dupe for MAC’s Spray?

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Tired of having to retouch your makeup? ELF to the rescue once again. Can e.l.f.’s Makeup Mist and Spray help you set it and forget it? Is this e.l.f. makeup setting spray the perfect dupe to
MAC’s? Find out.
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Bongtasia says:

they’re drunk

Tmac1963 says:

The elf mist and set spray is so good I don’t even consider trying other setting sprays. It works great.

Amber Martin says:

does it have an alcohol smell to it? the best way to use a setting spray is to spray your face before your makeup and after.

Jasmine Rodriguez says:

Tutorial DIY Sugaring please!!!

Pankaken K says:

A light year is a measure of distance, not a measure of time. But thanks for the review! 🙂

chris northey says:

you both are awesome, male makeup artist here, i’ve learned so much from you! you should have a tv shoe 4REAL

Jelicia Moss says:

Yessss I love this stuff!

J.D.Y J.A.Y says:

I use this and i have the mac setting spray.. does the same exact samething.. sets it and like blends where u msy have not gotten.

Madison Jannett says:

I love your hair in this video!!

Barbara De Medeiros says:

Love the review girls! Xo

Nicole Bierlein says:

you guys are literally so cute

Guseul Choi says:

ani i love this style! u looks cooler here

Samiha Khan says:

hey guys! awesome vid! I got my elf mist as a gift, used it, felt great and I love ur review!

Stephanie says:

I got mines for $1

Suhito Kelono says:

i have oily skin to combo but it does not work me, after i spray all over ny face not long after my face kind dewy finish. so it’s not give matte finish

msqundhari says:

These dumb hoes! I can’t really take them serious. After about 45 secs I gave up!

Gabriela ramirez lara says:

I really like this i already been through like 3 bottles

Abby Vechart says:

You HAVE to try the elf cream version and powder version of bronzer/blush duo in St. Lucia ($3) and another bronzer from Target called NYC matte bronzer in the color sunny ($2)!!!

A. Babe says:

Does this prevent makeup from sweating in hot weather?

krishita says:

Pls do a review on Charlotte tilburys product.. Especially the rock n kohl, magic cream. Goddess clay mask and colour chameleon sticks … You changed your music too.. Yay!

Waverly Willman says:

What happened to the signature moda mob music?

AyeAlexMUA says:

Love this vid and the concept

krystleobrien7000 says:

omg thank youuuu!

Dee A says:

I love the bottle itself for it’s size and shape. I carry it with me all of the time.

Meoxy Poo says:

You guys are so cute, have watched 3 of your videos now and subscribed. <3 Very helpful.

lysjocksan says:

Hmm…probably would have been good to specify exactly which product you were trying to dupe and what you expected that product to do…because Mac Fix+ (the product that I’m hearing people are saying the elf spray is a dupe for) is not a setting spray. It’s a finishing spray. Finishing spray ≠ setting spray. You set your makeup after you finish your makeup. Your makeup isn’t finished until you’re happy with how it looks. If your face looks powdery from all the powder products you used and your eyeshadow is kinda dull, then you’re probably not very happy with how it looks. Therefore, it’s not finished. Fix+ is great at *fixing* that powdery look problem and I also like it for making colors more vibrant, which is done during makeup application rather than at the end, but I digress. Fix+ is great at *finishing* your makeup, which is how it’s advertised. It’s never been advertised as a setting spray. A setting spray is used *after* a finishing spray to actually set your makeup so your finished look stays the way it looked when you decided it was finished. I go through too much of the fix+ spray to keep spending $22 on it, which is why I’ve been looking for a dupe….and based on this video…I still have no idea if the elf spray is what I’m looking for :/

Angelica Talin says:

You guys are so fun to watch! Love the videos!

Steff TM says:

It’s sponsored bye

Afsana Begum says:

LMAO what the hell was 00:18 – 00:20

Mrs. ZVang712 says:

I love this setting spray! I’m oily too and this makes my makeup stay on for a good 8 hours. && yes for $3, that’s the best part. I actually have a back up one cuz I go through it like crazy! Lol. 🙂

Eva Marie says:

I have very oily skin, and this product really worked ! <3

Rhonda says:

They can’t really be friends, Nora is just WAY to annoying.

Shaden Alharkan says:

please try the dior star foundation

LTETobago says:

I love by elf spray, i buy it in target but the spray bottle sucks, you get huge drops on your face…i use an old UD all nighta bottle for a finer mist

Gaby Garcia says:

Is it good for eyes shadows like the Mac fix + is?

InGoReadyShoes says:

LIFE SAVERS!!!!! I’m super oily too and I’m running out the door to get this thing! Lol xoxo

krystleobrien7000 says:

omg thank youuuu!

Ogo says:

When it comes to setting sprays,no matter what brand, they never ever sets my makeup b/c of my oily skin. However, I do use them to remove the “cakeface” look and as a refresher. I’m a little iffy about the elf setting spray b/c it shoots out the product creating a very wet face,instead of coming out as a fine mist. In my opinion, it can ruin your makeup.( e.g. smeared mascara).

ksizzle says:

You guys are so funny hahaha love it 🙂

Shah Ji says:

Em buy this spary from souq bt ingredient are not mentioned .. please guide me its orignal

Madison Jannett says:

Please do a video on loreal true match super bendable powder

JimmytheFUR says:

Takes 45 “light years”? Thats a unit for distance not time. This really shows how uneducated you are.

Marissa Woldt says:

I love your guys channel

Trisha Meloling says:

you guys need to try the eyebrow/eyelash gel

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