Matte VS Dewy Makeup Setting Sprays!!

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FTC Disclaimer: This video was NOT sponsored. These are all my honest & real opinions. I am not being paid to make this video. I purchased everything shown with my own money.


Anna May says:

the matte one looks dewy and the dewy one looks matte.

RS de Ridder says:

Pretty lame to give such a shitty review, I’m not a regular viewer but I can imagine your subscribers wouldn’t really appreciate that

John Doe says:

I like your Microsoft PowerPoint editing

Michelle Werner says:

Thanks for ur help. I think this video was good ppl here need to chill tf

kerry Parsons says:

where is your hairband from please? x

L Mike says:

Omg so many negative comments?
What’s wrong with these people..

You are awesome!

Chloe Paige says:


Hayllee Jensen says:

why is everyone making such bad comments about sam if u dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all

Santi chan says:

i like glowing dewy


Lol cool…”DAB”

Noel Miller says:

it’s a little different

Charlotte utting says:

18 vids left until you reach 1000

Julia says:

I have the matte one, but I still end up getting oily so instead I mix it with my foundation and find that my makeup last longer and won’t get oily.

maddie says:

does anyone else feel like she continuously acts like tana? and i have a feeling she is because she’ll act “normally” like she does,then completely change and try and act like her.

Lisette Jasmine says:

Omg I’m sorry but she doesn’t know how to do her makeup at ALLL. And she’s not qualified YET to do reviews like this.

Magical Unicorn says:

If you don’t like her or the video don’t watch, seriously did no one teach you common sense? Why would you watch a video that you don’t like and comment on it when you dislike it? I seriously don’t get haters and I don’t plan on understanding them either. Good job on the video and keep it up!

salvete says:

It’s so sad knowing 99.9% of Beaty bloggers are money-centered businesswomen… I just want an honest opinion

Hannah Sibbach says:

your nails are amazinggggg!!!!!!

Mary Olsen says:

I have not seen one nice comment on this video, and for why? So what if no one asked specifically for this video bitch I was LOOKING for a video like this and I found it extremely helpful. So y’all gotta chill with your comments because this video has nothing wrong with it.

L Mike says:

Now I am buying Dewy. Thanks bunch!

Melanie Estrada says:

I like your personality ☺️

Shaena Gibson says:

I really needed this omg thank youuu!!!

eilafmarvino says:

your foundation is too yellow. sorry but I had to say this 😀

Shakura Kireii says:

i like dewy but my face so oily and i buy matte one

Jazmine Carroll says:

What blush is that??? I LOVE IT!!!

Hollie Elise says:

Good video Sam 🙂

Nancy Stewart says:

She spoiled it because she was being weird when spraying

Holly Christman says:

Or is that just the lighting?

Kaitlyn Gauvain says:


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